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Vintage Social Networking!

Social Networking

I sometimes miss the old days when not everything was done in front of a computer. Information had to be collated through hard physical work and the knowledgeable ones rightfully possessed a sense of pride.

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Addiction Free Days!

Addiction free days

I found this funny cartoon while checking my Twitter feed. I guess it’s true… when you quit one addiction, you compensate by leaning on other addictions!

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Angry Birds – The Jan Lokpal Version!

Angry Anna

Here’s a brilliant cartoon illustrating a Jan Lokpal version of Angry Birds!

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Unspoken Communication Between Girls And Guys

Unspoken communication between girls and guys

An excellent depiction of the visual “information processing” that happens when two women encounter each other. Looks like “know thy opponent” is a true adage when it comes to women!

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Optimum Use Of Space?

Power pylon

Was forwarded these pictures by an office colleague. Look at how the houses have been constructed right beside the high tension power line. As a result, the road has to pass right under the power line!

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