How to Apply for a PAN Card Online

A lot of people keep asking about reliable agents who can help them apply for a PAN card. While I disapprove of taking the help of agents in general, the process of applying for a PAN card is so easy that it is criminal to still go through an agent for the same! So I decided to write this article to show everyone just how easy it actually is to apply for a PAN card yourself without anyone’s help.

A Permanent Account Number, or PAN, is an Indian taxpayer’s unique identity. Every taxpayer, be it an individual or a company, must have a PAN in order to be able to pay their taxes to the Government. And nowadays, it has become mandatory to provide one’s PAN number when applying for or investing in any kind of financial instruments, be it a credit card, personal/home/auto loan, mutual fund, shares, etc. Even when you get a job, your employer will surely ask for your PAN details. All this makes it almost impossible to not have a PAN card.

Sample PAN card

A PAN card is a plastic card that shows the taxpayer’s name, photo and PAN. Apart from being a reference for your PAN number, it can also be used as a proof of identity while applying for other Government documents, such as a Passport, Ration card, Driving License, etc. PAN cards are issued by NSDL on behalf of the Dept. of Income Tax, Ministry of Finance, Govt. of India.

To be eligible for a PAN card, you need to have a valid proof of identity and a proof of address. The list of documents that are accepted as identity and address proof are given on this link.

NOTE: For the purpose of this article, I will assume that the applicant is an individual taxpayer.

To apply for a PAN card, you need to go to the NSDL online PAN application site at and click on “New PAN for Indian Citizens”. Foreign citizens need to click on “New PAN for Foreign Citizens”.

PAN online application form

This will open a pop-up page. Click on “Online application for new PAN (Form 49A)”. On the next page, review the instructions for applying and then scroll down to the bottom and choose “Individual” from the applicant category drop-down list.

PAN applicant category

This brings us to the online Form 49A, which is the application form for allotment of new PAN number. Most of the fields are quite self-explanatory. Below are some important points to remember when filling the application form.

How to fill AO details

To find out Assessing Officer (AO) details (Area Code, AO Type, Range Code & AO Number), click on the appropriate link under “Don’t know AO details?” based on your source of income (Indian/foreign). Indian citizens living and earning income in India must click on link highlighted below (or click here):

AO selection in PAN application

This will take you to the AO code search page. Ordinary Indian citizens (non-defence personnel) are covered under Table II. Click on the alphabet corresponding to your city, then on the next page choose your specific city from the list.

AO code search

Finally, select the appropriate AO from the list. Since the list is rather huge, you can narrow down by following the below steps:

  • Type (Ctrl+F) to bring up the browser search form.
  • In this, enter your area of residence (e.g. Koramangala) to short-list the entries specific to your area.
  • Next, read the description of each entry and identify which is applicable to you based on your income, first letter of your name and/or your office address. The description is self-explanatory although verbose. For more help, refer to this guide.

You can also refer to the following Excel files which have the entire list of AO codes:

Other details

1. You can choose to print an abbreviated version of your name on the PAN card, if you so desire. Provide your full name in the “Full name” field, and type your name as you would like it printed on the PAN card in the “Name you would like printed on the card” field.
If you were previously known by another name, provide the same.

2. Provide your residential and office addresses, and choose the desired address for communication. It is preferable to keep the residential address as the communication address, unless you are staying in a rented house and are likely to shift often. If choosing office address for communication, you will need to provide address proof for office address too.

3. Most importantly, please select carefully from the drop-down list the documents you are going to provide as address and identity proofs. Do not make a mistake here, as this cannot be changed after submitting the form. If you have specified your Aadhaar number, you need to provide a copy of Aadhaar card as well.

4. Lastly, choose the method of payment. You can pay by Demand Draft, Cheque or online instantly via Credit Card. Paying by Credit Card is by far the simplest and preferred option. The fees, of course, are quite minimal.

Click here for a detailed list of instructions for filling up the form. Once you have filled in all the fields, click on “Submit”.

On the next page, you will be asked to review the filled-in information, and you can make changes if required. After verifying that everything is correct, you may proceed to choose the mode of payment of fees for PAN application.

If you selected credit card mode of payment in the application form, you will now be transferred to a third-party merchant website, where you need to make the payment towards the fees for the PAN application. If you selected DD or Cheque options, this step will be skipped and the application will be submitted directly.

Once the application is submitted, you will be shown an acknowledgement page, which will have an Acknowledgement Number along with a summary of your details. It will also list the mode of payment and the documents to be submitted as address and identity proof, as chosen by you. You need to take a print-out of this acknowledgement page and affix a recent Passport-size photograph and sign in the box below using a black pen only. Please retain a copy of the acknowledgement page for your reference.

Finally, you need to post the hard copies of the acknowledgement page along with your self-attested address and identity proofs (and DD/Cheque if applicable) to the address given on the acknowledgement page. Please follow the simple instructions at the bottom of the acknowledgement page to ensure that your documents are not misplaced or rejected on technical grounds.

You may send the documents to NSDL via courier, speed post, etc. Note that the documents must reach them within 15 days from the online application.

If you have made the payment via credit card, you should receive your PAN number within one week or so via email. The PAN card will arrive later, in about two weeks. If you chose to pay via Cheque/DD, then the processing of your application will begin only once the Cheque/DD and documents reach NSDL.

Once you submit the documents, you may track the status of your PAN application online via this link.

Changes in PAN card or reprint of card

If you already have a PAN card and have lost it or need to make corrections (e.g. change of name, address, phone number, etc.), you need to select the appropriate option on DO NOT apply for a fresh PAN number, as this is illegal.

  • To update your personal information in PAN database, select “Changes or Correction in PAN details”
  • To request for duplicate PAN card due to loss or damage of existing card, select “Reprint of PAN card”

Either way, you will be taken to the same form. On this form, select applicant category as “Individual” to open the actual application form.

On this form, select your citizenship status (Indian/foreign) and enter your PAN number. Note that the remaining fields are all optional. You need to tick the boxes on the left for which you wish to make any changes. For all entries in which there is no change, leave the box unchecked.

If you are just applying for duplicate PAN card, you can leave all boxes unchecked and there is no need to fill any details. Duplicate PAN card will be reissued on basis of existing details, to same correspondence address.

Lastly, as above, select the payment method and submit the form. Review your changes on the next page and proceed for payment and submission of details.

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  1. vinayashree v jadhavvinayashree v jadhav01-19-2018

    Nice information and i have applied for pancard today thank you so much

  2. subbisubbi07-09-2017

    At the time of aadhar registration I wrongly entered my dob as10/11/ actual dob is 2/11/1993.I got the aadhar in 2013.BT it having no full dob,only contain year of for my pan card application I given my aadhar as I’d proof and sslc certificate as age proof(it having dob as 2/11/1993(the correct one)).Is there any problem for getting pan card .?

  3. HussainHussain01-09-2017

    I HAVE COMPLETELY FILLED THE PAN CARD DETAILS THROUGH E-KYC AND AS HAVE SELECTED NO INCOME. Hoiwever, it is aking for office pin code and when i enter pin code the page says that no income cannot have a office address and vice versa please assist

  4. s obula reddys obula reddy12-30-2016

    vijay sir i have applied my pancard as per my documents but in that documents mismatching with that details amt was debited my account and i got a mail from nsdl please send exact details or proofs how can i correct my details before getting pan card from nsdl please give me solution and send a mail to me
    thank you sir

  5. Gur RajGur Raj09-23-2016

    Satyam I saw your comment, you are saying in your comment that your municipality did not provided house name. So there is no need to to put your house name in house name box.

  6. SatyamSatyam09-14-2016

    Sir, in application Form in address row I hav to fill my house number and house name which is not provided to me by municipality. What to do??

  7. DivyaDivya06-29-2016

    Thank you so much for your detailed info 🙂

  8. Manoj mManoj m05-19-2016

    My name is Manoj m . But in pan card application I have given Manoj mahadevaiah. In all my documents my name is Manoj m . But they are asking for both proof and pan card name should match.

    • Vijay PadiyarVijay Padiyar05-19-2016

      You can apply for a duplicate PAN card and in the application you can mention the desired display name as Manoj M. So the name on the card will be Manoj M but in the PAN records it will be your full name.

  9. hanumanhanuman03-11-2016

    I filled the form and making payment for this.Money is deducted from my account but UTIITSL shows error that transaction is failed ,try later.
    Sir help me What will I do now?

    • Vijay PadiyarVijay Padiyar03-11-2016

      Please contact UTIITSL by phone or email and provide the transaction details.

  10. JOSEPHJOSEPH12-03-2015

    sir i have no surname thn how would i apply for pan card on online even my father also dont have surname

  11. harihari09-20-2015

    I have 2 initials Hari Haran N A all my documents have my name as ” hari haran N A” when I applied for pan online my application is rejected saying that I don’t have name in expands form. What should I do to get a pan now. My initials were not in expands form in any of my ID proofs. Can u help me with this problem.

  12. ConfusedGuyConfusedGuy09-12-2015

    I am an NRI and never applied for a PAN card so far. I was surprised to suddenly receive a mail today mentioning that someone (with a totally different name / age) has applied for PAN card with my email address. The entire application form including his name and phone number have come to my email address. I called up this gentleman and it appears that he can only speak Hindi and did not completely follow that an incorrect email address has been used on his application form. I could ignore the whole thing and forward it to my spam folder but (a) I want to help him provide his correct email address and (b) I dont want my email address misused in this way.

    Without revealing my email address, I want to say that my first name is part of my email id, and this gentleman’s name has no similarity to my name – in fact we are of entirely different religions with traditional names, so it cannot be a typo. So, no clue how this has happened or why someone would do this.

    I have already replied back to (the eemail address of National securities depository Limited) from whom I received the mail.

  13. AmarnathAmarnath09-10-2015

    Hi sir,
    I have applied pan card in online, Acknowledge numbers also I got it. I send to Nsdl office address. Yesterday I had received email from Nsdl office. Please send acknowledgement form again with ur details. passport Copy I give for proofs.passport is different address so I have one address correction in the acknowledge form.. Still not received pan card numbers … How can i apply for correction???pl reply…

  14. ChinmayChinmay07-14-2015

    Hello, This month I joined a company as a trainee in some city . But my residential address is different.
    My question is, should I enter/choose AO code based on my official address or residential address?
    Thank you

  15. indiraindira07-13-2015

    Hi, its very useful post. Thanks for being helpful.

  16. SreenivasSreenivas06-16-2015

    Vijay thanks for your post, very helpful. I am thinking of doing an online application for my son. Once again thanks for very useful post.

  17. janujanu03-13-2015

    sir i am a student , i want apply pan card , then what is the office address to be fill.

    • Vijay PadiyarVijay Padiyar03-13-2015

      Office address is obviously optional. Not everyone is a working person.

  18. HITENHITEN01-19-2015

    if the applicant is a student then he will not have any source of income. So what should be written in place of source of income?

  19. ankitankit01-13-2015

    sir I am a student with zero income….my address is diwanarapalya,Bangalore 560054…….what is the ao code i have to put

  20. naveennaveen11-04-2014

    Better blur the image and pan no. and sign on the pan card u have uploaded. It may be misused by anyone.
    I still wonder about you knowing vast knowledge on applying but not taking some precautionary steps before uploading images.

  21. annamnaiduannamnaidu10-31-2014

    Hello Sir,
    Could you please tell me how to know my area AO details for filling PAN application.
    My PIN code is 532005, and i am in srikakulam.
    i have filled ARP, W, 87, 3/4 as my area AO details, but it is still showing AO details are wrong.

    Thank you for your quick response.

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