How to Pay Property Tax Online in Bangalore

UPDATE: BBMP has revised the Property Tax rates and zonal classification and launched a fresh online Property Tax payment website in 2016. To know more, visit this link. The below procedure is now obsolete.

In an earlier post, I explained how to calculate and pay your Property Tax in Bangalore. Thankfully, now BBMP has made online payment of Property Tax possible by launching its online portal.

BBMP property tax portal

In this article, I discuss how to pay your Property Tax online in a matter of minutes, without even needing to do any calculations!

The following are the steps:

1. Go to the BBMP Property Tax portal:

2. On the home page, under “Online Payment Forms”, choose the appropriate form that is applicable for you. The two forms are Form IV and Form V.

Form IV is the most commonly used form, and is applicable for those property owners whose properties have not undergone any construction or modification in the last year, nor has there been any change in the usage (i.e. self-occupied to tenanted, or vice versa). Form V should be used if there is any change in the land, constructed portion or in the usage.

3. After selecting the appropriate form, click on the year for which you want to pay Property Tax (e.g. 2014-15).

4. In field marked as “Please Enter The SAS 2008-09 Application No”, enter the SAS application no. for 2011-12 and click on “Find”. You should see the property owner’s name in the list below. If that doesn’t work, try with the 2012-13 application no. and then with the 2013-14 application no. and so on until one of them works.

5. Once the property owner’s name is displayed in the field below, select the name and click on “Continue”. On the next page, you should see the property tax computation for the current year, with all necessary details pre-filled in from last year’s tax computation (as paid by you). You can then proceed to pay online via credit/debit card or netbanking.

6. Once you make the payment, the current year’s SAS application no. will be displayed and the Property Tax receipt will be generated instantly (in PDF format). You can download and save it for reference.

NOTE: If you face any problems in any of the above steps, try again in a different browser.

In case the receipt is not generated or if there is some technical error during the payment, you can visit this link to confirm whether the payment has been received or not:

You need to enter the same SAS application no. that worked in the above step (referred to as the SAS Base Application No.), and the system will show you all the tax payments made in the current and previous years. Your payment for the current year should be shown here if the transaction was successful. Needless to say, the same link can also be used to retrieve SAS application nos. for Property Tax payments made in previous years.

To reprint the current year’s (or any previous year’s) receipt online, you can visit this link:

On this link, you can enter the SAS application no. for the year for which you want to generate the receipt. Note, however, that the online receipt regeneration only works for Property Tax payments that were made online via this portal. You cannot reprint receipts for payments that were made physically via cheque.



  1. SowmyaSowmya05-30-2016

    Pls let me know how to pay tax for vacant BDA alloted land

  2. kanakkanak05-29-2016

    I paid advance tax of 2700 but when paying proprety tax for 16-17 it is not showing . How to do it

  3. RadhakrishnanRadhakrishnan05-12-2016

    Hi ,

    I would like to pay tax for 2014-15, and 15-16, Not able to get the URL, How to pay for previous year

  4. Rajesh KumarRajesh Kumar04-27-2016

    Links given in your article are not clickable!

  5. R C DsouzaR C Dsouza04-26-2016

    My friend paid his tax online and later realised that he has by mistake chosen the wrong zonal classification. he would like to rectify the same and pay the balance amount. however, he is unable to retrieve the form online. how should he go about rectifying the mistake ?

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