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ITR-1 PDF Form Doesn’t Generate Correct XML

ITR PDF utility generate XML problem

All those of you who are filing IT returns online for A.Y. 2010-11 using the ITR-1 PDF utility available on the IT Department’s website, please use the Excel ITR-1 utility instead. The PDF utility for A.Y. 2010-11 does not generate the correct XML. And the worst part is, most people will not realise the problem until they have uploaded the XML file and received the ITR-V acknowledgement!

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How to Calculate Income or Loss From House Property for IT Returns

Income from House Property calculation

This year, the IT Dept. has modified the most common ITR-1 form to include a field for “Income/loss from House Property”, something which was earlier only available in ITR-2. But how do we calculate the income or loss from our house property? Here is the procedure as per the IT Dept.

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Unspoken Communication Between Girls And Guys

Unspoken communication between girls and guys

An excellent depiction of the visual “information processing” that happens when two women encounter each other. Looks like “know thy opponent” is a true adage when it comes to women!

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Shifting to WordPress From Blogger is Very Easy

Blogger vs. Wordpress

Moving to Wordpress was something I had in mind for at least a year now, but I never got around to doing it because there wasn’t a real strong incentive. But Blogger’s announcement in January that they were going to stop FTP publishing provided just the impetus needed. And I haven’t regretted moving to Wordpress one bit!

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