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Xiaomi Mi 4i Review

Xiaomi Mi 4i

The Xiaomi Mi 4i phone is an excellent budget offering designed specially for India by Xiaomi. The Mi 4i stoked the same expectations as the Mi 3 thanks to its competitive pricing coupled with high end specs. The following is my review of the Mi 4i based on a few weeks of usage.

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How to Choose a CCTV System for Home & Office


CCTV systems are becoming more and more commonplace, with both public entities and private societies and individuals increasingly opting for them. Having recently installed a CCTV system in our apartment, I thought of sharing some pointers that will help the readers make a more informed choice.

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How to Make Mac OS X More Like Windows

Macbook Pro

Having used Windows all my life, it was a bit of a struggle initially to cope with the very different environment of the Mac OS X operating system. Moreover, it was frustrating to note that some very basic features that we take for granted on a Windows system were not there on the Mac OS X. Here are some useful free add-ons that bring some of the useful Windows features to the Mac.

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Amazon India is Simply Amazing!

Amazon India

In this blog post, I review Amazon India and their easy returns policy based on my own experience of the same.

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iOS 7 Review: A Good Visual Refresh but Lacks Attention to Detail

iOS 7

Having upgraded to iOS 7 and used it for a day, I have mixed opinions on the new version. While some parts of the refresh are quite remarkable, yet others leave you unimpressed with the lack of attention to detail, something that was a hallmark of Apple during the Steve Jobs era.

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