Easy Cabs Always Lets You Down!

My recent terrible experiences with Easy Cabs in Bangalore have compelled me to write this review.

The last two times we booked Easy Cabs, they not only cancelled each time, but did so at the very last minute – just about half an hour before scheduled pickup time – leaving us with no other choice than to either travel by autorickshaw (given that it’s impossible to get a confirmed ride at the last minute during peak hours) or to hire a driver to take us to our destination in our own transport! And judging from recent online customer reviews of Easy Cabs, this seems to be happening frequently in Bangalore. It’s as if these days Easy Cabs has decided to give customers heart attacks by cancelling their bookings at the last minute.

I really don’t see the benefit of booking with them – they charge among the highest fares of all the cabs here in Bangalore, and even after this they are so unreliable! One can understand cheaper taxis being undependable, but for a major taxi operator to provide this sort of service is simply inexcusable.

The last time this happened was just last week. We had booked a cab on Easy Cabs the previous day for a 6.30 PM departure from our house in HSR Layout, to catch an 8.30 PM train at Bangalore City Railway Station. The booking was confirmed. In fact, while booking the taxi, my wife even told the customer service representative about how, for her previous booking, Easy Cabs had cancelled the cab at the last minute, and that really needs a 100% confirmation that the cab will be there this time. The lady on the call had assured her that no such thing will happen this time round.

Things seemed to be going well as the designated cab driver called at about 5.45 PM asking for directions to the house. He also mentioned that he was nearby in Koramangala, which is a few kilometres away from our house. And then suddenly 15 minutes later, we received a SMS stating our booking was cancelled. This was just 30 minutes before our scheduled departure.

We immediately phoned the driver who refused to listen to our pleas, and instead asked us to call customer care. We dialed the call center, but they just kept saying sorry without offering any alternatives.

Eventually, we called a guy who we have hired as a driver on occasions, and fortunately he was free that evening, He came over and drove us to the Railway Station and thankfully we were able to catch our train.

After this experience, I would prefer to walk if I have to, but I will never again travel by Easy Cabs. Given the way they are going, I think it is only a matter of time before they shut down.



  1. jagadishjagadish07-19-2014

    Vijay all your blogs are very much knowledgeable and interesting. Got to know lot reading it.

    On this taxi blog I wanted to say you should try taxiforsure

    New but reliable they offer intercity outside city and special airport services

    • Vijay PadiyarVijay Padiyar07-19-2014

      Hi Jagadish, yes these days we usually travel by Taxiforsure. I agree with you, it is reliable and cost effective as compared to others. On this occasion it was not available, neither were others like Mega Cabs, Meru Cabs, etc. So we thought of trying Easy Cabs.

  2. kishan rao kulkarnikishan rao kulkarni07-05-2014

    I faced same problem with MERU taxi also. They are interested to send taxi to airport only. They are not interested in Majestic or any other place during rush hours.

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