Rediff Shopping Cheating Customers With Fake Product Photos!

Recently I got an email from Rediff Shopping offering a new Nokia E7 business phone for a measly Rs. 3444! Now, this is a phone that, at the time the advertisement was sent, cost upwards of Rs. 26,000 and even today is selling for no less than Rs. 24,500.

Intrigued, I clicked on the link in the email and went to the product page. The picture was clearly that of a Nokia E7 (minus the Nokia branding, though) and the title clearly said “E7”. No reason to suspect anything wrong at all.

The first hint that something is wrong comes if you are careful enough to read the title and specifications properly. The headline reads “E7 Dual SIM QWERTY Touch Smartphone”. Everything matches the E7’s description, except that it’s not a dual-SIM phone.

Delving into the specifications, one can see that the camera is described as a 2 Megapixel camera, whereas the E7 has an 8 Megapixel camera. Also, the memory is listed as 72 MB, which again does not match with the E7’s specs since it supports 16 GB internal memory.

Of course, an average user would not be expected to know the specs of the E7 off-hand and could easily mistake this for the real thing unless he’s really careful.

See the photos below and decide for yourself. And oh, by the way, the product is still available on Rediff Shopping at this page!

Rediff shopping email

Rediff shopping item description

Rediff shopping item checkout

I don’t know how to describe this as anything other than a thinly disguised attempt to cheat an unsuspecting online buyer. The way the page is structured, misleading pictures, title and all, I am sure a lot of people would have fallen for this gimmick.

UPDATE: January 2013

It seems Rediff Shopping still hasn’t given up its unethical streak. Recently I received another email, this time advertising an “iPhone” being sold for Rs. 3490! See for yourself below.

iPhone on Rediff Shopping



  1. ayeshaayesha10-31-2016

    I have recently ordered jbl headsets …for 600 ..those people are not responding to my mail and the calls are not going ..I have already paid the amount ..and I want it to be refund…are. they refund the money??? Kindly help me

  2. MunafMunaf06-01-2016

    please do not purchase anything from rediff. Cheaters. Displaying very attractive snaps on the site but delivering something similar not what they show. Please please do not purchase from rediff.

  3. Puneet IndiPuneet Indi05-05-2016

    1 Why the product helpline is not prompt?
    2 your helpline number which is tollfree is not tollfree is and is charging money? If anything look false try this number 9223 020 000
    3 i order for some product with same code number there is another product and different product with the same unique number i.e., 1509?
    4 do you know what is the meaning of unique? Please check the dictionery meaning for that..
    well thank you for your patience i will never shop by this site and suggest others to dont shop by this site..
    6 the goods which showed at the time of order how is the order commodity will be altered after placing order?
    7 customer care helpline is amazing why?

    • Puneet IndiPuneet Indi05-05-2016

      All credit goes to rediff shoping such a great a great experience thank you again.

  4. R.SaravananR.Saravanan10-23-2015

    Hi Vijay,
    Thanks for the alert on rediff shopping. This is the first time I was purchasing an item in rediff (usually in flipkart or amazon).
    I was just a click away to make payment in refiff shopping, just thought of reading some reviews about to know about delivery and service.
    The reviews about the are so bad and I wonder how the company is still doing business.
    Our legal system is weak.
    Anyhow, thanks for saving my hard earned money.

  5. jayaramanjayaraman08-01-2015

    Rediff is totally cheating ,,,please dont buy anything

  6. DavisonDavison10-29-2014

    pathetic service by rediff shopping…..i experience it

    please do not by anything from rediff, they do not take any responsibility

  7. RenyReny08-22-2014

    ITS THE WORST SHOPPING SITE IN THE WORLD.. They call u once u place ur order & thank u for paying them. Dats all .. Their efficiency ends thr.. Ur products either reach very late or never reach the destination.. In case u manage to get the product , it will b either defective or different frm wat u had ordered.. finally their refund policy is wooow! ,.. THEY JUST FOOL ARND WID U till u get tired of follow ups & let go off that money. They DONT pay u any money back!!!!! .. Pls stay away from this shopping portal.

  8. LarryLarry08-15-2014

    Hey, I am no Rediff Shopping supporter but there are a few things I’d like to point out.
    1. No where does it say Nokia E7, not even in the mail
    ——They tell you about the Nokia Bluetooth headsets, but even in the mail, no where does it mention that it is “NOKIA E7”
    2. The other iPhone like phones you see, there as well no where does it mention they are Apple iPhones.

    Again, I don’t support them, but the buyers should be more careful to read what’s written there. Duplicates are made everyday, we can only identify it by certain tags. If they had said Nokia E7 and sold that product, you could have very well taken the case up in court.

    A few other tips: Always read the reviews before buying, prefer buying from a reputable website. When looking for reviews, look at the ones which give the least rating, so you would know worst case scenario is that it could turn out like this.

    Take care!

    • Vijay PadiyarVijay Padiyar08-15-2014

      1. The photo is that of Nokia E7 and the name says E7. Are you saying it was not the intention to mislead users by using the name and photo of another phone to sell their phone? This is a clear case of an unethical business practice. They can still be taken to consumer court for intentionally misleading people.

      2. They are not iPhone-like phones, the photo is that of iPhone itself. The fact that it does not say “iPhone” merely changes the act from illegal to unethical.

      Basically the attitude has to change from “buyer beware” to “seller beware”. The onus cannot be only on the buyer to watch out all the time. The seller too has to bear some ethical responsibility.

      Thanks for your other tips. They will be useful to online buyers.

  9. Edward D'SouzaEdward D'Souza07-13-2014

    Any word on the Xiaomi 10400mAh powerbank?

  10. ManuManu05-10-2014

    Pls. dont buy from ths rediff…
    This is fake also….

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