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Met The Indian Cricket Team at Mumbai Airport

Indian Cricket team at Mumbai Airport

Last Friday I was on my way to Vadodara from Bangalore. After landing in Mumbai, as I was waiting in the queue for the security check, I was suddenly taken aback to see a bunch of people in blue “Team India” T-shirts. My god, it was the Indian cricket team!

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A Chance Meeting With Mrs. Lily Tharoor

Shashi and Lily Tharoor

Recently, on my way back home from the Bangalore Airport, I had the privilege of a chance meeting with Mrs. Lily Tharoor, the mother of Dr. Shashi Tharoor. It was a remarkable incident, really, as I had no idea who she was when I started talking to her!

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Ran Into Mugdha Godse in Goa!

Picture with Mugdha Godse

We had the privilege of running into Mugdha Godse in Goa! It was pretty funny, actually. We were in Goa from December 31, 2008 to January 3, 2009, and this happened on the night of January 2.

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A Meeting With Surveen Chawla

Picture with Surveen Chawla

A few weeks back, we happened to run into Surveen Chawla at the Bengaluru International Airport. We were just roaming around at the airport when we saw a Muslim family clicking pictures with her. Then I took a more careful look and realised who she was.

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