How to Get a Voter ID Card Online in Bangalore

Registering as a voter has gotten easier in Bangalore. Now the process has been taken partially online. This blog post explains the process to register as a voter in Bangalore and apply for a Voter ID card online.

Before we start with the procedure, here are some terms to be understood first:

– Ward: Every city is divided into several wards for administrative purposes. A ward is essentially an area of a city (such as Koramangala, Indiranagar, etc. in Bangalore). The Municipal Corporation will maintain an office in every ward from where all civic and administrative work related to it is handled.

– Assembly Constituency (AC): An Assembly Constituency is an aggregation of several wards. Multiple wards are combined into a single AC by the state Election Commission (EC) for purposes of electoral administration. For example, BTM Layout AC in Bangalore is made up of wards like BTM Layout, Koramangala, Adugodi and a few others.

To summarise, a ward is an adminstrative unit of the Municipal Corporation, whereas an AC is an administrative unit of the state EC. Thus, every house in the city falls under a ward, and that ward further falls under an AC.

To identify where exactly you need to go to vote, you need to know the following terms as well:

– Part Number: The voter list for an Assembly Constituency is divided into several “parts” for ease of administration. Each part has its own polling booth. Your part number tells you which polling booth you need to go to vote.

– Serial Number: This is the serial number of your name in the part’s voter list.

– EPIC Number: Electoral Photo Identity Card number. This is basically your Voter ID card number.

With that, let’s come to the the steps to be followed for registering as a voter:

1. Identify your present Ward and Assembly Constituency:

To know the ward and AC your house falls under, use this link:

On the site, click on “Wards” at the top to see the complete list of wards in Bangalore. On each ward’s page, you can find its ward number (e.g. 174 for HSR Layout ward) and the Assembly Constituency it falls under (e.g. Bommanahalli AC for HSR Layout ward). You can also see the localities that fall under that ward, as well as a map delineating the ward’s boundaries (see image).

BBMP ward details

2. If already registered as a voter, find your voter registration details

If you have previously registered as a voter anywhere in Karnataka, you must check whether your name is already present in the voter list. If yes, then you must note down your registration details such as AC, part number and serial number in that part. You will need to provide these details while filling up the voter registration form.

To find out if you are already registered, go to and check whether your name is already present in the electoral rolls. You can search by name (partial or full) or by Electoral Photo Identity Card (EPIC) number, if you already have a Voter ID card.

NOTE: You may need to experiment with this tool as it does not always work perfectly. If your search yields no results, try broadening your search by providing only your and your relative’s first name. Also try not specifying the AC or changing the sex (to account for mistakes in these particulars).

If your name is present in the voter list, note down the particulars such as your Voter ID card (EPIC) number, your part number and serial number. If your name is not present, you can safely assume that it’s been deleted.

3. Register online on the Voter Registration portal (first time only)

To register to apply online for voter registration, you need to open an account on To do so, click on “New user? Register” link on the home page and provide your particulars to create an account. This is a one-time effort.

Upon registering, an email will be sent to the email ID provided during registration. Use the password provided in the email to login. You can change it later. The username is your email ID itself.

4. Select the appropriate form

After logging in, you have to select the appropriate form to be filled up.

Voter registration portal

The following forms are important:

– Form 6: Inclusion of name in electoral roll

If registering as a voter for the first time, use this form to add your name to the voter list. This is also the form to be used when you shift your residence from one Assembly Constituency to another.

– Form 8A: Transposition of name in electoral roll

Transposition means change of address within the same Assembly Constituency. You can use this if you are already registered as a voter in an AC and are shifting elsewhere within the same AC. You can also use it to change the part number (polling booth) assigned to you, as sometimes people are allotted polling booths far away from their homes even though nearer booths are available.

– Form 8: Modification of entry in electoral roll

This form is only to be used for correction of mistakes in particulars, such as incorrect name, photo, sex, address, etc. It is not to be used either for new voter registration or change of address.

If shifting to a new address within the same AC, use Form 8A to update your address and part number (polling booth) in the electoral rolls. If shifting to an address under a different AC (either in same or different city), use Form 6 to register yourself in the new AC and provide your current voter registration details to delete your name from the previous AC.

5. Fill up the appropriate form

On the first page of each form, you need to select your district and AC, and provide your PIN code. If you haven’t identified your AC yet, you can find it now by selecting your ward from the drop-down list on the right.

Voter registration form (page 1)

Lastly, select the language of your choice to proceed to the actual form.

Details of how to fill up each form are given in the official guide:

If filling up Form 6, here are some quick guidelines:

  • In Section I and II, fill in the requested details such as your name, age and current address.
  • In Section III, provide details of any family members or relatives already enrolled for voting in the same AC.
  • In Section IV, tick boxes (i) through (iv) of the declaration. If you are already registered as a voter, provide details of your current registration that you obtained in Step 2 above in (iv).
  • Lastly, upload a passport-size photo of yourself (in JPG format) and copies of address and age proofs (in PDF format) and submit.

Voter registration form (page 2)

6. Generate acknowledgement and post to ERO

After submission of the form, you need to click on “Form <6/8/8A> acknowledgement” under “Submitted applications” tab at the top of the page. If your form was submitted successfully, you will be shown an entry here (see image). Click on “Generate acknowledgement” to generate a printed acknowledgement.

Voter registration acknowledgement

The acknowledgement will consist of two parts – applicant copy and ERO/AERO copy. You need to take a print out of this acknowledgement and post the ERO/AERO copy, along with copies of address and age proofs uploaded with the online form, to the ERO of your Assembly Constituency at the address given in the acknowledgement.

If no address is given in the acknowledgement, you can find the address of your AC by going to and clicking on “Know your ERO” on the left. On the next page, select your district from the list and you will get the ERO addresses for all the ACs in that district.

You must post the acknowledgement either via Speed Post or Registered Post, within 7 days of submitting the application online.

7. Check status of application

Once you have posted the acknowledgement, you can check the status of your application online by going to and clicking on “Application status” at the top. Provide your application number (it will be displayed on the acknowledgement) to know the status.

You can also search whether your name has been added to the voter list by using the search tool on the Election Commssion website:

Also check the latest draft and final electoral rolls that are posted on the EC website from time to time.

Grievance redressal

In case of any issues, you can call the Karnataka Election Commission helpline at 1950 and enquire about the status of your application. They will guide you on what needs to be done next.

You can also register your grievance online at (Note that you will need to register first. Your user ID will be your mobile number and password can be of your choice. Once registered, login and click on “Register New Complaint” on the top tab on the account home page to register your complaint). Grievances posted here are usually resolved within 7 days.

You may also send an email to the Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) at or However, getting a response takes time.

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  1. JaydebJaydeb04-22-2018

    Thanks Vijay. Is it required to visit physically? I sent 02 acknowledgement copies by Speed Post and one acknowledgement status is showing my AC No, Part No and Section / Street No and another acknowledgement copy status is showing “Your application entered into the system. It is waiting for AERO decision.” Now please let me know what need to do?

    • Vijay PadiyarVijay Padiyar04-22-2018

      You can go to the ERO office and enquire. But it usually takes a few weeks minumum to process the applications.

  2. JaydebJaydeb04-19-2018

    Hi Vijay, I sent 02 copies of acknowledgement for new enrollment in Voter List at Karnataka to below address:
    Assistant Commissioner (Electoral Registration Officer), Bangalore South Sub-Division, Kids Kemp Building, 5th Floor, K.G.Road, Bangalore – 560009
    My Ward No is 192 – Begur and AC No is 176 and AC Name is Bangalore South. Is the above mentioned address correct? Please confirm. Now I sent acknowledgement copies the above address on 16th Apr’18 by Speed Post and they received it on 17th Apr’18. Till today as per Application No, it is showing under process through online. Please confirm is anything required to do from my end?

  3. NiravNirav04-18-2018

    I have submitted application a month ago even I have check online status so it was successfully done. Now I want to know how i will get my election card means EPIC card?

    Whether i need to go their for collect it or it will come by post?

    • Vijay PadiyarVijay Padiyar04-19-2018

      If there are several applicants from the same apartment or area, sometimes the BBMP officials come personally to deliver the EPIC cards. Otherwise you may need to go and enquire at your respective BBMP ward office.

  4. JaydebJaydeb04-16-2018

    Hi Vijay, I have applied Voter ID card through online and printed for same. My AC ward is under 176 – Bangalore South and which is part of 192 Begur. Now I need to send print out to ERO/AERO and is it required to send by speed post or personally can hand over. Please confirm.

  5. VarshaVarsha04-09-2018

    Hi, upon submission of documents in the ERO post online application, how long will it be before issuance of the Voter ID Card? What happens if we submit a photo that isn’t as per the specification?

    • Vijay PadiyarVijay Padiyar04-11-2018

      It depends on the ERO. It may be anywhere from a few weeks to never, in which case you may have to reapply. Sad but that is the state of affairs of the state Election Commission. I am not sure about the photo part but I think it may be ok.

  6. PrajithPrajith03-04-2018

    I have submitted my from6i online. Now need to post the acknowledgement to the ERO. Below is the address of ERO given in the application :

    The Electoral Registration Officer,
    160-Sarvagna Nagar Assembly Constituency

    Is this enough for the postal service to send the application to the right place?

  7. PrajithPrajith03-04-2018

    Thanks a lot Vijay.. a very long struggle of mine end here. Very well written blog. Once again Thanks a lot.

  8. Archana RanjithArchana Ranjith02-04-2018

    I have submitted the form long back but couldnt send the ERO copy by mail. Now when I checked my status, it says its under process. How do I take it forward now? Can I still send the ERO copy by post?

  9. sobysoby01-23-2018

    Hi , In online registeration for voters in karnataka, i have forgotten my password and i have forgotten the secret question answer, hot to get the help

    • PrajithPrajith03-04-2018

      Send a mail to mentioning your email id and mobile to get your secret question and answer. Once you get it, you can reset the passwd.

  10. Sivakumar ElangovanSivakumar Elangovan03-12-2017

    Great information, thank you for taking time to make this blog, i have completed the first step to apply online and get the acknowledgement, will post if any clarification needed further in the process

  11. indumathi kindumathi k10-25-2016

    i have submitted my form long back still i did not receive my voter id. how to check?

    • Vijay PadiyarVijay Padiyar10-25-2016

      If you have applied online then you can check on the site mentioned in the blog post. If you have applied in person, then you will need to approach the ERO/AERO of your area and check the status, or simply apply again.

  12. meganamegana05-11-2016


    I’ve submitted online, wt is the ERO address i have to submit hard copies to?

    • Vijay PadiyarVijay Padiyar05-11-2016

      This information is already there in the blog post, please read carefully.

  13. BuntiBunti12-10-2015

    Once the application is submitted online and the required documents are posted to ero/aero office for verification, how long does it take to obtain the electoral card? What are the list of valid address proofs?

  14. SelvaSelva07-27-2015


    I have submitted through online, but I received mail saying I need to submit PDF along with required document within 7 days. Do I need to go and submit in ERO office?

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