My Big Bazaar Shopping Nightmare

Late last year, during some festival (maybe Diwali, not sure), we had gone to Big Bazaar in Koramangala, Bangalore to do some purchases. The bill came to about Rs. 2450.

After the billing was completed and the payment was made, we were informed that there was an offer going on where a purchase of Rs. 2500 would get us a 6-piece drinking glass set! Why couldn’t they have told us before the billing, so that we could have purchased some small item of Rs. 50-odd and availed the offer??

Big Bazaar logo

The scheme was that every purchase of Rs. 500 would get us a gold sticker, and 5 stickers (Rs. 2500) would get us the glass set. So for want of Rs. 50, we ended up with 4 stickers instead of 5.

Anyway, we came back to Big Bazaar next week (when the offer was still on) and did some more purchasing which came to over Rs. 500, and thus got another gold sticker.

Now we went to the gift redemption counter and asked for our gift. To our surprise and dismay, we were informed that since this was the last 1-2 days of the offer period, stocks of the gift in question had been exhausted!

I got really angry and asked the person at the counter why they were continuing with the offer when the stock had been exhausted? He did not have any answer for that.

He then said that they were expecting some stocks from another Big Bazaar outlet which would come by the next week, so we could collect our gifts then. He gave us the Big Bazaar outlet number and told us to call next week.

We called twice for two weeks after that, only to be told that no new stock had been received, and all the old gifts were exhausted.

So much for Big Bazaar’s exciting schemes and brilliant staff who robbed us of our gift!



  1. AMALRAOAMALRAO11-20-2012

    I recently purchased a few items at Big Bazaar, Shanthi Nagar, Bangalore.

    Like most Customers, I collected the bill and then verified the amount in the bill as against the price indicated in the items purchased after returning home.
    I observed that, the Scotch Brite Scrubber was charged Rs 69, while on the item it indicates clearly MRP Rs 60 only (inclusive of taxes) – Copy of Bill and photo of the cover of the item attached.
    This seems to be a new way of duping the people, not expected from a big CORPORATE HOUSE.

    Moreover, in the vegetable section, the prices are indicated in Tags. But in the final billing it is higher than the amount indicated. We tend to buy the vegetable after looking at the price.
    The bill is also designed in such a way, that only the gross weight and the price of the item is shown, the rate per Kg is not indicated in the final bill, while most Super markets do so.

    So beware of these happenings, when you do shopping at Big Bazaar, or best avoid shopping, rather than get cheated.


  2. RenukaRenuka04-13-2012

    I’ve a bad experience to share – we’ve received around 1500 big bazaar coupons as our wedding gift from our friend. Because of all the busy schedules after marriage – arranging new home, setting up things, travelling, and visiting relatives and friends’ house, we couldn’t redeem them until one fine day when we’ve decided to go for shopping at Big Bazaar – and use the coupons. As soon as we entered the shop, we checked at their reception, if the coupons could be used. We were happy, when they said “yes”. We spent a good hour there shopping before proceeding for billing. Then, to our surprise, the coupons were not accepted, saying that they are expired!!!! There was no date of expiry mentioned on it, looks like they are more than 6 months old!!!! While taking the coupons, my friend has not insisted on writing the date on them. Nor they mentioned the expiry date…
    After a long fight, they took the coupons from us and promised to renew them, after a week, and gave a toll free number for inquiry, which we later found that, no one picks up!!!
    Big Bazaar is a big waste of money, time…
    The quality of their products, service.. hell with Big Bazaar…

  3. AparnaAparna02-08-2011

    I have never been a fan of Big bazaar. I didnt like their quality or customer servce

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