BigRock Web Hosting is Best Avoided!

I was hosting a couple of websites on BigRock. I was attracted to them after seeing their ads on TV and on the Internet. However, I quickly had to bail out on them within two months. And that’s when the reality of their misleading claims was exposed. The following is a review of BigRock’s domain registration and web hosting service.

BigRock logo

What I initially liked about them was the following:

  1. Well designed and informative site.
  2. Rates are fair for both domains as well as hosting.
  3. One-stop shop for all website related services, such as purchasing domain names as well as hosting. No need to purchase different services from different sites.
  4. Technical support is quite prompt.

Although at first everything seemed fine, within two months I was forced to shift to another hosting service provider due to performance reasons. My website was frequently not loading fully or displaying properly. On further investigation, I found that it was due to MySQL queries getting frequently killed off by the server. As a result, WordPress was not able to serve pages properly leading to display issues.

Now, I had never faced this problem on any of my previous web hosts. But instead of accepting any problems at their end, BigRock simply blamed my site software for it. This was bizarre – I was using WordPress for my website, which is the most popular CMS in the world. Not only that, my theme was a popular paid theme used by thousands of others. Even the plugins used were all popular and downloaded from official WordPress site.

I have since investigated this problem in detail. The real issue is that BigRock has overloaded servers which cause severe issues for high-traffic dynamic sites running on WordPress/Joomla/Drupal, which use technologies like MySQL and PHP. The telltale sign of this problem is the presence of multiple “MySQL server has gone away” error messages occuring periodically in the PHP error_log file.

However, when I cancelled my hosting order and asked for a pro-rated refund, I was told that there is no refund after the 30-day money back period! Now, this goes against the convention followed in the hosting industry, which is to offer pro-rated refunds after the initial money-back period. Not only this, nowhere on the BigRock site is it prominently mentioned that there will be no pro-rated refunds after the money back period. I had to struggle to find a reference in some BigRock policy page.

And of course, since they’re a big organization, they didn’t really care about me moving away. Nor was there any regret or remorse for the fact that I was cheated out of my money due to their policies and poor performance.

What I don’t understand here is:

  1. Why does BigRock not mention clearly on their website that after the “30-day Money Back” period, there will be no refunds at all? Because even other industry leaders such as GoDaddy have an initial money back period, but after that too they offer pro-rated refunds.
  2. If there are no refunds, why does BigRock even allow cancelling of such orders? Why would anyone cancel a paid service if they were not going to get any refund? One might as well just leave it running.

Another misleading claim they make is the “free Google AdWords credit of Rs. 8000” that they advertise as part of their packages when you sign up. But the reality is quite different. All that they do after you sign up is provide a link to the AdWords sign-up page for this offer (, and even that only when we ask for it!

Not only that, this AdWords page claims that a Google representative will contact us after we sign up. However, in my case, no one contacted me at all. Furthermore, the terms and conditions on the page say that the Rs. 8000 credit will be given only if we invest another Rs. 8000 from our end. So in that sense, it’s not free ad credit but more like a 50% discount. But then, the same 50% discount offer is even available otherwise, so one fails to understand what is the value addition that BigRock is offering?

Anyway, I have moved to another web host and have no intention whatsoever of returning to BigRock. That’s that for this experiment!


I have since discovered that one way of fixing the problem cleanly is to install the WordPress Database Ping plugin that periodically re-establishes connectivity with the MySQL server and prevents the MySQL queries from timing out.

This worked perfectly for me on SpeedHost, another equally terrible web hosting service that I opted for (and one that belongs to the same promoter, i.e. Directi Group). However, this time, I was alert enough to check for this problem upfront and cancelled my subscription immediately within the free look period once I discovered the problem was present here as well.

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  1. Bhushan NikharBhushan Nikhar02-04-2016

    big rock just asked me to cancel and switch to new hosting and now same support is trying to explain how they can not refund me for buying new hosting. Is it not cheating? If I am to buy new plan anyway..why would I cancel current bought order? This is organisation running on frauds.

  2. Allen PeterAllen Peter01-08-2016

    I would like to say that bigrock offers just amazing service of Web hosting and domain registration and you will love to connect with them. They are always available to support you and cost you cheaper on what they have provided

  3. bigrock hatersbigrock haters11-29-2015

    im just wasted my 6000 rupees ..i just bought their vps plan 1but not satisfied for me and i cancel after 2 days but didnt get a my refund

  4. Santosh DasSantosh Das09-20-2015

    Hi Vinay:

    My website hosted on BigRock is not opening since last 15 Days. Their Chat, Phone and Ticket Support is Useless. Every Time I contact Them, they ask the same questions again and again and give the same reply. All they do is ask to clear the Cache and Check the Firewall. They say it is ISP problem. I call up the ISP (MTS) and they said their is no problem from their end.

    Can you suggest what to do!

    • Vijay PadiyarVijay Padiyar09-21-2015

      I am able to access your site. It must be some problem with your ISP. You can try from a different computer connected to a different ISP, or you can try changing your DNS servers and check.

  5. Santosh DasSantosh Das09-16-2015

    BigRock is the Biggest FRAUDS and FOOLS in the world. My website is not opening since last 6 days. I have wasted over Rs. 200/- in just calling their customer support. They don’t even bother to reply to tickets.

  6. AdityaAditya08-06-2015

    Wow your article was an eye opener……plzz help me…. I am planning to setup a website where I would be attaching a lot of youtube videos and I would also like to put up certain articles written by my friends…. But I dont know even the ABCD of website building….. So I would use a webside builder for that.
    Could you plzz suggest me a good domain name provider, a good web host and a company that has the best webside bulder.
    One more thing, in case if I make money through ads or incase if I get sponsers for my youtube videos, do I have to pay commissions to my web host?

    Eagerly waiting for your reply

  7. AkshatAkshat06-19-2015

    how is the performance of their servers for shared hosting. I mean for handling 500 visitors per day ?

    • Vijay PadiyarVijay Padiyar06-22-2015

      Number of visitors per day is a relevant parameter if the web pages are static. For dynamic websites (like those running WordPress, Drupal or Joomla) the performance may be poor even though the number of visitors is low. BigRock performance is poor for dynamic websites.

  8. ManojManoj06-06-2015

    hi Vijay,
    Thanks for sharing this, i am really hell with this big rock service with same problem happened one of my site in crucial time. I suppose change my server. Which server you preferred when you got problem in bigrock server?

  9. Ravi ChopraRavi Chopra05-29-2015

    Thanks for the review. I am using Godaddy for my E-Com site but now for last 2 months I am facing same issue where SQL queries get killed and my site gets down. Godaddy is also saying the same thing that it is your code issue. We have even tried by deploying the Clean Site from their panel but still no success. They are Ok to move me out but not accepting their fault or helping me.

    So, I am looking for new hosting provider and was thinking of Bigrock. But as per your Blog I am not going to Bigrock now. Can you please suggest any other for E-commerce Hosting like BlueHost, Siteground, Site5 are in my list but still I need best one where my site won’t have any hosting issues.

    Thanks in Advance

    • Vijay PadiyarVijay Padiyar05-29-2015

      I would not prefer to suggest specific hosting services. But before you shift to another host, you can try using WordPress Database Ping plugin and see if it fixes your problem. It periodically re-establishes connection with the MySQL server so that the queries don’t time out.

  10. Mahesh DMahesh D03-27-2015

    Good Review.

    I also faced similar problems now I know the reason. To add on to the problems the sites registered with BigRock doesn’t seem to load from Africa continent which I had escalated to BigRock and as usual they blamed me or the ISP in Africa for the problem. I had my team in Africa test from different computers and different ISP’s and the problem still seem to exist.

    I am really not sure on how to make the “Technical” team understand that if all other sites and portals work and if I face a problem only with the site registered with BigRock I have to suspect that something is wrong in the way it is hosted.

    I had to write to some senior folks in vain, Finally I have escalated to Bhavin Thurakia and finally somebody has responded saying they are “looking into the issue”

    Lets see how things turn around, will update soon.

    Mahesh D.

    • Vijay PadiyarVijay Padiyar03-27-2015

      Convincing them of a problem at their end is tough, unless it is a standard problem which has been faced by others before.

  11. Mohit SinghMohit Singh02-24-2015

    Bigrock sucks great time! I was hosting my website which is built on magento platform and it took forever to load on shared hosting. I was really annoyed from the “loading” symbol in the title bar whenever I used to open my website. I moved to Godaddy and load speed is much better now. Cloudflare has juiced up the speed. Better go for Godday if you’re looking for shared hosting.

  12. NitinNitin02-22-2015

    Thanks Vijay for updating & writing regarding bigrock hosting and their services

  13. DainikDainik10-21-2014

    I have tried, bigrock for one of my websites, it does not show those adsense ads, it does not pictures uploaded on their, though i don’t have that technical knowledge but my cpu limit or something like is exceeding the quote, though i don’t have that much traffic. In terms of hosting, they really sucks. For domains, i think they are good, but for hosting, they are the worst service I have ever seen.

  14. PiyushPiyush09-05-2014

    Having damn serious issues with bigrock lately….
    There support replies not faster than atleast 3-4 days perios…

    whereas even a small hosting company cares to reply to tickets within 2-4 hours…
    Now even can’t shift from bigrock….
    already hosting more than 10 dynamic site’s with more than 15GB data…..

    really really fed up with there support….
    BigRock Simple sucks……

  15. avinashavinash07-31-2014

    i also hosted using bigrock my image link alwas get break wich is loaded using mysql query . can you suggest why this problem is????

    • Vijay PadiyarVijay Padiyar08-04-2014

      Please work with the plugin or theme developer to fix the problem. If they determine that the problem is due to the web host, then you can approach BigRock.

  16. VinayVinay03-15-2014


    Why you shifted from “BizzHost” ? Any reason you would like to share?

    Was planning to get a reseller Linux with them.


    • Vijay PadiyarVijay Padiyar03-16-2014

      They had some legal problems back in early 2013, due to which their servers were down for several days. Their website also was deleted and restored after a few months. They seem to be stable now. If they remain stable for another year, I will go back to them.

    • Vanessa AllyVanessa Ally06-24-2015

      I agree that bigrock hosting might be a problem if your site gets a significant amount of traffic and the company’s servers can’t manage the overload, so I personally prefer using a smallorange or another relatively cheap but reliable provider in cases of traffic increase.

  17. maxsrimaxsri02-17-2014

    Thx for this write up… i was about to go for bigrock. But read your blog at the last minute and changed my mind. Now i hosted my site in bluehost. its awesome and very nice support i get from them.

    • PeterPeter01-24-2015

      All brands are owned by the same company. Same concept, technology and hosting experience and the server. Only difference is the brand. Check out

  18. Team BigRockTeam BigRock01-16-2014

    Hi Vijay,

    We ran a quick diagnostics of your issue and our correpondence and found that your MySQL queries ran longer than the allowed time for Shared hosting environment. Long_query_time for the MySQL queries is set to 15 seconds on our sytem, queries exceeding this limit are killed by the server. Given that this was a Shared hosting environment, we need to ensure that other websites on the server are not impacted in any way. Hence we put this policy in place. Moreover, We always recommend optimizing PHP scripts and MySQL queries to better your performance.

    With regards to the refund, we offer a 30 day period to test drive our systems wherein we will pay your money back incase you wish to opt out. Our refund policy is mentioned on our website under legal and we’ve provided the links below for your reference. We are aware that some other providers do offer pro-rated refunds but as a company we do not and no-where do we say that we do. We hope that we have been able to express our point of view here. Since you are running a high traffic dynamic website, you can try our VPS solutions. We’re sure you’ll like what we have to offer.

    Vijay, we appreciate you as a customer and would never want to do anything to see you or any of our customers go away. We’d like to see you come back and give us another shot, we promise that we have and always will continue to remain transparent in our terms, you can review them here and if you feel satisfied you can go ahead and try us out again:

    General Terms:
    Hosting terms:

    • Vijay PadiyarVijay Padiyar01-24-2014


      Thanks for taking the time to respond.

      1. Regarding the MySQL queries exceeding the 15 second time limit, the same restrictions were in place on my previous web host (before I moved to BigRock) as well as my current web host. However, these problems are not seen now, nor were they seen before I moved to BigRock. This despite there being no change in the site’s software or traffic quantity. How do you explain that?

      2. Regarding refunds, you haven’t answered my questions, i.e. (a) if you do not grant refunds beyond the initial period, why even allow a customer to cancel such an account when you know they are not going to get any refunds, and (b) why don’t you mention this aspect prominently on your website instead of hiding it somewhere deep inside your website and within a mountain of terms and conditions?

      I cancelled my web hosting plan taken for 1 year, within 45 days of purchasing it, only to be informed later that I am not going to get any refunds! If I had known this beforehand I probably wouldn’t have cancelled my plan. You could at least have put up a pop-up message on the cancellation page warning customers about this aspect.

      Not only that, I had to struggle to find a reference to the no-refund policy on your website. It seems to be put up only for legal purposes (so you can make a point when people like me raise questions) but doesn’t serve any practical informative purpose.

      I do not think I will be going back to BigRock anytime in the near future. But thanks for responding.



  19. SathishSathish12-28-2013

    I recently got shared hosting from Bigrock am facing same issue, my wp sites are loading too slow its just in development stage and the reply i got from them is that MySQL queries are getting killed by the server.

    Please note that, the long_query_time set for the MySQL service is 15 seconds. Since it shared server, we can’t alter this values for single domain. Do contact your SQL developer and optimize the database queries for the better performance of the site.

    I tried optimizing the database using wp-optimize plugin still site loads dam slow…

    Whats the best alternative you found if any? i need host with Indian net banking options.

    Thanks for the info, i should have made thorough check before hosting with Bigrock!

  20. NishanthNishanth12-11-2013


    Where u r hosting this website now, do you have any suggestions for me if i want to change my host?
    Also what is the best procedure to shift my entire wordpress website?


  21. SanjaySanjay02-01-2013

    All the best – really need people who can deal with these guys – NET4 is a disaster… My friend has a website with them…. They respond to sales enquiries but to customer service they are not bothered…. The guy who sells you stuff does not bother to pick you call once the payment has been made… They are located in Noida – Hence the behavior does not surprise me…. They close tickets without resolving queries and worst of all they blacklist your number on the toll free line to ensure that they dont take your call… All the best… F C U K – these buggers….

  22. SukantaSukanta01-30-2013

    I am using bigrock web hosting. But my site loads very slow. i think this is hosting issue.. i am thinking to change my hosing provider. my site is

    • Vijay PadiyarVijay Padiyar01-30-2013

      You aren’t using any WordPress site speed optimization plugins. Try W3 Total Cache, or WP Super Cache with WP Minify.

  23. SidSid12-18-2012

    oh just to not be all negative!

    Atleast the BigRock VPS team is OPEN about all the CPU/Processor specifications. Try asking GoDaddy, what processors do their VPS sites run on.

  24. SidSid12-18-2012

    I have quiet a few websites hosted on Big Rock. I started off with a Linux Pro Unlimited plan and now also have a V4 VPS.

    Good thing is, they would interface with you wonderfully. Even assign you a dedicated account manager, the live chat is prompt.

    But what pulls big rock down severely is its Technical Support Team. Until recently i started experiencing 503 server errors and downtimes. It took them 3 days to resolve that. The ticket replies are very not continuous. They would have a standard initial reply template and thats it.

    For the VPS – they say its MANAGED Hosting. I didn’t find any help setting up my environment. I was just provided a parallels account had to configure my WHM/Cpanels. The Binaries that the VPS has were conflicting with the Httpds. I have seen VPS hosting providers that help you through. I was able to go through this because i am familiar. But if you are not familiar with technicalities, forget about your hopes of having a VPS.

    Well tht’s about it. I would stay with BigRock for 6 months how it spans out giving them a fair chance, if not I will move out.

    • Vijay PadiyarVijay Padiyar12-18-2012

      I’ve had bad experiences since I wrote this review. So much that I have shifted back to my previous hosting provider. I will update the review.

  25. AndrewAndrew09-27-2012

    Hi Vijay

    You have a nice blog. I read few of your posts and find them useful to all online users. Keep updating and best of luck for future.

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