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Bangalore Airport Wi-Fi Internet is No Longer Free

Nortel IT at BIAL

Recently I was at the new Bangalore International Airport. I switched on my laptop and tried to connect to BIA’s Wi-fi access point, but could not. I then tried all the other options except the obviously paid ones, but to no avail. Well, that sucked! Apparently the Wi-fi at BIA is no longer free.

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My Big Bazaar Shopping Nightmare

Big Bazaar logo

Late last year, during some festival (maybe Diwali, not sure), we had gone to Big Bazaar in Koramangala, Bangalore to do some purchases. The bill came to about Rs. 2450. After the billing was completed and the payment was made, we were informed that there was an offer going on where a purchase of Rs. 2500 would get us a 6-piece drinking glass set!

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Can Cricket Broadcasting Get Any Worse?

Cricket channels

The long-suffering Indian cricket fan doesn’t know what to do! For, as if tolerating the excessive amount of intrusive advertising during cricket matches wasn’t enough, s/he now has to contend with the surfeit of cricket channels in India that are popping up faster than scams!

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Mobile Number Portability is Here

Mobile number portability

The official date for Mobile Number Portability (MNP) to be launched nationwide is January 20, 2011. Let’s hope it is as great a success as it is planned and expected to be, and that it sincerely pushes mobile operators to improve their network infrastructure as well as quality of customer service. This article explains the procedure to migrate your number from one operator to another.

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Time to Corporatise Autorickshaws in India?


A massive spurt in vehicular traffic in Indian cities in the last decade has brought into focus the need to overhaul and expand public transport. However, present Government schemes ignored non-mass forms of public transport such as taxis and auto rickshaws, which provide a more “personalised” service to passengers. Corporatisation may be one way of improving these services.

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