How to Change Your Name Legally in India

NOTE: I am NOT a legal expert. This is just my personal experience of getting my name changed legally. Since the rules and/or procedures may have changed since when I changed my name, you are advised to refer to other sources as well. For any queries, it is recommended to approach a lawyer well-versed in these matters.

Having changed my first name legally a couple of years back, I would like to share with you the procedure to do the same. Change of name can be for reasons of personal preference, marriage, change of religion, etc. Either way, the procedure and rules remain the same. The only condition is that you must be over 18 years of age to change your own name. For minors, parents can do it on your behalf.

1. The first step is to get submit an Affidavit of Name Change in your respective District Court (e.g. Mayo Hall in Bangalore) before a Magistrate or Notary Public. The Affidavit must mention the current name and the desired new name, and may mention in brief the reason for name change. The Affidavit must be made on a Non-Judicial Stamp Paper of minimal value (say Rs. 10 or Rs. 20). An advocate can help you prepare the Affidavit in a legally appropriate format.

You may be required to attest proof of Indian citizenship with the Affidavit. Once the Affidavit is signed by the Magistrate or Notary, it comes into force immediately.

2. The next step is to publish advertisements announcing your name change in two local newspapers – one in the local official language and another in English. This is required as per law, so that if anyone has objections to your name change, they may have an opportunity to take it up with the authorities. Of course, in vast majority of cases there are no objections at all.

Name change newspaper ad

3. The third step is to publish an advertisement of your name change in the official Gazette of your respective state (also called a Gazette Notification). For this purpose, you must approach the Government Press of your respective state and fill up the form for the same, giving details such as old and new name, address, etc. Then you must pay the prescribed fees. Your name change notification will be published in the state’s Official Gazette and you will be sent copies of the same at the address given by you.

NOTE: In case your state does not allow printing of name change in its Official Gazette, you can get your name change notification published in the Gazette of India. To do so, follow the procedure outlined here:

With the publication of name change in the official Gazette of state/central government, the procedure of name change is officially complete.

4. The next step is to apply for name change in all other official documents such as Passport, PAN Card, Driving License, Ration Card, etc. The above documents (copies of Affidavit, newspaper ads and Gazette Notification) should suffice as proof of name change.

NOTE: For married women applying for name change due to marriage, a copy of Marriage Certificate is enough for changing name in all Government documents. If Marriage Certificate is not available, a Joint Affidavit by husband and wife with a joint photograph declaring their marriage should be adequate.

5. Lastly, you must apply for name change in bank accounts. For this, you can submit Affidavit and Gazette Notification as proof of name change, and new Passport, PAN card, DL, etc. as proof of ID.

6. As for changing name in educational certificates, you can try if you have a lot of patience and free time. This is because getting educational certificates re-issued in new name will require lot of correspondence and paperwork with various institutions, depending on how many degrees you have! Additionally, it is not strictly necessary to have educational certificates in the new name once you start working and have professional work experience.

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  1. Mahavir sinhMahavir sinh07-20-2016

    Namshkar, sir
    I have a New birth certificate place give me proses

  2. SrikanthSrikanth07-05-2016

    Hello Vijay,
    Can I apply for name change from outside India? My last name is too long (26 Characters) in my passport and it is causing issues as the many forms don’t allow more than 10-12 characters. I am currently in US and will be coming to India for 2 weeks. is it possible to complete this process within 2 weeks? Please help.

    • Vijay PadiyarVijay Padiyar07-05-2016

      You can complete this activity from outside India provided you have a good local lawyer to take care of the formalities and logistics.

  3. KKRKKR07-03-2016

    Sir, I hv son from 1st husbund.. I want to change his name by my 2nd husbund..can it is possible.. plz guid me sir

    • Vijay PadiyarVijay Padiyar07-04-2016

      Sorry I am not a legal expert. I would request you to consult a lawyer on this issue.

  4. AshaAsha07-03-2016

    Sir,in SSLC marks card & T c my name is as Asha but in pu marks card that has changed as Asha Hanmi so I want to correct it as SSLC marks card so plz guide me sir.

  5. singh Rishabsingh Rishab06-24-2016

    hello sir
    i changed my name after passing ssc. i have gazzette i changed name in HSC marksheet but now i want to change name in ssc marksheet but now i am living mumbai. i applied gazzette in maharashtra because i done HSC on maharashtra board. how can i change name in ssc marksheet which i have done in gujarat board. please help me sirrrrrrr

  6. E M VINODE M VINOD06-15-2016

    Dear Sir, Glad to Contact You !

    I would like to change the Name of My Child He is 3 Years Old and Is going to L Kg Class. We want to change the Name in Birth Certificate & Adhaar Card . Kindly let me know the Process

  7. Shaik Mohammed RafiqShaik Mohammed Rafiq06-08-2016

    I want a problem solution from you. My family surname is ‘ Shaik ‘ but my father written ‘ Syed ‘ in my sister’s 10th class certificate. Since then in Intermediate and Degree Certificates also surname is printed as ‘ Syed ‘. How can we change in name in SSC Certificate. Please guide us. We are facing huge problem due to the surname printed on SSC Certificate.

  8. Bansri tailorBansri tailor06-07-2016

    Sir, I dont want to change my name…i just want to change the spelling of my name because the people out there mispronunce it. I have may passport with thay wrong spelling. I do not have adharchard. I am going to issue an adharcard. How do i get my correct spelling in that?

    • Vijay PadiyarVijay Padiyar06-07-2016

      As far as I know you may need to follow the process even for spelling correction if you have Passport and other documents with incorrect spelling. But I request you to consult a lawyer specialising in this process to confirm.

  9. SeemaSeema06-01-2016

    I accidentally lost true copy of newspaper, where advertisement for name change were published. I have downloaded pdf copy of newspaper page from newspaper website. Can these be used to publish name change advertisement in Gazette.

  10. Priya BanerjeePriya Banerjee05-23-2016

    Hello Sir,

    I am Priya Banerjee (29 M). Throughout my academic career all docs inc. Birth Certificate contains name as Priya. I want change it to Priyo.

    Will there be any Visa or Job change problem in MNC if I change it.

    Thanks in advance.

  11. KumarKumar05-18-2016

    Is it possibble to delete middle/last name
    If it is possibble, what is the procedure in bangalore

  12. shivika bishtshivika bisht05-11-2016

    helo i m shivika , just few days before, i have change my name, now new name is shivika, actually i wanna just know thats, not whats the process now change is name in pan card etc.

  13. SiddhathSiddhath05-09-2016

    Sir I am doing btech .I am hesitating with my old name.How much time I required to change my name in my certificates and how should I pay for this.
    currently I am awarded a lot of scholarships . if I change my name legally but not my study certificates then should I get my scholarship.
    Please give me reply sir .
    Thank you

  14. Pugal.SPugal.S04-20-2016

    Hi vijay,

    I have changed my first name recently , i have gazette notification and changed my name in pan card,passport,aadhar,driving license but not in education certificates,is it create any problem in joining in MNC companies,i am currently working in MNC, in future if i join any other MNC companies how to proceed,will they accept the name change without the educational certificates,waiting for your response ,Thanks

  15. NITHIN VNITHIN V04-07-2016

    Hello sir I m a christian. I m in love with a Hindu Nair girl. Her family is orthodox my problem is change my caste and religion officially it is possible. Then what are procedures of change my religion and caste

  16. RagsRags03-22-2016

    Hi Vijay , i m a salaried person .. if i change my name now will it have any issues while withadrawing PF ..because pf account being on old name

    • Vijay PadiyarVijay Padiyar03-23-2016

      Your company should be able to update your name in your PF account when you update your name in your office records, so that there is no disparity.

  17. ashishashish03-13-2016

    how much time to get gazette notification for name change? when posted all document to publication department?

  18. GeethaGeetha03-09-2016

    Hello Sir,
    I was born in Bangalore, but currently reside in Coimbatore after marriage. Can you please suggest where I should get the affidavit notorised – the birth city or the residing city?

  19. Nadeem ahmdNadeem ahmd03-08-2016

    hello sir
    i want change my name (spelling mistake) , signature,adress in my passport .. can u tell me wat is the procedure and wat document is needed… thanks

  20. Dr.JP BharatDr.JP Bharat02-22-2016

    Thank you

  21. P satyamP satyam02-19-2016

    I have changed my name I have property documents how can I change name in those documents

    • Vijay PadiyarVijay Padiyar02-19-2016

      Go to the Registrar office with all the documents, i.e. Affidavit, newspaper cuttings, Gazette notification, etc. and get it changed.

  22. Ronak sihraRonak sihra02-06-2016

    police verification may not be required or only post police verification may be required, exceptions being re-issue of passport in lieu of lost passport or complete change of name.
    This is written in passport website

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