How to Get an E-Ration Card in Bengaluru

The Government of Karnataka has, once again and hopefully for the last time, revamped the online Ration Card application process and linked it to the Aadhaar card. This blog post explains the process to apply online for a Ration Card using the new portal.

Application Process for New Ration Card

Go to the Karnataka Food & Civil Supplies website ( and click on e-Services. On the next page, select e-Ration Card > New Ration Card (APL) from the menu on the left to bring up the application form.

On the application form, select “New Ration Card Request” (or resume a previously started application process by selecting “Edit Saved Request” and enter your Aadhaar number in the text field. Once entered, click on “Go” and select OTP verification for the Aadhaar number.

New e-Ration Card application step 1

Once verified, you will be able to see your name and other details on the form as per your records in the Aadhaar database. Next, you can click on “Add” to add your family members.

New e-Ration Card application step 2

NOTE: In case any of the members, including the primary member, possess another Ration Card in the state of Karnataka, the portal will ask for the member’s name to be deleted from that Ration Card before it can be added to the new Ration Card.

Once you have added all the members, click on “Next Stage” to proceed to the next stage where address and phone number verification will take place. But before that, note down the application number that will be displayed at the top. This will be necessary for future reference as well as to resume your application if you stop midway.

On the next page, select your current residential address from the options given on the next page. The addresses will be pulled from the Aadhaar entries of the members, and any of the addresses can be chosen as the current address to proceed. Also select any one mobile number from the list for communication purposes. Lastly, click on “Next Stage”.

Next, based on the address chosen, the district and taluk will be automatically selected. You need to select the Fair Price shop from which you will be drawing the rations. This is a requirement to proceed further and you must select the shop in your neighbourhood even if you do not intend to draw rations. Based on the shop selected, you will be prompted to select the city and ward details from the list. Lastly, again click on “Next stage”.

New e-Ration Card application step 3

Finally, the head of family must be chosen from among the members. If any adult female(s) is/are among the members, only she/any of them can be chosen as the head of the family. On the next page, the relationship between the other members and the head of family must be specified. Once done, click on “Save”.

New e-Ration Card application step 4

Next, you must select whether you intend to draw rations using the Ration Card or not. You must also select whether you want an official copy of the Ration Card to be delivered to your address or whether you will download and print it yourself on an A4 size paper. Both types of cards will be accepted and treated as valid. If you request for an official copy, you will need to pay Rs. 100/- to the postal officer when s/he comes to deliver the card to your house.

New e-Ration Card application step 7

Lastly, click on “Proceed” to view the specimen copy of the Ration Card. Note that this is a draft and NOT the final copy.

New e-Ration Card application step 5

Verify that all the details are correct. If yes, then click on “Generate RC” to generate the Ration Card.New e-Ration Card application step 6

You can now take a print-out of the displayed Ration Card and keep it with you. This is your official Ration Card. With this, the process is complete.

Application Process for Updation of Existing Ration Card

Currently, existing Ration Cards cannot be updated online via this facility. Hopefully this feature will be added shortly. Till then, you need to visit a designated Photo & Biometric Scan Service Center in your area for updation of your Ration Card. The area-wise list of Service Centers is given here (click on District name followed by Taluk name to see list of centers for your area):

You will need to carry a recent electricity bill as proof of your address. If you are adding any new family members, you will need to carry their ID proofs as well. You will be charged Rs. 20/- for the procedure.

Check Status of Your Application

You can check the status of your application on the same site by selecting e-Status > New RC Request or Amendment Request.

Grievance Redressal

In case of any issues, you can contact the Food & Civil Supplies Department at toll-free number 1967 or write to any of the email IDs given here:

If that doesn’t help, you can lodge a grievance here:

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  1. AlexAlex04-08-2018

    hello, I applied for the ration card more than 4 months back but I haven’t received the hard copy yet. How long this will take? will the softcopy is valid as documentation proof?

  2. Kiran KumarKiran Kumar09-03-2017

    how to add 2yr baby in my existing RC

  3. ElangovanElangovan06-14-2017

    Hello Mr. Vijay,

    I have applied for new ration card and got my soft copy as well. But still i did not receive my hard copy. what is the process to withdraw ration items after getting the soft copy..?

    • AlexAlex04-08-2018

      hello, have you received the hardcopy?. I applied more than 4 months back but I haven’t received the hard copy.

  4. SachinSachin06-04-2017

    I am not going for editing the present ration card . i am going for new one. When i give for one thumb capture it shows the error like “check if SGIBIOSRV IS RUNNING”. Can you please help me how to fix this problem. i’m waiting…

    • PakeerPakeer09-18-2017

      Yes I am also getting the same error. Any solutions
      regarding this issue

      • KRISHNAKRISHNA09-20-2017

        same problem here

  5. Vijayan SVijayan S05-06-2017

    This is very useful information. Thanks for providing step by step details. I could complete the process in few minutes and generate RC. Saved lot of time.

  6. guruguru05-05-2017

    i have not received my OTP in phone since 1 hr 🙁

  7. LG PrasadLG Prasad04-13-2017

    Dear Sir,

    Thank you very much for sharing this with step by step methods. Hope this E ration card will be an easy way to get ration card. My question is, i am from Okalipuram, i am a physically challenged also, i have aadhaar card also, is their any eligibility criteria to get this APL ration card via online from home.

  8. shivupatilshivupatil03-22-2017

    deer i using Morpho mso 1300 e2 but not capture errrorn massege check if SGIBIOSRV is running please help me sir

  9. MinhazMinhaz03-13-2017

    Hi vijay. After generating card what is the next step. Should I still go to photo biometric centre to authenticate aadhar.
    Also how do I draw rations. By taking ration Card and going to shop or downloading some coupons.
    Can you help with complete life cycle please.

    • Vijay PadiyarVijay Padiyar03-13-2017

      Once the process is complete you don’t need to visit photo biometric centre. To draw rations you will need to carry your ration card to the ration shop.

  10. yathishayathisha03-11-2017

    sir i am using fm220 biometric scaner, when i click capture option it shows ”check if sgibiosrv running”. please help me

  11. MaheshMahesh03-03-2017

    I’m stuck in “head of family”, we are 4 members, added all the family members, but the issue is the head of family by default is my mother & she will have the ration card number assigned to her name/photo and rest family mebers are part of her.

    Please guide me how ration card can be assigned to me, even though i have the RC application against my name!..

    • Vijay PadiyarVijay Padiyar03-23-2017

      As per National Food Security Act of 2013, the eldest female member of the family will compulsorily be the head of the family. This cannot be changed. Read the rules here:

      • Hariharan SethuramanHariharan Sethuraman08-10-2017

        1)The generated card has my wife as head but the address is mine (S/O …). How do I fix it? Should visit the service center is it?
        2)Any idea on how many days it will take for the official copy of ration card to be recieved through postal?

        • Vijay PadiyarVijay Padiyar08-10-2017

          You cannot change it. As per Karnataka government policy, the eldest woman member of the family will be treated as the head of family.

  12. SUNILSUNIL02-23-2017


  13. BharathBharath02-16-2017

    Can anyone help me, Check SGIBIOSRV is running error on fingerprint capture page for new ration card. Tried stopping services from link that was posted earlier.

    I’m using SecuGen HSDU03P Hamster Plus.

  14. shahidshahid02-13-2017

    while processing ration card online fingerprint device is not detecting its show an error ‘ check if SGIBIOSRV IS running’ i have install morpho device and cogent csd 200 fingerprint device

  15. RupeshRupesh02-04-2017

    i created two application number one is mine and another my sister but i can’t able to add my sister how i delete my sister application number please reply me sir

    • Vijay PadiyarVijay Padiyar02-05-2017

      When you add your sister to your application as a family member, you will be given an option to delete her other application.

  16. Sankar RaoSankar Rao01-27-2017

    Thanks Vijay for posting this very detailed steps which is very much understood and easy. I have one question as I’m having a aadhar card but which is not having the current Bangalore address where I’m staying currently. My aadahr card is from other state where earlier I was used to stay. Is this will be ok if I upload my existing aadhar card or is it necessary to have the Karnataka aadhar card. Thanks ..

    • Vijay PadiyarVijay Padiyar01-27-2017

      There is no such thing as a “Karnataka” Aadhaar card. You can change your address in Aadhaar database to your local Bengaluru address first and then apply for Ration card.

  17. Srinivas RSrinivas R01-14-2017

    I m applied today my address is marutinagar yelahanka Bangalore 560064
    But fair shop address showing Anekal taluk address
    Then how to change the. Fair shop add

  18. leelaleela01-11-2017

    Does it take more time to create the otp

    • Vijay PadiyarVijay Padiyar01-11-2017

      OTP will come to the mobile number registered with Aadhaar number. Please confirm that you are using the same number. In my case OTP came within 1 minute.

      • LeelaLeela01-12-2017

        i am using the same mobile but otp is yet to receive, tried today also it is taking time

  19. ramesha rramesha r01-10-2017

    last 8 minutes still i am not get one time password from the department

    • Vijay PadiyarVijay Padiyar01-10-2017

      Password has to come from Aadhaar portal. Sometimes it is overloaded and takes time.

  20. ArunArun01-09-2017


    Added members, selected the address for ration card to be delivered and selected the mobile number and clicked on Next, then getting message as ” Sorry, no fair price shops are available for the selected pin code”. Stuck in this step and unable to move forward. Please advice.

    • Vijay PadiyarVijay Padiyar01-09-2017

      Please lodge a grievance on the link given.

      • RupeshRupesh02-04-2017

        sir, I created new application but i can’t able to add my family members while adding it shows “Try again object reference not set to an instance of an object” please guide me sir

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