Amazon India is Simply Amazing!

I have ordered a couple of items so far from Amazon’s India website, ranging from inexpensive stuff like car interior accessories to moderately expensive stuff like electronics and kitchen appliances. But it is my latest transaction that inspires me to write this review.

Amazon India

As many of you may know, Amazon India offers an easy returns policy where most items purchased from them can be returned within 7-30 days, barring a few such as personal accessories and consumables for reasons of hygiene.

I had purchased a Xolo Q900 smartphone from Amazon India. The item was delivered by Amazon on time and in excellent condition, as they have always done in the past.

Initially, everything seemed great. However, after a couple of days of using the phone, it turned out that there were some problems with it. The first being that the battery – a Lithium-Polymer one – would take over two hours to charge, and then would last for just over four hours, even with basic usage! The second one, however, was more critical – the phone was switching off on its own occasionally, even when there was adequate battery charge.

As a result, we decided to return the phone. I logged in to my account and raised a request for returning the item and gave the reason for returning the item as “Performance or quality reasons.” I also specified the time for collecting the item as the next day morning.

I did not receive any call from Amazon the next day, at the time chosen by me. I was a little worried about whether I was going to have to fight to get my money back. However, the next day, I got a call from an Amazon delivery person who asked me what time he can come to pick up the item. As promised, he came on time to pick up the item, which I had kept packed in a box similar to the original packaging in which the item arrived (as I had unfortunately thrown away the original Amazon packaging, not expecting to have to return the item).

The delivery person also informed me that the refund would be processed once the returned item was received by the seller. But to my utterly pleasant surprise, I received a SMS the very next day stating that my refund had been processed and I would receive the amount in a few days. And indeed, the entire amount was credited back to my credit card in the next three days.

Indeed, Amazon is simply amazing!

I just have one tip for those of you planning to order from Amazon India – please always choose an item whose delivery is done by Amazon. Such items will be marked as “Amazon fulfilled.” For items delivered by Amazon, the quality of packaging will be top notch, and returning items will also be a much simpler experience.


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  1. Himanshu NegiHimanshu Negi08-03-2014

    Hello Vijay,

    You are right. Amazon is Amazing! I haven’t returned anything to amazon yet because I had always purchased books 🙂

    What I have to say is that these online sites like Amazon, Flipkart (they also have a good return policy, my friend returned his smartphone even after 1 month) is now providing much values to consumer then any local shop. COD (Cash on delivery is also a nice facility)

    I had also used Snapdeal to buy PC accessories such as USB and my experience was good. Snapdeal offers some great prices.

    Coming to Amazon, their affiliate program is also nice. You get commission for everything whatever a referral purchases irrespective of what you tried to sell.

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