Eureka Forbes’ Pathetic After-Sales Service Continues…

We have a Forbes Aquaflo UV water purifier. Right from the start, getting decent periodic service has been sheer harassment. Read my previously written review of the purifier, which explains how a good product has been ruined by pathetic after-sales service.

Last time, it was one Mr. Siddhartha Singh (Brand Manager) who helped us out. After he had one person sent to our house, we got an AMC signed in the hope that at least that would ensure decent service. But that was not to be!

Once again, I have had to approach Mr. Siddhartha Singh to get help. We are not at all satisfied with the quality of service we have received, even after buying an AMC worth Rs. 950. It has been a total waste of money. So I have mailed Mr. Singh to enquire if we can get a free extension on the AMC for one year. See my letter below:

To: Eureka_ForbesCorporate Member
Subject: Useless AMC
Date: Nov 11, 2011 | 04:29 PM


We had purchased a AMC from Maria Service, authorised service center for Eureka Forbes, last year. The cost was Rs. 950.

However, no one ever came for regular service at all. After 6 months, we had to call up numerous times, following which finally a person came for service. But he just did some cleaning with water and did not replace the carbon in the prefilter, saying that it was out of stock.

After another 6 months, again the same thing happened. We had to call up numerous times following which one person came and just did basic cleaning. Finally, we had to escalate the matter to one Mr. Achutan who had them send a person to replace the carbon.

We want an extension of 1 year on the AMC as we have not got satisfactory service at all. It is not worth paying Rs. 950 just for cleaning with water, which even we can do.




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