How to Pay Property Tax Online in Bengaluru (2017-18)

For payment of property tax for 2017-18, BBMP has further simplified and refined its new property tax portal launched just last year. The procedure to pay property tax for most property owners (for whom there is no change in usage, structure or occupancy of their property, i.e. Form IV) has been vastly simplified from last year with just a single page form with minimal user inputs required to pay the property tax. Even for those property owners whose property has some changes, the Form V is quite simple as compared to last year.

The following are the steps to pay Property Tax using the updated portal:

1. Go to the new BBMP Property Tax portal ( and enter your SAS Base Application Number on the home page and click on “Fetch”. If you don’t have / know your base application number, select Renewal Application Number and enter your last year’s SAS application number. You could also use your old or new Property ID (PID) to proceed, if you know it.

Property tax portal

2. If the SAS application number or PID entered by you is valid, you will see your property’s first/sole owner’s displayed on the next page. Ensure that it is correct and click on “Proceed” to go to the property tax Form IV.

In case there are any changes in the built-up area, occupancy or tenancy status of the property, select the check box before clicking on “Proceed”. This will take you to Form V instead where you can update your property particulars.

Property tax portal

3. On the next page, all the details should have been pre-filled. If you did not check the box on the previous page, most of the fields will not be editable (except phone numbers) since the form assumes there are no changes in any particulars from the previous year. Verify that all the details are correct and proceed to make the payment either online or via challan at the BBMP ward office.

Property tax portal

If you checked the box on the previous page, you will be presented with Form V that allows you to modify the particulars of your property. You can do the necessary changes and then click on “Proceed to Next Step” at the bottom to see the tax calculation.

Property tax portal

On the next page, confirm if the calculations are correct and then proceed to pay the amount online or via challan.

4. Lastly, if you have chosen the online payment option, you can make the payment either via netbanking or credit card or e-wallet via the PayU portal. Once the payment is completed, a receipt number will be generated. However, it may take up to 24 hours for the electronic receipt (in PDF format) to be available on the portal. You can print / download the receipt later via this link:

5. If you face any technical glitch while making the online payment, you can check the status and complete the payment here by entering your 2017-18 SAS application number:

6. If you face any problems in filing your property tax, please contact BBMP via the below options:

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I don’t know my SAS Base Application Number. What should I do? You can select “Renewal Application Number” and enter your last year’s SAS application number below. You can get the renewal number from your last year’s property tax receipt.
  2. How do I find out my PID number? Use this link to find out:
  3. I am being asked to pay a “Balance property tax from 2016-17” even though I have paid the full property tax as calculated by the online form last year. What is this new demand? There was a programming error in the online form last May due to which for certain properties (which had change in property details from 2015-16) the system ended up calculating a much lower tax than actually payable. This shortfall is being collected this year. For details please refer:
    Thanks to reader Hari for this tip!
  4. The property tax form does not allow me to enter or edit the Street Name. And without that I cannot proceed to the next page for payment. Follow these steps to work around this problem:
    a) Do not click the Verify check box before going for online payment
    b) This will result in a popup asking to verify.
    c) Now click the Verify check box
    d) The dialog box asking to enter Street Name does not pop up anymore now and you can proceed for payment!
    Thanks to reader P. Seshan for this tip!
  5. I have selected Challan Payment option instead of Online Payment (or vice versa). How do I change it now? As of now it is not possible to change the payment mode once selected. You may write to BBMP to add this option.
  6. While making the payment online I faced a technical problem and was unable to complete payment. If I retry, portal says “Payment already in transition”. How do I check the status or complete the payment? You can check the status of payment in progress and continue making payment via this link:
  7. I am not sure if the property tax calculated by the portal is correct. How do I confirm this? Please use the BBMP property tax calculator to verify:
  8. I have completed the payment online but I am not able to view the receipt at “Downloads > Receipt Print”. Please check again after 24 hours.

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  1. srikanthsrikanth05-02-2018

    Initially, my address was showing correctly. Now the address is showing empty.
    How i can change the address.

  2. KavithaKavitha04-25-2018

    Hi, though katha has been transferred to my name by my father, the property tax receipts still show my father’s name. Kindly suggest what needs to be done to make the changes reflect in the tax receipts. I have the physical copy of the transferred katha in my name. Kindly help. thanks

    • Vijay PadiyarVijay Padiyar04-28-2018

      Please approach your BBMP ward office with new Khata to get the name updated in the records.

  3. Kannan VKannan V04-25-2018

    Thanks a lot for sharing your knowledge, especially the 5th one to continue payment weblink. Appreciate you great help

  4. Rahul GuptaRahul Gupta04-16-2018

    The website: doesn’t seems to be working correctly since every embedded page is giving 404 not found error.

    Not sure, how to proceed?

  5. ArchanaArchana04-09-2018

    Is there no change in Tax amount and calculations from previous year(2017-18) if there are no changes?

  6. MaheedharMaheedhar04-07-2018

    There could be server issue, you may retry again. I faced the same problem when I retried again on Mozilla browser it worked fine.

  7. k n meenakshik n meenakshi04-02-2018

    when I tried to file property tax today it is showing total tax which i have to pay, but how to avail 5% exemption for early tax payment.

    • Vijay PadiyarVijay Padiyar04-03-2018

      The exemption will be automatically included in the calculation on the final page. The final amount you pay will include the discount.

      • TanuTanu04-24-2018

        why is the payment page still showing the year as 2017-2018. I did not go ahead with the payment,because of the application form reading 2017-2018 and the payment page stating the year as 17-18.

        However, it should have been 2018-19. !
        Please help.

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