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How to Transfer BESCOM Electricity Connection to Your Name


One of the first things to be done after purchasing an apartment is invariably transferring the electricity meter ownership to your name from the builder’s name. In this article, I will explain the procedure to transfer a BESCOM electricity connection to your name without utilising any agent’s help or paying any bribe whatsoever.

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Simplify Inter-State Vehicle Transfers by Linking RTO, Police Databases

Karnataka Driving License

For anyone shifting their residence between states, it is a big hassle to get your vehicle transferred legally. In the scheme of things, the task of physically transferring the vehicle to the new location is the easiest step of the process! With today’s technology and interlinking of all state RTO and Police databases, it should be possible to vastly simplify this archaic procedure.

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Link RTO’s Database to Vehicle Insurance Companies

Chaotic traffic in Bangalore

One of the major hurdles in punishing traffic violators is that the addresses of vehicle owners are not updated in the RTO’s database. Therefore, a lot of traffic notices get delivered to old addresses that are no longer valid. All that needs to be done to fix this problem is to link the databases of all vehicle insurance companies with the RTO’s database.

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Chinese Hackers Targeting my Website?

Chinese hacking attempts

Two days back, when I logged into my website’s administration panel as usual and made my way to the visit log section, I was taken aback to see hundreds of 404 errors in the log, in the span of just a single night! The URLs queried were very strange and it appeared that someone was systematically exploring my website for weaknesses and trying to get a backdoor entry.

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BESCOM Doesn’t Even Reply to RTI Applications!


Fed up of the frequent and unscheduled powercuts at odd hours in March this year, I finally lost my patience and decided to file a RTI application to understand why exactly there were so many powercuts throughout the day, what BESCOM was doing about it, and why they could not at least stick to a schedule when resorting to load shedding.

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