How to Pay Property Tax Online in Bengaluru (2017-18)

For payment of property tax for 2017-18, BBMP has further simplified and refined its new property tax portal launched just last year. The procedure to pay property tax for most property owners (for whom there is no change in usage, structure or occupancy of their property, i.e. Form IV) has been vastly simplified from last year with just a single page form with minimal user inputs required to pay the property tax. Even for those property owners whose property has some changes, the Form V is quite simple as compared to last year.

The following are the steps to pay Property Tax using the updated portal:

1. Go to the new BBMP Property Tax portal ( and enter your SAS Base Application Number on the home page and click on “Fetch”. If you don’t have / know your base application number, select Renewal Application Number and enter your last year’s SAS application number. You could also use your old or new Property ID (PID) to proceed, if you know it.

Property tax portal

2. If the SAS application number or PID entered by you is valid, you will see your property’s first/sole owner’s displayed on the next page. Ensure that it is correct and click on “Proceed” to go to the property tax Form IV.

In case there are any changes in the built-up area, occupancy or tenancy status of the property, select the check box before clicking on “Proceed”. This will take you to Form V instead where you can update your property particulars.

Property tax portal

3. On the next page, all the details should have been pre-filled. If you did not check the box on the previous page, most of the fields will not be editable (except phone numbers) since the form assumes there are no changes in any particulars from the previous year. Verify that all the details are correct and proceed to make the payment either online or via challan at the BBMP ward office.

Property tax portal

If you checked the box on the previous page, you will be presented with Form V that allows you to modify the particulars of your property. You can do the necessary changes and then click on “Proceed to Next Step” at the bottom to see the tax calculation.

Property tax portal

On the next page, confirm if the calculations are correct and then proceed to pay the amount online or via challan.

4. Lastly, if you have chosen the online payment option, you can make the payment either via netbanking or credit card or e-wallet via the PayU portal. Once the payment is completed, a receipt number will be generated. However, it may take up to 24 hours for the electronic receipt (in PDF format) to be available on the portal. You can print / download the receipt later via this link:

5. If you face any technical glitch while making the online payment, you can check the status and complete the payment here by entering your 2017-18 SAS application number:

6. If you face any problems in filing your property tax, please contact BBMP via the below options:

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I don’t know my SAS Base Application Number. What should I do? You can select “Renewal Application Number” and enter your last year’s SAS application number below. You can get the renewal number from your last year’s property tax receipt.
  2. How do I find out my PID number? Use this link to find out:
  3. I am being asked to pay a “Balance property tax from 2016-17” even though I have paid the full property tax as calculated by the online form last year. What is this new demand? There was a programming error in the online form last May due to which for certain properties (which had change in property details from 2015-16) the system ended up calculating a much lower tax than actually payable. This shortfall is being collected this year. For details please refer:
    Thanks to reader Hari for this tip!
  4. The property tax form does not allow me to enter or edit the Street Name. And without that I cannot proceed to the next page for payment. Follow these steps to work around this problem:
    a) Do not click the Verify check box before going for online payment
    b) This will result in a popup asking to verify.
    c) Now click the Verify check box
    d) The dialog box asking to enter Street Name does not pop up anymore now and you can proceed for payment!
    Thanks to reader P. Seshan for this tip!
  5. I have selected Challan Payment option instead of Online Payment (or vice versa). How do I change it now? As of now it is not possible to change the payment mode once selected. You may write to BBMP to add this option.
  6. While making the payment online I faced a technical problem and was unable to complete payment. If I retry, portal says “Payment already in transition”. How do I check the status or complete the payment? You can check the status of payment in progress and continue making payment via this link:
  7. I am not sure if the property tax calculated by the portal is correct. How do I confirm this? Please use the BBMP property tax calculator to verify:
  8. I have completed the payment online but I am not able to view the receipt at “Downloads > Receipt Print”. Please check again after 24 hours.

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  1. SunilSunil04-24-2017

    Hi , While paying the Tax, I accidently clicked on Challan payement rather onLine, SO is there a way where I can get it back to Online payement

  2. ShyamShyam04-23-2017

    Hi Vijay…On last year application, (i) Zonal Classification of the property as per SAS 2008: ABCDEF….was this option appearing as pre-selected or it was user selectable?
    There were 3 parts to item: “5a. Zonal classification-Residential” last year and I did the following way…
    i. SAS 2008 zone: E (dont remember I manually selected it as E [should have been actually F] or it was pre-selected by the system initially)
    ii. SAS 2016 zone: C
    iii. Cap on zone: E (I was advised to select it as E for my area by a clerk at BBMP office)
    Not sure I was supposed to select Cap on zone as D for last year and due to which I am seeing an additional “balance property tax from 2016-17….Rs.1005.00” entry with current year 2017-18 tax computation. Any thoughts?

  3. HariHari04-22-2017


    For taxes for 2017-18, some of us were caught unawares by this heading for additional taxes in the new automatic calculation:
    Balance property taxes from 2016-17
    This, even when we have paid up those taxes in full, and in keeping with the BBMP automatic
    tax calculator.

    I called the BBMP helpline, but they said they couldn’t provide an answer to this level of inquiry.

    After a lot of searching, i found this “hiding in plain sight”:

    This explains 3 versions of tax calculation that were implemented last year, as the whole zonal updates evolved, and at one time, the calculation was clearly faulty, as i now realize.
    They ended up collecting less tax than they intended, and that’s the balance that we’re
    seeing now, included in the 2017-18 calculation (thankfully, without any interest or penalty,
    as the fault is theirs, not the taxpayers’). I shudder to think what would have happened to
    the poor soul who coded the incorrect formulas in to the system…

    Thank you, Vijay Padiyar, for your blog. Very helpful and authentic.

  4. PhaniPhani04-21-2017

    I loved the work around for the ‘Street Name’ problem. Thanks to Vijay and the guy who posted it.

  5. M AnantM Anant04-21-2017

    Hi Vijay,

    My property was shifted to zone D last year. I visited a BBMP office and paid tax for zone E as directed. So, there is no case for refund/adjustment here.

    This year, should tax be payable applicable to Zone D or Zone E ?
    I am unable to find any clear answer to this question. Please assist.


    • Vijay PadiyarVijay Padiyar04-21-2017

      What was your earlier zone before it was changed to D? You have to pay as per that, not as per D or E.

  6. ilyas ahmedilyas ahmed04-20-2017

    Hi sir i want to no how to tax pay online help me

  7. Sai ShankarSai Shankar04-20-2017

    Firstly, appreciate the good information for the people paying the tax through online.
    I have paid the tax for the current year under wrong zone and noticed it after generating the receipt. Can you please let me know how to proceed to change this.

  8. ChayaChaya04-20-2017

    Yes, same issue for me also.

    Please direct us to go further

  9. imtiyaz ahmedimtiyaz ahmed04-20-2017

    Query: In my partition deed, khatha and khatha extract ,my name is mentioned as ‘imtiyaz ahmed’ which is correct. In tax paid receipts it appears as ’emitiyaz ahamed’ which is incorrect. when I approach concerned officials they say it is Kannada translated to English by clerical staff. They say it is not a problem and that there hundreds of such cases pending. CAN SOMEONE EDUCATE THESE ROGUE OFFICIALS ON THE IMPORTANCE OF ACCURACY AND CORRECTNESS OF PROPERTY DOCUMENTS.

  10. ManjunathManjunath04-20-2017

    Is the application No. same for both 2016-17 and 2017-18

  11. C. UnnikrishnanC. Unnikrishnan04-19-2017

    hi vijay,

    Iv paid my property tax online last year. But this year, when i enter my application numbers, the site shows the message that no khata details found. What could be the issue here? I contacted the ARO, they asked me to give half an hour’s time for some software on the site to be uploaded. Still i receive the same message.

  12. AthishwaranAthishwaran04-19-2017

    Thanks for this article! However,
    I’m not be able to pay, as my “street name” is not filled automatically. also, it doesnt allow me to fill it now. How can I proceed further? whether anyone has faced this problem?
    Can you suggest some way forward, please?

    • NamrataNamrata04-19-2017


      I am also facing the issue, It is not allowing to proceed to payment without entering street name and Street Name field is not editable. Could you please help?


      • Vijay PadiyarVijay Padiyar04-20-2017

        Try clicking the check box on the first page and see if the Form V allows you to edit the street name.

        • yukiyuki04-20-2017

          I am facing the same error, still doesn’t seem to work.

        • Tuhin DasTuhin Das04-20-2017


          It does not allow me to make any changes in Form V.


        • AbhishekAbhishek04-20-2017

          did not work

        • NamrataNamrata04-20-2017

          Hi, I tried clicking on check box on the first page, in form V it does not allow to edit the Street Name.

        • P.SeshanP.Seshan04-20-2017

          Dear Sir,

          Even after checking in the first page, this problem is persisting. It says Select… but when we take the cursor on the field, no changes are allowed, please help.

          • P.SeshanP.Seshan04-20-2017

            Dear Sir,

            Worked around the problem as follows:

            1) Did not click the verify check box before going for online payment
            2) This resulted in a popup asking to verify.
            3) This time clicked the verify check box
            4) The question on entering Street name did not pop up and allowed payment

            Note The receipt shows “0,,” for property address.

            Hope this helps

          • Vijay PadiyarVijay Padiyar04-20-2017

            Thanks for sharing! Request others facing this problem to try this solution.


      I am also facing the same problem…Form V also do not allow you to enter the street name

    • AbhishekAbhishek04-20-2017

      Did u able to solve it ? I am also getting same issue

  13. Om PrakashOm Prakash04-17-2017

    Hi Vijay,
    How can I cancel the challan that I can by the property tax thru online banking system.
    I had selected the challan option by mistake.

    • Srinivasa NganandSrinivasa Nganand04-19-2017

      same with me. how to cancel the challan and make online payment

  14. Kajal DekaKajal Deka04-16-2017

    Hi Vijay, thanks for this very useful article, I was able to pay the property tax successful using my last year’s details.

    I have seen a technical issue after I made the payment using my credit card, the payment went through but the BBMP site had thrown an error (site not accessible) and before I could download the payment receipt. When I went back to check the payment status, it was still showing as “repay”. Luckily after refreshing the page again, the correct status and I also could download the receipt using the download option and providing the application id.

    Thanks again for the useful tips and detailed navigation steps.

  15. NeerajNeeraj04-15-2017

    Thanks. Snap shots are additionally helpful.

  16. BalashanmughamBalashanmugham04-15-2017

    Hello Mr. Vijay,
    THank you for your helpful Guide for Property tax payment. This will no doubt benefit may tax payers. Please clarify : when was the 2016-17 Zonal Re-classification rolled back ? I paid my Property tax on 18-May-2016. My property had moved from the original Zone – D to Zone – B The tax applicable to Zone – C was paid applying the cap provided. Thank you.

  17. C. D. PREMKUMARC. D. PREMKUMAR04-14-2017


    • Vijay PadiyarVijay Padiyar04-14-2017

      Sir please read about Google AdSense. Advertisements shown on this site are chosen by Google based on visitors’ browsing history. So if you are seeing an ad about a particular product, it is chosen based on what you have browsed in the past. Every visitor will see different ads based on their individual browsing history.

  18. satish vsatish v04-14-2017

    I see a unique problem, 3 weeks back wheni checked with my SAS application number it showed the details, I was able to reach till the payment. I could not do or proceed as I thought of doing later due to cash at bank. Last 4 days I have been trying, it shows my name to click and when I confirm it says Khata not found contact ARC.

    Not sure why this problem is happening, I tried with new PID and other details as well, but it keeps saying the same error, while I have paid for 2016-17 and have the receipt from which I was entering the details

    Can you suggest.

  19. Meera DuclouxMeera Ducloux04-12-2017

    Hi Vijay
    Last year after the reclassification of zones in Bangalore, my property moved from D to B, but as the notification said to pay for the immediate zonal level i.e C, we paid the tax accordingly.
    My question is should we continue to pay for the C zone classification for the block period (the notification says so) or pay for the reclassified zone i.e B ? what is the current block period?

    Appreciate your response.

    • Vijay PadiyarVijay Padiyar04-13-2017

      You should pay for Zone C. It should be automatically selected by the form.

  20. vinodvinod04-11-2017

    i am also facing issue as per FAQ 6. The link you shared just retrieves the previous year receipt. How to solve the issue and pay for next year ?

  21. Sohny ThomasSohny Thomas04-09-2017

    Is there way to get new pid no… i have my old pid no and SAS base application no. Although i am able to pay tax, my property does not show in the link :

    Or there a different procedure apply for New PID

  22. MaanSinghMaanSingh04-09-2017

    Thanks alot for your valuable information

  23. Prof R.VaidyanathanProf R.Vaidyanathan04-09-2017

    Your article was excellent/useful–
    One problem–When i enter particulars like New PID number it shows owner–after fetch –But when I click confirm it says error on page–For last 2 days– Any reason?

    • Vijay PadiyarVijay Padiyar04-09-2017

      It may be a temporary issue with the site. You can try again after a few days.

    • AnonymousAnonymous04-15-2017

      You need to select the owner name before clicking on ‘confirm’

    • Murugesh RajaMurugesh Raja05-11-2017

      Try with different browser. I also got the same error in Google Chrome. Then tried in IE and it worked well

  24. RajivRajiv04-08-2017

    Hi Vijay

    Wonderfully useful post. – many thanks!
    There seems to be a problem with BBMP website, reference FAQ #6. Your solution works (I think) only if there is a problem after the payment has been initiated. I found that this message comes sometimes at the stage where one clicks on ”online payment”. Instead of going to the payment section, the message pops up, and when one follows the link you have provided, it needs the transaction number which has been interrupted. As obviously this is not available, all one can do is use the SAS number option – which promptly takes you back to the previous page.
    A neighbour of mine had this problem (it did not happen to me), and I tried to pay for him and got this result. Two other people have mentioned this problem as well, apart from the posting on your blog.

    So if you have a work around, that would be great!

    • Vijay PadiyarVijay Padiyar04-09-2017

      No I haven’t faced this. Please inform BBMP and they will fix it.

  25. Sheshadri K RSheshadri K R04-08-2017

    while making payment online , when we click ” On line payment ” a message ” payment already in transition” pops up. What to do?

    • Vijay PadiyarVijay Padiyar04-08-2017

      Did you read FAQ #5 before posting your question?

      • SrikanthSrikanth04-09-2017

        Yes. When I tried FAQ No.6 “payment already in transition”, I only shows the 2016-17 entry.
        No entry for 2017-18 shows up.

    • Same issue for me.. can any from BBMP fix it promptly pl.

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