In Bangalore, Drunk Auto Drivers a Law Unto Themselves

The following is a letter to Bangalore Traffic Police about an incident I witnessed today involving a drunk autorickshaw driver.

Drunk Auto Drivers on Wrong Side of Road at Bellandur Flyover

Tonight as we were returning home after watching a movie at Cinemax, Central Mall, Bellandur, we saw an autorickshaw with completely drunk occupants going on the wrong side of the road in between the twin flyovers. And this despite there being a divider there.

Not only that, they blocked everyone’s path for almost 5 minutes as they got into arguments with all the people who were trying to knock sense into their heads.

There were four people in the autorickshaw, all completely drunk. Not only were they completely unapologetic about their act, they were in fact fighting and threatening everyone as well!

The first car to come face to face with them almost collided with them. The elderly gentleman in the car gave them a piece of his mind. They came out of the rickshaw and started abusing him.

This went on for 2 minutes even as all of us behind them were continuously honking and asking them to move. Then patience gave way and more people came out of their vehicles to fight with the drunk men.

Their argument was that this was a “service road” and therefore two way. Obviously they were so drunk that they wouldn’t have seen the divider in the middle of the road!!

It was only because of the sheer number of us that they relented and turned back. Otherwise they were fully prepared to get into a physical brawl.

Kindly see the pictures. The number of the autorickshaw is KA 02 AB 9058.

Auto with drunk occupants blocking road

I hope BTP will take strict and exemplary action against such people who think they own the city. And I am sorry to say, it is precisely because of the casual attitude of BTP that such people have been emboldened to feel they can break the law at will.

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  1. Sandeep R.Sandeep R.11-18-2014

    Was there any response from BTP?

  2. Nagendra K SNagendra K S08-07-2014

    One problem is that these auto people paint the number plate in such a manner that the alphabets in between the numbers are hidden as in this case, “AB” is hidden and is not properly visible in photos from the auto number “KA 02 AB 9058”.

    BTP should make the number plates uniform for all the vehicles and atleast for all the Atuo’s.

  3. Try reporting this incident to Facebook page of Bangalore Traffic Police

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