This section contains some of the seminars delivered by me in College.

Chaos Theory

Chaos Theory has shaken the very foundations of science and cast doubts over Newton’s idea of the universe. In this seminar, I attempt to explain the basic concept of Chaos Theory and its practical applications in popular science and technology.

Hacking & Corporate Espionage

Learn some ways in which hackers compromise secure enterprise networks and gain unauthorized access to important data. This seminar covers the basics of hacking and corporate espionage.

Steganography & Digital Watermarking

Did you know that harmless looking images on the net could contain hidden information? In this seminar, I explain the basic concepts of Steganography, and how you can use it to transmit information secretly.

The MP3 Format

This seminar explains in detail how the MP3 audio compression algorithm works to deliver great compression ratios without any perceptible change in audio quality. Includes a presentation that covers the functional aspects.