How to Pay Property Tax Online in Bengaluru (2016-17)

NOTE: For 2017-18 property tax payment, check this link.

UPDATE: The option to pay property tax for previous years has now been enabled in the new portal (read FAQ #3 below). Those who have not paid property tax for previous years can use this link to pay the same and then proceed to pay for the current year. Thanks to reader Sagar for highlighting this.

In this blog post, I explain how to pay your Property Tax online in a matter of minutes. This is an updated version of my earlier article on the same, and is necessitated because BBMP has hiked the Property Tax rates by 20-25% and also revised the zonal classification and has launched a new Property Tax payment website in April 2016.

The following are the steps to pay Property Tax using the updated portal:

1. Go to the new BBMP Property Tax portal ( and click on “Property Tax Payment” link.

BBMP Property Tax portal

2. Enter the SAS Base Application Number or Renewal Application Number (or PID number, if your property has it) in the given box and click on “Click Here”.

If you have filed Property Tax online before on the earlier BBMP SAS portal, use the same SAS Application Number that you used last time as the SAS Base Application Number. If you are filing Property Tax online for the first time, or are not sure of your SAS Base Application Number, try entering any of your previous SAS Application Numbers in the Renewal Application Number field.

3. If the SAS Application Number or PID number entered by you is valid, you should see the property’s first/sole owner’s name in the box below. Select it and click on “Continue” below.

Property Tax form

4. On the next page, in Rows 1-4 you need to enter your personal details such as occupation, age, telephone numbers, email ID, etc. You also need to select the name of the area and ward number from the respective drop down lists. You can also choose to enter additional details such as BESCOM and BWSSB RR numbers and your Aadhaar number (whichever are applicable).

Property Tax form page 2

5. Next (and most important), in Row 5 you need to select your area’s previous and current Zonal Classification in fields (i) and (ii). All areas are classified into one of six tax “zones” from A to F, with A being the highest taxed zone and F the lowest. Use the following links to find out your previous and current Zonal Classification:

For the “Cap on Zone applied” field (iii), here is how to select it:

  • If your new zone is higher than your previous zone by one or more value zones, then as a concession only one zone upgrade will be considered for taxation purposes. For example, if your previous zone was D, and your new zone is B, then it means your property has been upgraded by two zones (from D to B). But only one zone jump will be considered while calculating property tax. Therefore, you should enter C in the “Cap on Zone applied” field.
  • However, if your new zone is lower than your previous zone by one or more value zones, then you cannot benefit from the downgrade in zonal classification and you will still be taxed on the old (higher) zone itself. For example, if your previous zone was D and your new zone is E, then it means your property has been downgraded by one zone (from D to E). But you still need to enter D in “Cap on Zone applied” field.
  • If your previous and new zone are the same, enter the same zone in “Cap on Zone applied” field.

6. Next, in Row 6 select the type of property (vacant land, apartment, etc.) and enter the site dimensions, built-up area, etc. as applicable. Also specify whether the property is residential or non-residential (commercial). Lastly, click on “Save & Go to Step 2”.

Property Tax form page 2 part 2

7. On the next page, in Row 7 details of the property (category/type of property, built-up area and car parking area, year of completion of construction, etc.) need to be entered under the proper head (self-occupied or tenanted). After entering it, click on “Add” to save the same. If your property has any hoardings, mobile towers or land parking spots on lease, please enter those details as well.

Property Tax form page 3

8. In Row 8, your previous property tax details will be displayed below. Review the same. In Row 9, if you have lodged and/or won any appeal against earlier property tax assessment notice, mention those details. Lastly, click on “Save & Go to Step 3”.

Property Tax form page 3 part 2

9. On the next page, the property tax computation for the current year will be displayed, with all fields pre-filled. You can then proceed to pay via Challan Payment (cash/cheque/DD) or Online Payment (via credit/debit card or netbanking) option by clicking on the appropriate button.

Property Tax form page 4 Property Tax form page 4 part 2

10. If you choose the online payment option, the Property Tax receipt will be generated instantly (in PDF format) once you make the payment. You must save it for reference. You can also download the receipt later by going to the BBMP SAS website and clicking on “Document Print > Receipt Print” after 24 hours.

If you face any technical glitch while making the online payment, you can check the status here and complete the payment. If the link does not have a record of your application number, please wait for a few hours for the status to update and try again.

11. If you choose the challan payment option, a challan will be generated (in PDF format) and you must carry a print-out of the same to the local BBMP Ward Office to make the payment via cash, cheque or DD. You can also download the challan later by going to the BBMP SAS website and clicking on “Document Print > Challan Print”. Once the payment is credited, the Property Tax receipt can be downloaded as above, by clicking on “Document Print > Receipt Print” after 24 hours.

12. If you face any technical problems while using the portal, please try again from a different browser. If that doesn’t help, please report the issue to BBMP using one of the below methods:

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When I enter my SAS application number in the SAS Base Application Number field, it is not accepted. Portal says “Application number does not exist”. Why is this so? Please try entering the application number in the Renewal SAS Application Number field. If that doesn’t work, try with another of your previous SAS application numbers.
  2. How do I find out my PID number? Use this link to find out:
  3. When I enter my SAS application number, portal says “You have not paid property tax for 2015-2016”. How do I pay property tax for earlier years? The facility to pay property tax for previous years has now been enabled. Click on “Property Tax” at the top and select the year for which you want to make the payment.
  4. I have selected wrong zone (either 2008-09 or 2016-17 or both) in Row 5 and now the portal is not allowing me to change it. What do I do? Please wait for 10 days and then try again. System will reset your form after 10 days.
  5. I have selected the wrong zone and made the payment also. How do I rectify it now? Currently BBMP does not allow online revision or rectification of property tax returns where the payments are completed; however they are working to introduce the same shortly. Please wait till then or visit your local BBMP ward office and enquire about the procedure.
  6. While making the payment online I faced a technical problem and was unable to complete payment. If I retry, portal says “You application is in payment stage, please complete the payment process”. How do I check the status or complete the payment? You can check the status of payment in progress and continue making payment via this link:
  7. While going to Step 2, I get an error “This form Contains RESERVE KEY WORDS. Please Change and Continue”. What do I do? This is due to use of special characters in one of the auto-filled non-editable fields. BBMP is aware of this problem and will hopefully fix it soon. Please try again after a few days.
  8. What options should I use in Row 7 for apartments and for vacant sites? For apartments use “I – RCC/Madras Terrace buildings” and for vacant land use “XIII – Excess Vacant Land or Vacant Land Not Built Upon”. Also, for vacant land, enter the site area in “Extent of built up area” field. Don’t forget to click on “Add”.
  9. The property tax calculated by the portal is much higher / lower than what I paid last year. Have I made a mistake? Please use the BBMP property tax calculator to verify whether the tax calculated by portal is correct or not:
  10. I have completed the payment online but I am not able to view the receipt at “Document Print > Receipt Print”. Please check after 24 hours.
  11. I have not paid my property tax for earlier years. How to pay it now? Please refer to FAQ #3.

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  1. BJBJ05-26-2017

    Thanks for insightful article.
    I have a question, my previous zone was D and new zone is C. What should I enter in Cap on Zone?

  2. pavanpavan05-24-2017

    I am getting the pop up after entering the base application no as “For your new SAS 2016-17 Application: xxxxxxx No Katha details found. please contact ARO.
    How to proceed further with this issue?
    Please help

  3. Ajit NairAjit Nair05-20-2017

    Hi Vijay,

    Great site. Congrats on the informative posts. I tried to pay online and the BBMP says “SORRY! We were unable to process your payment. Error Reason : Transaction failed due to incorrectly calculated hash parameter. Corrective Action : Make sure that the hash used in Transaction request is calculated using the correct formula.”
    Since I did no calculation and everything was done already by BBMP, I’m at a loss what to do. I’ve raised a complaint with BBMP Sahaya as you have suggested. Please advise further action.
    Regards Ajit

  4. Mukund VeluswamyMukund Veluswamy05-20-2017

    Hi Vijay
    How can I pay property tax online for my new house which has no khata or SAS or pic number?

  5. Asha GowdaAsha Gowda05-19-2017

    Hi Vijay,
    I tried making BBMP property Tax payment online for 2017-18 and got an error saying ” For your new SAS 2016-17 Application.:********** No Katha Details found. Please contact ARO”. Please suggest how do i take it forward, i found many of them updating the same in different websites but none have answered them. I have been making online payments for 10 Years now and facing this issue for the first time. Kindly revert asap.
    Asha Gowda

  6. LathaLatha05-11-2017

    How to download Form 4 after making the payment? I could not find a link anywhere. Please guide me in this. Thanks.

  7. MohanMohan05-10-2017

    We have paid our Tax last year. Now when we log in it says No Khata details found,please contact ARO

  8. Alka JiandaniAlka Jiandani05-09-2017

    Hi Vijay–Having difficulty in paying my taxes–on confirming–it says you have no katha

    please help

  9. S rajendra prasadS rajendra prasad05-09-2017

    how to get the tax paid reciept of 2016-17 paid in the month of may 2016?

  10. NayeemNayeem05-06-2017

    Hi Vijay, this is a fantastic post with detailed information. I have a property for which there was no tax paid at all. When enquired with the BBMP office, I found that the BBMP guys will survey the property and do the assessment and pay the tax on my behalf but I found that the guy is trying to quote higher than the guidance value so that he can get some bribe by offering me to “somehow” lower the tax amount. I tried to check all the options online and found that when I enter the NEW PID the site says that application number does not exist for this PID Number. I do not have any other SAS BASE application number nor the Renewal Application Number. I do not know how to proceed. Kindly provide your inputs on the same.

  11. KalpanaKalpana05-04-2017

    Great post Vijay. On the rollback question someone asked earlier, all indications are that the increase was capped to 20% for residential properties. However there is no indication of the zone rollback. In other words, the zones changed last year but the increase was capped. I called BBMP and they insist that the zone change from 2016 holds.

    May I ask where you got the information that the zones also were rolled back vs. just the amount of increase? Thank you again for your excellent posting which is very useful for novices like me.

    • Vijay PadiyarVijay Padiyar05-04-2017

      You are right, the rollback was announced by the BBMP Mayor as per newspaper reports but it was never officially announced. I have updated my blog post to remove references to the rollback.

  12. sridevisridevi05-03-2017

    Hi Vijay
    Thanks for this blog.
    It seems my property classification is E but I selected as B for 2016-17.
    I waited for 1 month or so the BBMP website to allow me to correct the radio button selection but still i cant edit/correct it.
    any other inputs please on how to correct it?
    Thank you!

  13. kumarkumar05-01-2017

    Thanks a lot for your elaborate details on the procedure with screen shots. It is very helpful.
    Could you also share same procedure for paying property taxes of BDA vacant Sites ?
    Thanks again.

    • Vijay PadiyarVijay Padiyar05-02-2017

      All you have to do is select Vacant Site in the form instead of Apartment!

  14. JoshuaJoshua04-30-2017

    Thank you very much for the detailed steps & the notes on the delay in sync of saved application & payment systems.

  15. Srikrishnan CSrikrishnan C04-28-2017

    I am getting a pop up after entering the base application no, stating “There is no khata details for your application. Please contact concerned AROs”. Is there a way I can still continue making online payment without Khata. Since the maintenance department in my apartment states that Khata processing will take some more time to complete.

  16. sumasuma04-27-2017

    How can I pay property taxes for adding additional floor on existing property ? I need to pay only half year for the additional floor while I need to pay full for existing floor.

    • Vijay PadiyarVijay Padiyar04-28-2017

      Select Form V and pay, since there is a change in property details. Mention the new built-up area and the property tax will be calculated accordingly.

  17. Ashish BajajAshish Bajaj04-25-2017

    property name is mentioned in receipt when i submitted property tax for first time at BBMP office however for Online tax receipt it doesn’t show the detailed property address, it shows owner name and survey no where it includes flat number only but there is no mention of apartment name, wing , block etc
    is this common?

    • Vijay PadiyarVijay Padiyar04-25-2017

      Electronic property tax records are in bad shape. Many properties don’t have full address details.

  18. ShivShiv04-24-2017

    Tried online payment though I have paid full tax for last year, now its showing additional amount to be paid as due from previous year.

  19. santoshsantosh04-21-2017

    I also did the same mistake and not sure if it can be reverted ?
    please help me or i have to print the challan and need to go to bank and pay?

  20. imtiyaz ahmedimtiyaz ahmed04-20-2017

    Thanks… The information is very useful. It will help very helpful to feeble and immobile elderly to pay tax online and others who cannot visit bbmp offices.

  21. VenkatVenkat04-18-2017

    Hi Vijay, is there any link to where the BBMP rolled back the Zone decision?
    The BBMP website continues to show the SAS 2008-15 and SAS 2016 zone data and links at – they have no mention of any roll back. Did they rollback the rollback or are they just plain confused? Your thoughts welcome

    • Vijay PadiyarVijay Padiyar04-18-2017

      You are right, a rollback was announced by the BBMP Mayor as per newspaper reports but it was never officially announced. I am updating my blog post to remove references to the rollback.

  22. RKRK04-17-2017

    Thanks for your insightful article, Vijay. I have one query. My property was in E zone based on old zoning classification (2007-08), but moved to C zone based on new classification. I paid tax last year after applying the cap of 1 zone jump, that is, for zone D. This was after the zonal reclassification was rolled back.

    This year, what is the zone I should use for payment? Is it the old zone (E) or the revised zone (C) or the last year’s zone (D)? I followed your recommendation to click on the checkbox to enable modification in the application, and selected C as the zone, but when I made the payment, I realized that the computation was automatically done based on last year’s zone, that is D. Will this cause a problem? Do I need to file a revised return or something?

    • Vijay PadiyarVijay Padiyar04-17-2017

      Apparently the zonal classification has not been officially rolled back. You should be paying as per the revised zonal classification with a cap of 1 jump in the zone, same as last year (i.e. D). Return once filed cannot be revised online.

  23. Harish A NHarish A N04-15-2017

    Same mistake from my side.. This is a pain.. Now we need to down load the challan, go to the bank make the payment, go to BBMP… Oh My god!! What a costly mistake.. Hope the software developers employed by BBMP take note of this.. We should have an option to cancel the challan option and go online once more.. Not sure why this situation has not been thought through….

    • Om PrakashOm Prakash04-17-2017

      I too did tha same mistake. Were you able to resolve this. If so please share the solution as it will be very helpful to many of us as I ses this silly mistake has made by many of us.

  24. VijayabhoopathyVijayabhoopathy04-13-2017

    THANKS TO MR.PANDIYAR.வாழ்க சிறந்து.

  25. BharathBharath04-05-2017


    By mistake I have selected challan instead of Online payment. How to revert back to Online payment. Every time i try to make payment its says “payment in transition for 2017-2018.
    Please check the payment status screen.

    • raviravi04-07-2017

      i also did the same mistake did you get any solution for this please

    • RajRaj04-21-2017

      Same is the case with me.

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