Apple Service Centres Can’t Replace iPod Batteries in India!

I had purchased an Apple iPod Nano 8 GB (4th generation) from Canada in 2008. Agreed, not a well thought-out purchase, because I usually only listen to music on the TV or in my car when I’m driving. But well, Apple’s allure, and the urge to shop when abroad, eventually got to me.

Apple iPod Nano 4th generation

Anyway,  I used it for a while and finally relegated it to my cupboard, where it lay for the next two years. When I took it out again with the intention of selling it, I realised that the batteries had conked off! A Google search revealed that the problem was quite common, but thankfully easily fixed with a battery replacement.

A search on Amazon revealed that genuine replacement batteries were available in the US starting from US $35 (about Rs. 1500). I thought I could get my battery replaced for perhaps a little more than that, right here in India.

So I proceeded to the nearest Apple authorized service center, which was the iMagine Store in the Forum Mall in Koramangala. After I explained the problem, I was told that the only way out for me is to go in for the Out-of-warranty Battery Replacement Program, which basically means that Apple will replace my defunct iPod with a fully working one for Rs. 3500. When I asked why they can’t just replace the dead battery in my existing iPod, I was told that there is no Apple service centre in India that’s authorized to replace iPod batteries!

I was completely baffled to hear that. There are ample sites on the Internet that teach you how to replace iPod batteries yourself. The problem was getting a genuine iPod battery in India. Shipping one from the US would’ve taken a lot of time and might have been subject to import duty and other taxes. But the real question was, how come no Apple store was “authorized” to do what even we can do ourselves?

The only answer seems to be that it’s yet another way to make money from the poor consumer who gets taken in by all the glam and glitter surrounding Apple’s products. I mean, what does an iPod owner do if the battery conks out? He either goes in for this expensive iPod replacement option, or the even more expensive alternative of purchasing a brand new iPod! Which is great for Apple, of course…



  1. deepeshdeepesh09-11-2014

    did you get the battery repaired finally or otherwise? If yes, could you tell me where did you get it repaired from ?

    • Vijay PadiyarVijay Padiyar09-11-2014

      I went in for the full iPod replacement under the official program, since I wanted to gift the iPod to a cousin. I got it replaced in Imagine Store, Forum Mall.

  2. yashasyashas09-14-2013

    Luckily today we have some service centers in bangalore to take care of this. I got mine replaced from iTweak near silkboard junction for just 1450 rs. is their site. check it out.

    • ManjuManju01-31-2014

      Hi Yashas,
      Thank you for this link. Shall check this website!

  3. KapilKapil09-30-2011

    To put it simply. We Indians have NO, and I mean it, NO AFTER SALES SERVICE. PERIOD.

    The sellers just know how to sell their products and later if something happens, to hell with you and your products, as long as we ( the sellers ) have filled our pockets.

    I can give you ample examples of such instances like yours. One such example is –

    I bought an iMac and to my bad luck, just after 1 years and 2 months the whole screen of iMac went kaput.
    a) To replace the screen Rs 25,000/- with 3 months warranty
    b) To visit my home to check iMac Rs 2500/- which I paid
    c) If I had paid for extended warranty which was ONLY Rs 16000/- I would have got my screen replaced free This is what I was told. I wish I knew my screen would conk off.

    Obviously I didn’t replace my screen. And now I am typing this from my iMac keyboard connected to my WIN pc, which was lying useless for couple of months.

    FYI – Apple iPods/iPads or anything need to atleast charged once in 3 months or else the battery gets clogged inside. I guess that’s our mistake.

    Nokia – E72 within 4 months, if I am correct, the screen ( yes again ) conked off. The dealer coolly says no issue we will replace it. They had since it was in warranty. I asked him after repair. One feature was not working properly, so I checked and it worked properly after repair. Dealers asked me – I didn’t know such feature existed !!!

    Epson printer PhotoTX 700
    Within one year of warranty I had to contact Epson for repairs. after the technician opened he found a part broken which was the reason I was having problems printing but thinking I was at fault I continued printing. For replacing the part Epson took 20 days only after I contacted their senior manager. Even after contacting their senior manager they brought a wrong part which was delivered to Epson from Bangalore office. SO they had to get a new part !!!! This is Epson.

    There are many more instances. But to be honest I am scared of buying products in India. But one has to cause we are staying here.


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