How to Transfer BESCOM Electricity Meter Ownership to Your Name

One of the first things to be done after purchasing an apartment or house invariably is transferring the electricity meter ownership to your name from the builder/previous owner’s name. In this article, I will explain the procedure to transfer a BESCOM electricity connection to your name without utilising any agent’s help or paying any bribe whatsoever.

Documents required:

You will need the following documents to transfer the meter ownership:

1. BESCOM Application Forms I-IV: The four forms are:

a. Electrical Connection Transfer Form (Form I): This is more of a cover letter where you need to fill in the details such as RR number, address where meter is installed, name and address of current and new owner respectively, reason for transfer, etc.

b. Power Supply Agreement (PSA) (Form II): This is a legal agreement between BESCOM and you for the supply of electricity to you. It is also called All-Electric Home (AEH) Form.

c. Indemnity Bond (Form III): This is to protect BESCOM from any legal disputes arising from the transfer of the connection in your name.

d. No Objection Certificate (NOC) from builder/previous owner (as per Form IV): This is a single-page legal document certifying that the builder/previous owner has no objection to the meter ownership being transferred to your name. You must be careful to collect this document from the builder/previous owner at the time of purchasing the apartment. The format specified in Form IV can be used for reference if required.

NOTE: You need not submit Form IV if you already have a NOC provided by the builder/previous owner.

See the next section for how to get these four forms.

2. Notarised copy of Khata/Sale Deed: A notarized copy of your apartment’s Khata or Sale Deed is required to be sumitted along with the above forms for the meter ownership transfer. Getting a notarized copy of the Khata/Sale Deed should cost about Rs. 100-150 and can be done at the Koramangala BDA Complex or at Mayo Hall.

Note that the meter ownership will be transferred to the buyer’s name(s) in the Khata/Sale Deed. In case of joint ownership, all the names will be entered in the records. If this is not required, one of the joint owners can provide a NOC stating that they have no objection to their name not being listed as an owner.

3. Copy of latest electricity bill: A copy of your latest electricity bill will also be required for the meter transfer. Bring the latest payment receipt too if possible.

Where to get the BESCOM forms?

For some reason, the BESCOM offices often do not have the forms available with them. But you can get the forms from some shop near the BESCOM office. For those living in HSR Layout (where I stay), the forms are available in an electrical goods shop in the lane opposite the BESCOM office in Parangipalya.

The BESCOM Forms I-IV will cost Rs. 300 officially. This is because the PSA (Form II) and Indemnity Bond (Form III) will have franking done for Rs. 200 and Rs. 100 respectively. The shopkeeper will charge some commission on top of this amount.

Note that you will need to submit the forms and necessary documents in a file, because otherwise the BESCOM folks will not accept your application. Of course, the shops selling the forms are aware of this and will usually provide a file without you asking for it.

NOTE: The forms are available online too. However, it is better to purchase the original forms directly as specified above, as otherwise you need to get franking/e-stamping done yourself.


1. Write an application letter addressed to the Assistant Executive Engineer (AEE) (Electrical) of your respective BESCOM office mentioning that you wish to get the electricity connection transferred to your name. Specify the meter’s RR number, installation address, etc. in the letter. File this along with the other forms and documents.

2. Get all the documents verified by a Junior Engineer (JE). The JE may ask a lineman to go to your apartment and verify the meter details. You need to take the lineman to your home and show him the meter, and he will scribble some details on the PSA form.

3. Once this is done, you need to pay the necessary Transfer Fee of Rs. 100 at the BESCOM cash counter, for which you will get a receipt. You need to submit this receipt in original with your application.

4. Finally, you can go to the AEE/AE and submit your application.

This completes the application process. It will take a week or two for the transfer to be completed, following which the next electricity bill will come in the new owner’s name.

Do note that at no stage did we have to pay any bribe to anyone.

The only concern I had was that we were not given any acknowledgement upon submitting the application. I was a bit worried because I had submitted the original NOC given by the builder, so I hoped that the file would not be lost or misplaced. But luckily, no such thing happened. However, I believe that as per the rules, we are entitled to an acknowledgement, which is also a proof of submission of the application.

Grievance redressal:

BESCOM has become quite strict in matters of corruption and consumer harassment, thanks to the proactive role played in this regard by its current MD Shri P. Manivannan.

So, in case of harassment, you can lodge a complaint on BESCOM’s grievance redressal portal. You can also try their call centre number at 080–22873333. You can also try posting about the problem on BESCOM’s Facebook page.

Lastly, if all else fails, you can also take the help of RTI to get your work done. Refer this page for PIO details:

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  1. ajit cajit c07-18-2014

    hi vijay, can we write the letter to bescom in english, or it has to be kannada? please advise

  2. mohammed saedmohammed saed07-10-2014

    Hi vijay
    Thank you very much for the information, its very hard to find a GEM like you, may god bless you.. i have one last concern since i have to transfer the billing name from my late fathers name to my and my big brothers name (2 names) is that possible and after signing in and raising the request in the portal should i also follow the manual form submitting method

    thanks again

  3. mohammed saedmohammed saed07-09-2014

    Hi Vijay
    we have our own house but the electricity meter (3 meters, one ground floor, one first and last one for borewell all the three located in the same house) all the bills are in my fathers name, since now my father has expired i would like to change it to my name now i have some doubts
    1-should i produce 3 separate forms and pay separate fees.
    2-where should the franking be done in the indemity bond.
    Thanks in advance for your help

    • Vijay PadiyarVijay Padiyar07-09-2014

      You can request for name change in electricity connection online at BESCOM R-APDRP portal ( You can register there with existing details, submit the name change request after logging in and then contact BESCOM customer care for the next steps.

  4. C Vasudeva RaoC Vasudeva Rao07-05-2014

    Dear Sir, My flat electricity connection in another flat owner name and his flat connection in my name ie interchanged in the name since long area Nagarbhvi. Now I want to correct/amend in my name. Please guide me about the procedure and documentation required. Thanks and Regards C Vasudeva Rao

    • Vijay PadiyarVijay Padiyar07-05-2014

      You can go to your BESCOM subdivision and explain the matter to the JE. He will guide you. Probably a simple written application for correction of name, along with some proof like copy of sale deed of house should be adequate.

  5. MallikarjunaMallikarjuna06-27-2014

    Thank you so much..your information is much helpful for me.

  6. CA VenkatCA Venkat01-21-2014

    Hi Vijay, Thanks for the detailed explantion on process to transfer electricity meter. Let me follow the steps and share my expereicne.

    Please advice Weather we need to submit one appliaction for one meter or can be combined for more than one meter

    By reading articles like this public will get confident and can manage the transaction better. Thanks for your hlep.

    • Vijay PadiyarVijay Padiyar01-21-2014

      As far as I know, you have to submit a separate application for each meter.

      • Wg Cdr(Retd) T.SridharanWg Cdr(Retd) T.Sridharan03-03-2014

        Hi Mr Vijay,
        Thank you for your article on Meter Name Conversion.I read it thoroughly and followed all the steps,and within a week i got the Order for change of name.Hopefully the name will be in the bill. I just paid only whats legal and official. Expenditure Total Rs 700/= including cost of forms(Rs400, Notory Rs 200 & Bescom Charges Rs 100) .Thanks once again,for your write up and guidance.
        Incidentally,couple of Blogs written on this subject,by clueless people,recommend the name of One Mr Hemchandra,who is Retd Bescom AEE.Before reading your article,i spoke to him and he charges Just Rs 4000 Plus Bescom Charges of Rs 500.Isn’t crazy that Educated people in Bangalore are clueless and easily get exploited!!!!!

        • Vijay PadiyarVijay Padiyar03-03-2014

          Hello Mr. Sridharan, glad to know that you got the electricity connection transferred to your name without any hassles. Thanks for letting me know about Mr. Hemchandra charging excessive fees for his services and basically working as an agent. I am not interested in promoting any agents, so I will take off that comment from this blog post.

  7. ShivashankarShivashankar03-21-2013


    Thanks for the above valuable information. I got my name on Electricity bill :)

    However, BESCOM contractor at Kudlu Gate was refusing to give forms and was asking 2000/- bribe. I was helplessly searching in internet on complaining against that guy. But unfortunately didn’t found anything on BESCOM website, But while browsing through BESCOM site, saw facebook link to “Namma Bescom” page. And there registered my compliant.

    I got call from BESCOM call center within 10 minutes and they took my complaint and forwarded same to BESCOM Kudlu Gate Sub Division AEE. Same Day evening, i got call from AEE regarding this issue. AEE told me meet him at his office next day, thus got my problem solved.

    Thanks again.


    • Vijay PadiyarVijay Padiyar03-21-2013

      Yes, BESCOM MD Shri P. Manivannan is extremely intolerant of corruption. So you did the right thing.

  8. Ravi CHANDRANRavi CHANDRAN12-28-2012


    Recently, we bought a independent house. The sale deed is in both husband and wife’s name. When we apply for bescom we missed out one name.

    Can u tell me how to enter the other name in it now?

    • Vijay PadiyarVijay Padiyar12-28-2012

      Strange. Normally they would not allow you to omit any names that are there in the Sale Deed, without a NOC from the concerned person. You can just go to the BESCOM office and enquire about the procedure. Most likely you would need to give a written application and copy of Sale Deed.

  9. boopathiboopathi12-18-2012

    Hi Vijay.,
    thank you very much for the detailed description. i have followed the as you captured in this blog. My BESCOM meter has got transferred to my name in a week time after applying it.
    Thanks a lot.


  10. rajeshrajesh11-19-2012

    You Can do that without bribe ,Whoever paying bribe are ignorant people .They are simply wasting money .Also they are making others life difficult .This is very very simple procedure .BESCOM senior team is corruption free and really helpful .I am sharing my experience . Just follow the procedure below You don’t to transfer the Katha to your name for this . If sale deal is with bank ,get the sale deal attested by them and get a letter which says that the original sale deal is with bank . I paid just Rs 100 as fees and Rs 200 Indemnity bond .No other fees . I went to Koramangala office ,they asked me to transfer katha in my name and come back .I asked them to sign in a paper after writing that without katha transfer this cannot be done .They disagreed to do that .they asked me to leave office after by just leaving this with them without acknowledgement .I resisted .I suggest don’t bend before them ,just get happily “harassed” by them .If you have all the documents ,just go directly to the senior officer who will be sitting next door .If he is not there don’t worry . There is another way to do this. I somehow forced them to receive the document set and got a seal one the xerox copy .This is the acknowledgment .If you can do that it is good ,if they are not ready to accept it don’t worry ,there is a simple last step . Send a Email to the senior flocks in the following website . Please believe me ,I got this transferred the very next day . Also BESCOM senior people called me and I went their office they give me Tea and they taken me to the office where all the drama happened .Took a detail report from me .They assured me that action will be taken . I take this opportunity to thank all the senior team who supported me .Lovely experience . SO PLEASE PLEASE ,DON’T PAY BRIBE AND DON’T BE FOOLISH TO DO SO . If you have all the documents ,it is just a matter of couple of hours

  11. Thank you very much for the useful information that you have posted. Continue your services to the general public and all the best young man.

    Professor, MBA Dept,
    & Head, Legal Dept,
    East Point College of Engg & Technology,

  12. vrajaramvrajaram07-24-2012

    Dude, good to see such useful stuff, keep it up. keep in tuch

  13. ManojManoj07-22-2012

    Hi Vijay, the links are not working. Can you please provide the latest working links?
    I bought an independent house, which has only one electricity meter. I want to transfer that meter on my name and also apply for a new one for the first floor. Please let me know procedure for applying for a new one.

    • Vijay PadiyarVijay Padiyar07-22-2012

      Links are working for me. Procedure for applying for new meter requires few more documents and approvals. You can refer to other sources for it.

  14. LavanyaLavanya06-24-2012

    Great info, thx!

  15. Dr Maqsood AhmedDr Maqsood Ahmed06-21-2012

    Good Morning Mr Vijayji.

    I thank u for valuable information u have provided us on transfer of name for BESCOM ,Let almighty bless u with happiness and courage for helping all who lack the experience in handling such matters. I am extremly thankful for your cause to help in dealing all official works related to Government of Karnataka.

  16. AnuradhaAnuradha06-08-2012

    Hi Vijay, very good information which i was searching for. My problem is that the prev owner has gone out of india now and he is not reachable. We missed getting the NOC from him when we purchased. What is the option left to us now? Can you help?

  17. v.jananiv.janani05-25-2012

    hi vijay thanks for your useful information, i kindly request you to give your email ID so that i can ask many queries ,thanks a lot. tc

  18. RanjeethRanjeeth05-24-2012

    Hi Vijay,

    What is the process to convert to AEH> Currently our house is not an AEH.
    Let me know the Process
    Ranjeeth Kumar

    • T.D.HemachandraT.D.Hemachandra11-14-2013

      Hi Ranjeet Kumar

      You have to contact an LEC ( Licensed Electrical Contractor) and he will help you in conversion LIghting to AEH . You may have to pay additional MMD charges and if at you need the reference I will be able to give you, please mail me at and and and my cell no is 9945514150

      ExecutiveEngineer (Ele)
      Rtd Bescom/Kptcl

  19. ShanmuganandaShanmugananda03-20-2012

    i was away for 3 yrs & did not knw the status of my electricity meter. We were getting the electricity bills regularly and were paying the same. But now we are told by the engineer that the meter is burnt & he is accusing us that we are tapping power directly. He is threatening us that he will book us for theft of power. I do not know what to do. Pl help!

    • Vijay PadiyarVijay Padiyar03-20-2012

      BESCOM MD is on Facebook. Search for “MD BESCOM”. You can bring the matter to his attention. He will surely help you out, he is a good man.

  20. Sukumar RaghavanSukumar Raghavan01-23-2012

    Very good and neat article! Taking step-by-step…
    Such articles are very very helpful for the fellow Bangaloreans and in the same time eliminate the monster ‘corruption’ from our country.

    Keep posting! Thanks a ton!

  21. Shiju B ThomasShiju B Thomas11-18-2011

    Hi Vijay, Thanks for the info. I am having a harrowing experience with BESCOM. They said this transfer of name should be initiated by the builder and not us. Under the table expectations… i guess.
    Anyways thanks … really good.

    • Vijay PadiyarVijay Padiyar11-18-2011

      That is pure bullshit. There is no such rule. You can take the following actions:

      1) Talk to the senior officials (AE/AEE) of your BESCOM office
      2) Lodge a grievance here:
      3) Attend BESCOM Customer Interaction Meetings (CIM) where you can directly meet officials in a public forum and get help directly
      4) Go to the media (write letters to editor or try something like CNN-IBN Citizen Journalist. Or send me a mail, I will send you the email ID of one Deccan Herald reporter)
      5) Approach Karnataka Lok Ayukta
      6) Submit a RTI application

      Whatever you do, please do not give in and pay a bribe!!!



  22. M.SivakumarM.Sivakumar11-14-2011

    I need one more info. Weather we need to submit one appliaction for one meter or can be combined for more than one meter? thanks in advance

  23. M.SivakumarM.Sivakumar11-14-2011

    Hi Vijay
    Really valuable and useful. Thank you very much.

  24. uday kumar dasuday kumar das09-19-2011

    Hi Vijay,

    Thanks a lot for this good and valuable information. B Coz, I am also trying to get my name transferred. Now I got clear picture. Thanks a lot.

    Uday Das

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