This section contains information about the projects that I've worked on in College.

Embedded Web Server

A ZiLOG eZ80190-based Embedded Web Server for which I designed the hardware and software, as part of my Sem VIII internship project with Matrix Telecom, Baroda.

Unmanned Terrestrial Vehicle

Details about my Sem VII project, a radio-controlled Terrestrial Robot Vehicle. Also includes the control program written in Turbo C++.

Portable MP3 Player

Information about an 8051-based portable MP3 Player designed and developed by me in College. Includes design specs, datasheets and code snippets.

Spectrum Analyzer

Details on an audio-frequency Spectrum Analyzer project that I worked on. Contains only design specs. Was never completed and validated.

Shortest Path Compiler

A Shortest Path Compiler program based on Floyd’s Algorithm, for use on network routers. Developed in Turbo C++.