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In Bangalore, Drunk Auto Drivers a Law Unto Themselves

Auto with drunk occupants blocking road

This is a letter to Bangalore Traffic Police about an incident I witnessed today involving a drunk autorickshaw driver and his friends who drove on the wrong side of the road and blocked everyone’s path for five minutes when stopped.

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Addiction Free Days!

Addiction free days

I found this funny cartoon while checking my Twitter feed. I guess it’s true… when you quit one addiction, you compensate by leaning on other addictions!

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Corruption, Not The Economy!

Jan Lokpal Bill

This is my reply to Tavleen Singh’s article in the Indian Express titled “The economy, not Anna”, one of her innumerable rants against Anna Hazare and his team. Clearly, if ever you needed proof of the saying that “people see the world through the color of their glasses”, one only needs to observe Ms. Tavleen Singh.

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Lame Criticism of Jan Lokpal Agitation, but no Alternatives

Jan Lokpal agitators at Freedom Park, Bangalore

This post is my response to some common comments in the print and electronic media against Anna Hazare’s Jan Lokpal Bill.

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Angry Birds – The Jan Lokpal Version!

Angry Anna

Here’s a brilliant cartoon illustrating a Jan Lokpal version of Angry Birds!

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