How to Transfer BESCOM Electricity Connection to Your Name

UPDATE: BESCOM has brought many of its procedures online via its new R-APDRP portal. You can apply for a new connection or shifting/transfer of connection, name change and various other things online. Click here to visit the portal.

One of the first things to be done after purchasing an apartment or house invariably is transferring the electricity meter ownership to your name from the builder/previous owner’s name. In this article, I will explain the procedure to transfer a BESCOM electricity connection to your name without utilising any agent’s help or paying any bribe whatsoever.


Documents required:

You will need the following documents to transfer the meter ownership:

1. BESCOM Application Forms I-IV: The four forms are:

a. Electrical Connection Transfer Form (Form I): This is more of a cover letter where you need to fill in the details such as RR number, address where meter is installed, name and address of current and new owner respectively, reason for transfer, etc.

b. Power Supply Agreement (PSA) (Form II): This is a legal agreement between BESCOM and you for the supply of electricity to you. It is also called All-Electric Home (AEH) Form.

c. Indemnity Bond (Form III): This is to protect BESCOM from any legal disputes arising from the transfer of the connection in your name.

d. No Objection Certificate (NOC) from builder/previous owner (as per Form IV): This is a single-page legal document certifying that the builder/previous owner has no objection to the meter ownership being transferred to your name. You must be careful to collect this document from the builder/previous owner at the time of purchasing the apartment. The format specified in Form IV can be used for reference if required.

NOTE: You need not submit Form IV if you already have a NOC provided by the builder/previous owner.

See the next section for how to get these four forms.

2. Notarised copy of Khata/Sale Deed: A notarized copy of your apartment’s Khata or Sale Deed is required to be sumitted along with the above forms for the meter ownership transfer. Getting a notarized copy of the Khata/Sale Deed should cost about Rs. 100-150 and can be done at the Koramangala BDA Complex or at Mayo Hall.

Note that the meter ownership will be transferred to the buyer’s name(s) in the Khata/Sale Deed. In case of joint ownership, all the names will be entered in the records. If this is not required, one of the joint owners can provide a NOC stating that they have no objection to their name not being listed as an owner.

3. Copy of latest electricity bill: A copy of your latest electricity bill will also be required for the meter transfer. Bring the latest payment receipt too if possible.

Where to get the BESCOM forms?

For some reason, the BESCOM offices often do not have the forms available with them. But you can get the forms from some shop near the BESCOM office. For those living in HSR Layout (where I stay), the forms are available in an electrical goods shop in the lane opposite the BESCOM office in Parangipalya.

The BESCOM Forms I-IV will cost Rs. 300 officially. This is because the PSA (Form II) and Indemnity Bond (Form III) will have franking done for Rs. 200 and Rs. 100 respectively. The shopkeeper will charge some commission on top of this amount.

Note that you will need to submit the forms and necessary documents in a file, because otherwise the BESCOM folks will not accept your application. Of course, the shops selling the forms are aware of this and will usually provide a file without you asking for it.

NOTE: The forms are available online too. However, it is better to purchase the original forms directly as specified above, as otherwise you need to get franking/e-stamping done yourself.


1. Write an application letter addressed to the Assistant Executive Engineer (AEE) (Electrical) of your respective BESCOM office mentioning that you wish to get the electricity connection transferred to your name. Specify the meter’s RR number, installation address, etc. in the letter. File this along with the other forms and documents.

2. Get all the documents verified by a Junior Engineer (JE). The JE may ask a lineman to go to your apartment and verify the meter details. You need to take the lineman to your home and show him the meter, and he will scribble some details on the PSA form.

3. Once this is done, you need to pay the necessary Transfer Fee of Rs. 100 at the BESCOM cash counter, for which you will get a receipt. You need to submit this receipt in original with your application.

4. Finally, you can go to the AEE/AE and submit your application.

This completes the application process. It will take a week or two for the transfer to be completed, following which the next electricity bill will come in the new owner’s name.

Do note that at no stage did we have to pay any bribe to anyone.

The only concern I had was that we were not given any acknowledgement upon submitting the application. I was a bit worried because I had submitted the original NOC given by the builder, so I hoped that the file would not be lost or misplaced. But luckily, no such thing happened. However, I believe that as per the rules, we are entitled to an acknowledgement, which is also a proof of submission of the application.

Grievance redressal:

BESCOM has become quite strict in matters of corruption and consumer harassment, thanks to the proactive role played in this regard by its current MD Shri P. Manivannan.

So, in case of harassment, you can lodge a complaint on BESCOM’s grievance redressal portal. You can also try their call centre number at 080–22873333. You can also try posting about the problem on BESCOM’s Facebook page.

Lastly, if all else fails, you can also take the help of RTI to get your work done. Refer this page for PIO details:

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  1. KumarKumar12-31-2016

    Thanks for writing this blog.. Very useful. Information is still valid in 2016 ( I mean no changes in the process or fees).

    I just followed this and applied.

    Thanks Vijay for sharing this..

  2. BharatBharat07-09-2016

    Thanks Vijay. Useful info.

  3. ChaitanyaChaitanya06-24-2016

    Hello Mr. Vijay,
    Is it possible to transfer the Electricity Meter through online?

  4. Vinod.TVinod.T04-13-2016

    Thanks vijay for the info on How to transfer Bescom electricity connection(Change of Name) which was very useful.I appreciate you for your valuable info on various topics like Bescom, BBMP etc which is very useful for everyone.
    I followed the procedure you mentioned in your website and submitted the forms.
    I was told by next month onwards the bills will come with the new name.
    Thanks a lot.

  5. Balakrishnan M-IyerBalakrishnan M-Iyer02-08-2016

    Dear Mr Padiyar
    Convinced of the value of your public-spirited service through your blog, on this practical problem, I offer my hearty wishes for your health and happiness. (I am 77 now, with a grateful heart, and have always done services to society members in various ways, and continue them too within my ability.)

    Now, for a query for your kind response- I bought my flat from the builfing complex builder in 2008. No NOC was issued by the builder for the transfer of the electrical connection with meter for BESCOM billing in my name. ( I was not aware of any such form and builder signed NOC).The flat is now rented for sometime now, as my wife and I live with my son and family. There are no power bill dues to BESCOM.
    Is there any penalty to be paid to BESCOM for my ‘failure’ to obtain the transfer ? This is not clear from reading through the “forms” which I went through them online. I also get email from BESCOM once every year, but since it says certain things rendering its source suspicious, I have not opened them since it talks about some demand.

    • Vijay PadiyarVijay Padiyar02-09-2016

      Hello Mr. Iyer

      This is a bit strange. Are you saying that for the past several years you have been receiving electricity bills every month in the builder’s name and have never tried to get it changed to your name? And what does the email from BESCOM say? What is the specific demand made? In any case, I am quite sure that there should not be any problem in transferring the connection to your name even now. Regarding the demand made in the BESCOM emails, I would suggest to call or visit BESCOM office and get it clarified.



      • Balakrishnan M-IyerBalakrishnan M-Iyer02-10-2016

        Thank you very much Vijay, for your kind r esponse. silence about the ‘BESCOM’ mails, I simply ignored and deleted them — since it says BESCOM is not responsible for any damages resulting from … unless it is confirmed by a written communication from BESCOM, etc., and I never received any such written communcn.

        I am now acting on the basis of your very clear and detailed guidance regarding tge NOC submission as part of tge application. I have also checked with a friend-owner in the same building who says that he had no problem with either the builder or the power company in obtaining the connection transfer. The builder has asked me to get the NOC filled-in and agreed to sign it. It is at this stage your details will be very valuable.

        Thank you.

      • Balakrishnan M-IyerBalakrishnan M-Iyer02-10-2016

        Also, I forgot to say that I have the Khata. You may now let me know whether this will suffice and obviate the need for NOC from the builder since I would rather avoid commuting to his office which is a bit too far away for me, thus having to approach only the BESCOM with the Khata, and the other relevant forms.

  6. rufusrufus12-04-2014

    many thanks for the well described process…

  7. Honest IndianHonest Indian11-12-2014

    Thank you for this blog. I have to get this done and this blog is just I wanted to know about the process.

  8. ImmanuelImmanuel08-22-2014

    Hi Vijay,

    Your blog was very helpful in knowing what needs to be done.

    Thought I could pay back by contribution from my experience of having the name change done last week.

    The file of forms are sold by KAR Licenced Electric Contractors Assoc. There is one office on the same road as Banaswadi PS. The gentleman charged ₹ 380 for the set and was also quite helpful. Advised that I should go directly to the O&M and have the forms signed by JE.

    The JE at Kothanur was very decent. He checked the forms and and said he will come to the building and verify and sign. Also that I need not wait, but could leave the file with our Apt Security and he will fill in. He did exactly as he promised. Not even a hint of asking anything else.

    I took the file and handed over to the officer at E9 Subdivision. He checked the docs, signatures and asked for the fee of ₹100 to be paid. He was saying an acknowledgement is not necessary. I was a little concerned for not getting an acknowledgement, but left it to his guidance. He called me 2 days later saying the file is ready I could come over. With the Independance Day in between, I left the matter alone for a week.

    Called 1912 after a week, and learnt that the name had been changed. Logged in to the BESCOM portal, registered and am able to view the latest bill in my name.

    Quite Simple. No bribe asked or given. And the best part is Bescom portal and helplines are quick, and very informative.

    In any case, it all began with your blog. Thanks again.


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