How to Get a Marriage Certificate in Bangalore

Getting a Marriage Certificate has become quite hassle-free in Bangalore these days. Of course, there is still ample scope for further improvement, but it’s not all that bad even now. We got our Marriage Certificate recently without paying a single Rupee as a bribe. The total procedure took about two hours.

The following is the procedure to get your marriage registered in the Sub-Registrar’s office in Koramangala BDA Complex.

NOTE: This procedure is only for Hindu marriages being registered the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955. Marriages between people of different communities would have to be registered under the Special Marriages Act, 1954 which has a somewhat different procedure and takes longer.

You need to go to the Sub-Registrar’s office in Koramangala with the following documents:

  1. Duly filled application form in duplicate with name, address and signatures of three witnesses. Witnesses need not be present in person. The form can be purchased in a newspaper shop within the Koramangala BDA Complex premises itself for Rs. 20. You can also download it here.
  2. Five photos of the husband and wife together in 2B format. You can go to any photo studio and tell them that you need the photos in 2B format and they will do the needful.
  3. Address, ID and age proofs of the bride and groom. Carry the originals for verification and one copy of each for submission with the form. For age proof, birth certificate or 10th standard mark sheet is demanded even if you have a Passport or some other document that mentions the age of bride and groom. But they are flexible on this and you can get by without the age proof as long as you have the other documents.
  4. One original marriage invitation card.
  5. One photo taken during the marriage, showing the bride and groom with a few attendees.

You will need to stick two of the 2B size photos on the application form itself, since it is in duplicate. The other three will be pasted on the three original copies of the Marriage Certificate, out of which one will be retained by them and two will be given to you.

On reaching the Sub-Registrar’s office, contact the designated person and submit the form to him. You can ask around if you’re unable to find the person.

The person will verify the information in the form, notably names and dates of birth, with the ID, address and age proofs submitted by you. He will also verify the date and location of marriage with that in the marriage invitation card. He will retain the invitation card and marriage photo with the application form.

After verifying all the details, he will get the Sub-Registrar’s signature on the application form. The Sub-Registrar will verify the completeness of the form before signing.

After this, the details will be entered into the computer database and a receipt will be generated upon saving the data. This will be shown to you and you must check if all the details entered are accurate and spellings are correct. If any mistakes, the data can be edited and a fresh receipt generated.

After verification, you must sign on the receipt, after which the Sub-Registrar will sign on it. Once this is done, the Marriage Certificate will be printed in triplicate. As explained before, the remaining three 2B photos will have to be pasted on these three certificates, of which one will be retained by them and the remaining two given to you.

With this, the process is complete. As for the fees, the official fees are Rs. 20 for two certified copies of Marriage Certificate as per the Govt. of Karnataka website.



  1. MuruganMurugan03-24-2016

    My marriage is on 7th and 8th of June, Need to get the Marriage certificate by May 30th Is it possible to get that before the marriage.

    Thanks Murugan

  2. nilujhanilujha03-21-2016

    hi i have no any birth proof accept pan card if i need marriage certificate it is possible .

  3. GaganGagan03-17-2016

    Thank you!!! The article helped and I got a certificate

    Couple of differences… They charge165 now…I saw a slip but what confuses me is they gave me only 1copy. I asked and they said they keep one send one to centralised office got one copy only!!

    And yes guys please do checktge printouts too on which you are pasting photos….I nearly got a marriage certificate with someone else name

  4. PradeepPradeep03-07-2016

    I got married 2 years back in Mangalore. Currently staying in Bangalore. My wife is from it possible to get marriage certificate from Bangalore

  5. RamRam03-04-2016

    HI Vijay :

    Thanks for that very informative post. Is there a way we can call officers from registrar office to the mandap / hall where the marriage is held to get a much quick response.I heard such a procedure is there

    Thanks Once again.

    • Vijay PadiyarVijay Padiyar03-05-2016

      I am not aware of it. Do let me know if you manage to get it done.

  6. varun kumarvarun kumar03-03-2016

    Hi Vijay ,

    You have done a great job by sharing such a useful information a very adequate form . I am also looking for marraige certificate and wanted to know if both husband and wife need to be present at the office of sub-registrar , because I am staying in Bangalore and my wife is posted in Gaya, Bihar . And this marraige certificate is for her transfer .

    Thanks you so much.
    Varun Kumar .

    • Vijay PadiyarVijay Padiyar03-04-2016

      Of course both husband and wife need to be present! Otherwise anyone can forge documents and get a marriage certificate with anyone.

  7. samisami03-01-2016

    i am a muslim and wanna apply for marriage certificate and need it by 2 days to apply it for visa. the sub registrar person said that it will take one month to get the marriage certificate as we are muslims. is that so?
    plz reply.

    • Vijay PadiyarVijay Padiyar03-02-2016

      I am not familiar with the practical procedure for registering Muslim marriages, but in theory I believe the registration would be done under the Special Marriages Act, 1954 and therefore yes it would take one month to get the certificate as per the rules.

  8. gita sahgita sah03-01-2016

    Hi, I got married in Nepal but my staying in Bangalore since 17 years and I am also staying before 6 husband have all the id proof but I have only pan can we make the marriage certificate?

  9. SandeepSandeep02-26-2016

    I have a driving license issued from Bangalore. Can It be used as proof for local address.

  10. KiranKiran02-24-2016

    We are from A.P. we got married in A.P. we settled in karnataka. Can we get marriage certificate in bangalore.

    • SrinivasSrinivas02-25-2016

      Absolutely yes, all you need is local residence address proof at least for one of the applicant other applicant can submit non local address proof, one wedding photo, marriage invitation card, 6 copies of husband and wife(together) photo in 2b format. It will take max 3 hrs to get your certificate on the same day, all the best 🙂


      • NakulNakul10-05-2017

        Hi Srinivas – would a rent agreement work for the local residence proof?

    • NareshNaresh07-15-2016

      Hi Kiran,

      Mine it is same case but my wife is from Karnataka got married in AP. Can you confirm me that have you got your certificate in Bangalore with no issues.

  11. Siddharth DasSiddharth Das02-16-2016

    HI Vijay,

    I got married in Tumkur, Karnataka and also got the hard-copy of marriage-certificate.

    Can you provide me the URL or website where I can verify it online.

  12. KalyanKalyan02-15-2016

    Hi Vijay,

    To apply marriage certificate, Rental Agreement/SBI Bank passbook statement will be considered as address proof ? I dont have any other address poofs with current residence address. Pls advise.


  13. VivekVivek02-06-2016

    Thanks for the post.
    Applied for certificate but they charged 665 Rs.
    As per your post i it is 20. Have the charges changed or it included bribe ?

    • Vijay PadiyarVijay Padiyar02-08-2016

      Did they give a receipt for Rs. 665? If not then it includes the bribe charges :).

    • RaviRavi06-26-2016

      Even today I got our marriage certificate, the official were helpful and charged us Rs.665/- when we requested for receipt, no receipt was available. Definitely we paid bribe without realising this.. all the official acts as if it is legit fee. But No receipts. Dear Vijay, is there a way we can inform the other gullible people or authority of this corrupt practices at the Sub-registrar office?

  14. RajashekarRajashekar02-03-2016

    today i went to passport office for reissue they asked for marriage certificate which i dont have they told me get a certificate or annexure D but my doubt is annexue D is meant for lady applicant can i fill and submit

  15. HariHari02-03-2016

    Hi Vijay,

    Do I need to go to only Sub-Registrar office Koramangala or can I go to any Sub Registrar office in Bangalore?

    • Vijay PadiyarVijay Padiyar02-03-2016

      You must go to the Sub-registrar office which has jurisdiction over the area in which you stay.

  16. chandrachandra02-02-2016


    This is Chandra, i got married in Nov 2012 at andhra pradesh, can i apply the marriage certificate in bangalore, can you please confirm

  17. Bharathi RajaBharathi Raja01-30-2016

    Thanks Vijay. I prepared my documents according to your post and was helpful with the procedure. I got my certificates from hebbal.

    But only problem was I downloaded the form from your link. This has only one copy for witness and I did not take the witness to the office too. But at the office they asked for 2 copies. So had to purchase the form there and had to arrange for the witness back again which became a hassle.

    So it is better to buy the form(light green paper- just three sheets) and fill it up rather than downloading(this has 7-8 pages).

    • KarthikKarthik11-02-2016


      I stay near by Hebbal & want to apply for marriage certificate.
      Can you let me know the address / landmark from where you got the certificate??

  18. RockyRocky01-26-2016

    Hi, we aren’t performing any marriage ceremony as we are of different religions. We decided to get married in the registrar office. What’s the procedure?

    • Vijay PadiyarVijay Padiyar01-27-2016

      You need to get the marriage registered under Special Marriages Act. Sorry I am not familiar with the detailed procedure.

  19. AmarjeetAmarjeet01-18-2016

    Hi Vijay,
    I got married in Nov 2015 at Patna. Can get my marriage registered from Bangalore? If yes what documents I need to carry? Also I do not have any local address proof other than rent agreement. Is it a valid document for marriage registration?

    • madhusudhananmadhusudhanan02-05-2016

      Yes, you can register from Bangalore, but you must have an address proof like voter id, adhaar card. Rental agreement wont work out.

  20. JaganJagan01-08-2016


    Will this process get done quickly in one visit itself or it will take longer in Bangalore ??

    • Vijay PadiyarVijay Padiyar01-08-2016

      Please read the comments before posting questions. Yes it should be done in one visit if you are there early and carry all the required documents.

  21. muthurammuthuram01-04-2016

    If the invitation card is in other language than the local , is that accepted

  22. SanjaySanjay01-02-2016

    Hi Vijay,nts

    Very useful information. I am trying to get marriage certificate for my parents (for the purpose of Passport) who do not have any Age proof (10th markscard/birth certifcate). Any idea what should we do. Also i was wondering how people without education, ie., without marks cards, will get their marriage certificates. here should be some alternative.

    • Vijay PadiyarVijay Padiyar01-04-2016

      For Passport, in the absence of a marriage certificate, you can submit Annexure D ( along with the application. If there is no change of name due to marriage you can leave out that point.

      • MuruganMurugan03-04-2016

        Hey hi, I am currently in Dublin, Planning to get married in June, My wife needs to apply for joining visa which requires Marriage certificate. Is it possible to get the visa without marriage certificate

  23. Panda TheoremsPanda Theorems12-25-2015

    Thanks for all the tips. Sharing my experience….

  24. nazish akhtarnazish akhtar12-03-2015



    I got married on oct 2015at Allahabad.Currently i am in Bangalore with my husband .he is working here

    I have nikahnama but i need marriage certificate for passport
    how can I apply for marriage certificate?

    • Vijay PadiyarVijay Padiyar12-03-2015

      Sorry I am not sure about marriage registration for Muslims. Perhaps you may need to register under the Special Marriages Act? I am not sure, please consult a lawyer.

  25. AbhiAbhi10-26-2015

    I got married outside Karnataka, can i do registration here, i have Adhar card as local proof

    • KushalKushal02-11-2016

      Hi Vijay,

      Do they consider e-Aadhar as address proof? Please clarify.

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