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Alternate Proposal for Bengaluru Airport Signal-Free Corridor

I was shocked and dismayed to hear that the BDA and Govt. of Karnataka are planning to spend close to Rs. 2000 crore on a single signal-free corridor. This amount of money, if spent wisely on improving the general road infrastructure and boosting public transport, can significantly ease the traffic congestion in Bangalore on a sustainable basis.

Here is my alternate low-cost proposal for a signal-free corridor between Basaveshwara Circle (commonly known as Chalukya circle) and Hebbal flyover. This proposal consists of the following steps:

  1. Make a one-way on Sankey Road – Guttahalli Main Road – Palace Road – Palace Cross Road which forms a rectangular-ish corridor (see below image for reference).
  2. A simple flyover at Chalukya circle will need to be constructed to transport traffic coming from Raj Bhavan Road on to Sankey Road.
  3. The existing roundabout at Windsor Manor junction can be entirely removed as Sankey Road will now be a one way (in the direction of Cauvery junction).
  4. The pre-cast (magic box) flyover at Sankey Road – Palace Cross Road junction opposite BDA Head Office will need to be entirely removed. This is in any case proposed to be removed under the current elevated corridor proposal.
  5. The magic box underpass at Cauvery junction will need to be removed and replaced with a straight flyover on Bellary Road.

The traffic flow will be as follows:

  • Traffic coming from Raj Bhavan Road towards Airport will get onto Sankey Road via the flyover at Chalukya circle junction. Then it will continue straight uninterrupted on Guttahalli Road and then over the new proposed Cauvery junction flyover and onto Bellary Road and Mekhri circle. From there to Hebbal flyover and beyond, there is already a signal free corridor.
  • Traffic coming from Airport towards MG Road will come till Mekhri circle via existing signal free road and then further on to Bellary Road. From there it will go over the new proposed Cauvery junction flyover and then at Sankey Road – Palace Cross Road junction (where the magic box flyover is present currently) it will turn left on to Palace Cross Road which will also be a one way. From there it will turn right onto Palace Road at the circle under the railway underpass and then continue on to the Palace Road – Sankey Road junction, where it will turn left on to the Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium Road.
  • Traffic from Miller’s Road going towards Chalukya circle will also have to compulsorily turn left towards Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium Road and then turn right onto Raj Bhavan Road to get to Chalukya circle.
  • Traffic coming from Bashyam Circle towards Palace Road will go under the new proposed Cauvery junction flyover and join Sankey Road.

With this, the entire signal-free corridor can be achieved by just construction of two flyovers – one at Chalukya circle / Basaveshwara Circle and another at Cauvery junction. Here is the image representation of the proposal:

Signal-free corridor

Moreover, if the money saved by implementing my proposal is instead spent on quickly implementing the metro line to the Airport, it will shift a significant amount of road traffic on to the metro and further reduce the congestion on the road link to airport, and ensure that the existing proposal will hold good even in the years to come.

An email with details of this proposal has been sent to BDA via the email ID published to invite suggestions and comments from the public, and CC’ed to BBMP and Chief Minister of Karnataka’s office.

I must mention that I had earlier given a proposal for a signal-free corridor on MG Road – Cubbon Road – Queen’s Road stretch. This was presented during the 2009 Mobilicity Conference at IISc and it was also published on the front page of Bangalore Mirror’s 24th November, 2009 edition. Here is a pictorial representation of the proposal:

Signal-free MG Road

Please let me know what you think of the Airport signal-free corridor proposal. Comments and suggestions are welcome.


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  1. NagarajaMNagarajaM07-01-2016

    Charter regular/periodic traffic surveys before taking such decisions always. when one-way restrictions are imposed generally vehicles move very fast, here gain lane discipline has to be rigidly imposed. All roads with 60′ and above vehicles be allowed in both irections with a median.

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