How to Get a Ration Card Online in Bangalore

UPDATE: This procedure is no longer valid. It has been superseded by a new Aadhaar-linked application procedure for e-Ration Card. Please click here for details.

After a period of several months where the the issual of Ration Cards was suspended in order to identify and eliminate bogus cards, the Govt. of Karnataka has restarted the process of issuing new Ration Cards.

Additionally, for those living in Bangalore (Urban), it is now possible to apply for a Ration Card online via the Karnataka Food & Civil Supplies (F & CS) Department’s website. Those living in Bangalore (Rural) will, however, continue to follow the earlier process outlined in this blog post.

The online application form is very well designed and is available in both Kannada and English, which is a welcome departure from the earlier physical application form which was available only in Kannada.

The following are the steps to apply for a Ration Card in Bangalore, both online as well as physically:

1. Get your name deleted from your existing Ration Card (if applicable) and get a Surrender Certificate:

To do this, you need to visit the F & CS Dept. office at your previous place of residence and apply for deletion of name due to change of residence. You need not go there personally – even your parents or family members can do it on your behalf.

If multiple family members’ names are to be transferred, then the Surrender Certificate must contain all their names. You may also submit separate Surrender Certificates for some or all of the family members (e.g. in case of marriage where the husband and wife’s names are being transferred from their respective families’ Ration Cards).

If your name was never added to your family’s Ration Card, or if your family doesn’t have a Ration Card, then approach the municipal office in your previous place of residence and get a letter certifying that you don’t possess a Ration Card there.

2. Apply for the Ration Card online:

To apply for a Ration Card online, you need to visit the Govt. of Karnataka F & CS Dept. website at

a) On the home page, click on “Click here to apply for a Ration Card – New or using Surrender Certificate” (see image below).

Karnataka Food & Civil Supplies Dept. website

b) This will open the online Ration Card application form in a new window. On the first page, you need to choose your desired language (Kannada or English) to proceed.

Ration card application form (page 1)

As stated on the above page, you will need to provide the following information, so please have it ready before proceeding further:

  • Names of the family head and other family members to be added to the Ration Card, along with their respective dates of birth
  • Current residential address (including BBMP Ward Number, Taluk, City and District) and residential/mobile phone numbers
  • BESCOM RR number and location code (if having an electricity connection in your name in Bangalore)
  • LPG consumer number (if having a LPG connection from Indane, HP Gas or Bharat Gas in Bangalore)
  • Previous Ration Card number (if transferring your name from an existing Ration Card and having a Surrender Certificate)
  • PAN number (if having a PAN card in your name)

c) Upon selecting the language, you will be taken to the next page where you need to specify your location in Bangalore (see image below).

Ration card application form (page 2)

d) On selecting the appropriate District from the drop-down menu, you will be taken to another page where you will be asked to choose a Taluk from the list. See below image which shows list of Taluks under Bangalore District.

Ration card application form (page 3)

To find out which Taluk your area falls under, you can click on the links on the right to see the areas covered under the respective Taluks, and their respective BBMP Ward Numbers.

NOTE: You can also get your area’s BBMP Ward Number from this link:

e) After you select your respective Taluk, you will be taken back to the previous page. Here, you need to select your City from the list and enter the BBMP Ward Number which you got from the previous page (see image below). Finally, click on “Next page” to continue.

Ration card application form (page 4)

f) On the next page, you need to provide your personal details such as name, date of birth, marital status, current residential address, phone numbers and email ID. If unmarried, you also need to provide your parents’ current residential address. Lastly, click on “Next page” to continue.

Ration card application form (page 5)

g) On the next page, you can add details of any family members whom you wish to add to the Ration Card (see image below). After entering each family member’s details, click on “Add”. To delete an entry, click on “Select” next to it and then click on “Delete”. Finally, click on “Next page” to continue.

Ration card application form (page 6)

h) On the next page, enter your family’s annual income and your PAN number (see image below). If holding a LPG connection in Bangalore, please furnish details of the same.

NOTE: If the system reports that your LPG consumer number is not in the database, approach your LPG distributor to get it added.

Lastly, you need to provide the reason for applying for the Ration Card by choosing the appropriate option from the list. Finally, click on “Submit” to complete the online application process.

Ration card application form (page 7)

NOTE: If you are applying under “Surrendered old Ration Card” category, and the form throws an error on submission saying “Old Ration Card no. not exists“, please change the category to “Non Computerised Ration Card” and mention your previous Ration Card number in the “Remarks” column and state that you have surrendered the same.

i) Upon submission, you will be taken to an acknowledgement page. Please take a print out of this page and keep it for your records. The receipt number is important and must be used for all subsequent communication with the F & CS Dept. officers. You should also receive a SMS shortly with the same receipt number acknowledging the receipt of your application.

You can check the status of your application online at this link:

3. Wait for the SMS with Security Code to be sent to you:

After applying online, you will receive a SMS from the F & CS Dept. containing your application receipt number and a security code. Once you receive this SMS, you must approach your nearest Photo & Biometric Service Center for biometric scan and photography.

Note that it may take several weeks for the SMS to arrive. Keep monitoring the application status online via the link given above.

Also, in case you lose the SMS or have changed your mobile number, you can request a new security code SMS via the same link above.

NOTE: If you do not receive the SMS even after a long time and online status doesn’t change, you can approach your respective F & CS office and enquire about the status personally. Presently there is a large backlog of applications pending with the F & CS Dept. due to the suspension of issuing Ration Cards for most of last year. As a result, significant delays are being observed in disposing of the applications.

4. Go to Photo & Biometric Service Center for biometric scan and photography

Once you receive the SMS, you must proceed for biometric scan and photography within 20 days of receiving the SMS. For this, you will need to go to a designated Photo & Biometric Scan Service Center in your area. The list of Service Centers is given here (click on District name followed by Taluk name to see list of centers for your area):

You will need to carry the following details when you go to the Service Center:

  • Mobile with security code SMS sent by F & CS Dept.
  • Printed copy of online application receipt

NOTE: If you don’t have a copy of your online application receipt, you can print a duplicate receipt online. Likewise, if you have lost the SMS with security code for any reason, you can request another one. The link for both is:

At the Service Center, show the security code and receipt number and they will be able to pull up your application on their computer. You and your family members will have to undergo a biometric fingerprint scan and your photographs will be captured and uploaded to the system. The cost is Rs. 20/- for up to 4 members and Rs. 5/- for each additional member.

Upon completion of these procedures, you will be given a printed acknowledgement on the spot.

5. Upon receipt of SMS confirmation, go to your F & CS office and collect the Ration Card:

After completion of photography and biometric scan, you will receive another SMS within 45 days. On receipt of this SMS, you need to go to your area’s respective F & CS office with the following documents:

  • Copy of online application receipt
  • Printed acknowledgement given by Photo & Biometric Service Center
  • Address and ID proof (e.g. electricity bill if you provided RR number in online application)
  • Surrender Certificate and copy of old Ration Card, or letter from Municipal office certifying that you don’t have a Ration Card

On confirmation of your details with that in the database, your Ration Card will be printed out and given to you. You will be charged Rs. 20/- for lamination.

With this, the process is complete.

Concluding notes

The online application process is really simple and hassle-free, and bribing is not necessary during the follow-up offline process. However, in case of any doubts or confusion, you can call the Food & Civil Supplies Dept. at toll-free numbers 1967 or 1800-425-9339 for details. You may also refer to this FAQ for help.

Also, remember that in case you face any prolonged harassment or unjustified demands for money, you can always take the help of the Govt. Public Grievances cell or file a RTI application.

Useful links

  • Karnataka Food & Civil Supplies Dept.:
  • Official guide for online application of Ration Card:
  • Official guide for modification/updation of existing Ration Card:
  • BBMP Ward Map:



  1. PoornaChandra K JPoornaChandra K J09-12-2016

    How to get login id & Password to download ration coupons.

  2. ashwinidurgaprasadashwinidurgaprasad02-10-2015

    Sir I have send the ration card for 1 and of year the no is 204226037 the messenger as come the thiraskarisalagide

  3. Dinesh AsraniDinesh Asrani01-29-2015

    Hi Vijay, it is very nice of you to help.
    I want to change the address in my existing ration card and also add my child’s name in the card, I stay in Anand nagar, Hebbal, please let me know where I should contact.

  4. KamalammaKamalamma12-31-2014


    I applied for tation card on 04th July 2013 at
    “Chamarajpet, Bangalore office”

    Application number : 202167054
    Mobile number : 9986174196
    Date : 04/07/2013

    From past one week i am checking status for approval so that i can collect my ration card but on its shown

    “Your RC application no. 202167054 dated on 04/07/2013 applied for Bangalore South (IRA) taluk has been received at photocenter R.R. Cyber Zone, Requests submitted & awaiting for approval”

    I already send my adhar card number, voters card number through my registered mobile according to correct format.

    but still see same status. do i need to go personally to Chamarajpet office because they never pick up phone also i tried multiple times.

    Or Please tell me what is the solution.


    • Vijay PadiyarVijay Padiyar01-01-2015

      Try checking at the photo center mentioned, or call the toll free numbers 1967 or 1800-425-9339.

      • kamalammakamalamma01-05-2015

        I already tried multiple time on these number but no body pick up the call.

  5. shanmukhashanmukha10-29-2014

    Sir pleased shall I want retion cord my family staying from attibele bangalore

  6. BhupeshBhupesh08-21-2014

    Could you please let me know the address of Photo Bio Centre for Electronic City Phase 1, Doddathogur Village, Bangalore.

    Thank you

  7. ArunaAruna03-24-2014

    I hav already filled ration card appilation long back only, how to collect the ration card???

  8. harindranathanharindranathan02-13-2014

    I have received a renewed bio-metric ration card in hand but now the status online says as ration card CANCELLED.
    what should I do ? to get the same VALIDATED.
    no change other than the new bio-metric identity was requested and all particulars of my surrendered old ration card which I was using since 1990 was in order.


    i want this

  10. MartinMartin06-21-2013

    I have got the ration card modified. I stay in Mahalakshmi Layout. Please tell me the address of the nearby Food office, where I can go and collect the modified ration card. I have called to the toll free no and also sent email to, but no response on phone nor email.
    Please suggest.


  11. DEXTERDEXTER05-28-2013

    Hi Vijay,
    Infact i just need to apply for new ration card via Online but if i click the link (mentioned above) in order to submit application using i am unable to view application instead it will ask me to send a msg with name. Once this is done they have mentioned that i should go to the near bio metric centre. Please advise

    • Vijay PadiyarVijay Padiyar05-28-2013

      There have been multiple changes in the process recently. Even I am waiting for some clarity to emerge.

  12. LineshLinesh03-29-2013

    I was holding temporary card from last 3 to 4 years and now when I am checking status online it says that it is suspended. Can you please help me what I need to do next?

    Thanks for your help in advance.

  13. Jairam VaswaniJairam Vaswani03-13-2013

    Dear vijay I have a question and need saluting for . My name in ration card with my mother and brother and his wife and child.exited. And at old address but I got maried and eith two daughters wanted to include the names and request for separate card ..I was issued new card with wife and kidded name but my mothers name and brother and wife’s name was delisted and now he wants a rationcard what do we do kindly help

  14. DeepakDeepak01-28-2013

    Hello Vijay,
    I have submitted my application by hand. I have received the final message to collect ration card. But I have lost my acknowledge no. and date. Pl. let me know how to get it.

    • Vijay PadiyarVijay Padiyar01-29-2013

      The acknowledgement number and date both would be there in the SMS to collect ration card.

  15. ShazShaz01-25-2013

    How long will it take for the service to be back???? Any idea?

  16. Ranganath M PRanganath M P01-19-2013

    Hi Vijay , Thanks for your blog . I got my ration card as i followed the steps you mentioned , Now I added my family members to the card , I got message saying like request is approved by designated officer . Could you please suggest me how I can check the status of this

  17. RK RAORK RAO01-01-2013

    please can i know when the online ration card application starts now (1-1-13) it is not working especially in chamarajpet area bangalore, bangalore 19, K G Nagar

  18. ShankarShankar12-22-2012

    I live in Singasandra (Hosur Road), and I got a message saying my RC is ready to be collected at food office. When I see the duplicate RC in the website, it says that my fair price shop is in Doddabasthi (near Nagarbhavi). Both places are totally unrelated. Have you or anyone come across this before – any suggestions? Thanks.

  19. BharathBharath12-07-2012

    My status is showing as “dated on 05/12/2011 applied for BANGALORE SOUTH taluk process is completed, and a Ration Card BNSU00159808 is Generated. Please visit Food Office to collect your RC ”
    How to get the ceritificate from munical office that I dont have any existing Ration card.

    • Vijay PadiyarVijay Padiyar12-08-2012

      You can go with Address and ID proof and copy of online application and biometric scan acknowledgement to collect the Ration Card. If they ask you to produce the certificate, you can ask them how to get it here in Bangalore.

    • BhupeshBhupesh08-21-2014

      Hi Bharat,
      Could you pls let me know the Photo Bio Centre for Bangalore South, Electronic City Phase 1.

      Thank you.

  20. NiravNirav12-06-2012

    My status is displayed as
    ” Your RC application no. xxx853 dated on 03/xx/2011 applied for BANGALORE EAST taluk has been modified by food office. Please wait for further process. ”

    And it is almost 2-3 months since this message is displayed. Any idea when I can get the ration card?


    • Vijay PadiyarVijay Padiyar12-06-2012

      This basically means they have completed the translation from English to Kannada for the details entered by you online (as the Ration Card will display all information in both languages). You can approach the F&CS office and enquire directly. You might get it on the spot. Carry the necessary documents.

      • NiravNirav12-24-2012

        Thanks Vijay Bhai..

        Finally Ration Card Mali gayu !! .

        Khoob Khoob Aaabhaar !!!

        • RamRam01-21-2013

          Hi Nirav,

          I too have the same problem of “modified by Food office”.

          How did u resolve the issue? I am in bangalore currently.


          • Vijay PadiyarVijay Padiyar01-21-2013

            No need to do anything. It just means your online application has been translated to Kannada. It will be approved soon.

  21. MayurMayur12-02-2012

    I reside in Arekere -Bannerghatta road (South Bangalore).
    All online formalities for the ration card has been completed. Kindly provide the addresss of Food and civil supplies office to submit the required documents.

  22. ImranImran11-28-2012

    Hi there,

    I’m unable to apply for new ration card, I’m getting below error message.

    HTTP Error 503. The service is unavailable.

    Please advise,


    • Vijay PadiyarVijay Padiyar11-28-2012

      Online application form is currently withdrawn. Nothing to do but wait.

      • ashwiniashwini12-12-2012


        Is it possible to apply ration card directly , im living in BTM bangalore. please tell me where to apply for ration card as online service was withdrawn.
        When Subsidary gas connections will be started again. Please reply.

  23. RAJURAJU11-07-2012

    Dear You have to Near RBNMS COLLEGE ground and ask anybody. I believe they will guide you. You may ask me correct address, even I’dt kow , I have to adopt same method.

  24. RajivRajiv10-27-2012

    Hello ,

    can some one please provide me the Ulsoor Rashan Card office where i can collect my Rashan Card. Also does that functional on staturdays ?


    • RaviRavi01-09-2013

      Did you get the address from where to collect the ration card? My status is showing that ration card is generated and collect it from F&CS office.

      • Vijay PadiyarVijay Padiyar01-09-2013

        You have to collect it from your respective F&CS office. There is no single office for all of Bangalore.

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