Team-BHP: Harassment for New Joinees!

NOTE: In a recent communication to me, Team-BHP highlighted the fact that they are now deleting rejected members’ accounts from their system, and are also confirming/rejecting memberships within a week. See my last update below, dated Dec 10, 2010.

Recently, Team-BHP has come up with a new policy that all new registrations will have to be “approved” by them, and only after that will their membership be confirmed. And till then, the new joinees pretty much cannot do anything on the site, be it posting queries or responding to posts (see image below).

Team-BHP user warning

To help Team-BHP in deciding if you are “worthy” of being a member, all new registrants are required to answer a question “Why do you wish to join Team-BHP?” as part of the registration process. You are expected to provide detailed reasoning as to why you wish to join the site, what is your level of interest in automobiles, etc. And there is a warning not take this lightly, since based on the reasons you provide, they will decide whether you really are member material or not!

Now, let’s put aside for a moment the fact that in a competitive environment, one cannot afford to be this arrogant. Even so, we would still expect that they be prompt in confirming or rejecting registrations, and that they let us know about it. It’s only basic courtesy! However, it’s been a few months now since I registered on the site and till date I have no intimation as to whether my membership has been confirmed or rejected.

I’m sure ultimately Team-BHP will realise the folly of its policy. Because if they want to continue to have quality members who have valuable information to contribute, they will have to give up their snootiness and arrogance and relook at this sarkari type of policy of keeping new members on hold and harassing them in this way.

Besides, I somehow don’t agree with the argument that this move is necessary to ensure quality of posts. Well, for one, that’s exactly what moderators are for. They can delete, move or merge posts which they feel are contravening guidelines. That apart, I’d like Team-BHP to remember the shining example before us, that is Wikipedia. The main differentiating factor between Wikipedia and other such sites (and indeed, the reason for its unprecedented success) is that it is truly a democratic website. Anyone can add or edit any page there, provided the changes are backed by legitimate references, and the senior contributors ensure the upkeep of quality. Surely, if Wikipedia can do it, Team-BHP being much smaller in comparison can certainly emulate it.

As for me, well, I’m not interested anymore! It’s a competitive online world, as I said. There are numerous other excellent sites and forums where I can participate and exchange knowledge on automobiles.

Hope Team-BHP gets its act in order soon, for its own good!

Oh, and one more thing! I would request Team-BHP to kindly delete the accounts of those people whose membership they don’t approve, or at least allow them to re-apply from the same user ID. I think it’s grossly unethical to retain people’s accounts even after rejecting them. I think someone could actually take them to court over this!

UPDATE: Nov 28, 2010

Just noticed that one of my blog posts has been plagiarised on one of Team-BHP’s threads by one Mr. Souvik, who also appears to have happily claimed it as his own!

Have raised the matter with Team-BHP. Let’s see what happens.

My original blog post:

Plagiarised post on Team-BHP: (by Mr. Souvik, dated May 3, 2010)

UPDATE: Dec 5, 2010

Team-BHP admins responded to my email and have added a link attributing the article to me. I thank them for taking the necessary action. See their email below.

From: “Team-BHP Webmaster” <> Sat, 04 Dec 2010 16:19:33
To: me


Please note that it is COMPULSORY for members to provide due credit wherever
applicable; in fact, it’s a part of our rules as well as the infraction
system. The said post has been edited and a link to your blog has been


The Team-BHP Webmaster

My response:

From: “Vijay Padiyar”<> Sat, 04 Dec 2010 19:09:59
To: “Team-BHP Webmaster”<>

Thanks a lot. I appreciate your personal intervention.

I will mention this on my blog.


Vijay Padiyar

UPDATE: Dec 10, 2010

It appears that Team-BHP has taken action on two of the points raised in this blog, namely:

1. Deletion of rejected members’ accounts from the system, and

2. Early intimation of acceptance or rejection of membership.

I am sure many people will appreciate this. See the below mail from Team-BHP to me, which was basically a continuation of the above mail thread.

From: “Team-BHP Webmaster” <> Thu, 09 Dec 2010 15:31:23
To: Me

Sure thing, Vijay! It’s only fair, and we would expect due credit for our content too.

BTW, we just read your blog and noticed the following comments:

“Oh, and one more thing! I request Team-BHP to at least delete the accounts of those people whom it doesn’t approve for membership, or at least allow them to re-apply from the same user ID. I think it’s grossly unethical to retain people’s user IDs even after rejecting them. I think someone could actually take them to court over this!”


“Even so, we would still expect that they be prompt in confirming or rejecting memberships…..”

Just a note:

– All rejected memberships are now hard-deleted from the system.

– The maximum turnaround time is one week, and each application is informed within this period…whether they have been approved or rejected.

Can we request you to update your blog and / or remove the inapplicable comments?


The Team-BHP Webmaster

My response:

From: “Vijay Padiyar”<> Thu, 09 Dec 2010 23:52:11
To: “Team-BHP Webmaster”<>

Sure, I will add your response below to my blog.

I have nothing personal against Team-BHP, I just disapprove of this particular policy which I feel does not do an objective job of screening an applicant.





  1. NaveenNaveen07-15-2017

    Is there any other forum where I can join since I am not a graduate from Oxford? Neither am I a British national. I guess that is what those folks at team bhp want. I finally got through the registration process and they banned me for poor language!! They said that there were too many spelling mistakes and banned without any prior warning as well. I just want to join a forum where I can post without having a nervous breakdown and discuss cars and not improve the quality of my language. I have a doubt though, is team bhp run by petrol heads or English teachers?

  2. praneshpranesh02-14-2017

    team bhp is the best example of foolish mods. try to register there only if you want to feel humiliated by those morons.

    and by the way. there are other excellent and very humble websites which can help you with your automobile queries very well.

    so there is no point in wasting time at that arrogant community.

  3. rakerake12-28-2016

    do any of you care about these suckers who are somehow a little rich to buy cars, they are just car drivers who started writing review because they happen to know english and have enough time to kill. I am seriously planning to start a portal and an ad campaign with a $10ml budget to take away their share from market. These people seriously suc* and deserve to be told they are arseH****. Look at their bloody stickers you know what their aukaat is. I wonder how so many people get fooled to buy their stickers and pay for advertising THEIR site. 😀 i have one message for them: Grow up jokers and stop milking the internet for ad revenue. and i will get back to you, prepare to get poor

  4. RhythemRhythem02-01-2016

    I have come across many automobile communities, but this new forum caught my eye- I was surfing the web and came across this new automobile community- the Zigwheels forum. It is off to a great start and these guys have a simpler registration process (you can join using facebook too). Content is pretty good- you can ask your queries, participate in various discussions and live blogs of all new car and bike launches. Here is the link

  5. sunilsunil12-23-2015

    This is intolerable that they reject new joinnees, though I attempted writing lot of essays ..ufff..
    There will be equal competitive forums will araise..wait and watch.

  6. Rushab ParekhRushab Parekh10-02-2015

    Team BHP you get free travel and hotel stay for reviews at the least use a good camera for reviews?

    Look at this review of the Audi A6 matirx shit quality photographs. Shame on you for reviewing a luxury car you have used a compact camera.

  7. smiliesmilie09-20-2015

    after dozens of reject i told wrote and them to fuck themselves

  8. Veeresh MalikVeeresh Malik08-03-2015

    Who owns Team-Bhp? Surprisingly, here’s some info, all in the public domain. Their website is American, the Directors of the two companies that run the company have other business interests linked with mainstream media, and there is much more.

  9. jai saijai sai07-27-2015

    Hi Vijay,

    I do not understand their obsession with english language. they will add infraction if they belive that you have not written in “oxford language”. More over your post will disappear and you will get banned if you ask any questions. This Baic reeks of blatant descrimination towards majority of indian’s for who english is not a native language .

    They could and should be taking to task ( in indian mumabi court) for such descrimination.

  10. JJ12-19-2014

    I would like to add … there are lot of automobile website just like Team-BHP but look at the content quality and the number of XYZ members fighting over X brand over Y brand …. I really think it’s important to scan membership before they could allow them to post

    .. BTW I am one of the rejected membership guy 🙂

  11. sayyedsayyed08-23-2014

    Dear fellows there,
    Why can’t we start our own portal like bhpian’s
    as the same which was done by (brian acton) the founder of whats’app as 5years back he got rejected in an interview by facebook & now he gave tough competition by building up whats’app & the same facebook went to brian to purchase the whats’app for saving the facebook……….

  12. PriyaPriya07-16-2014

    I have faced the same issue with Team BHP. I applied two times and both times got rejected. Both times I had carefully filled up the “application”. I feel applying to IIT/IIM will be easier than getting a membership to Team BHP. They do not realize that they are losing out on valuable insights by members who are rejected.

    I have stopped going through their website due to these discrimanatory tactics.

  13. ramram06-09-2014

    some one has blogged with regard to msgs exchanged btwn him and a mod . The mods seem so dumb . you can search for team-bhp hipocrisy

  14. GTGT06-05-2014

    In my case, I got a rejection from them in a few days time. Reason is same as everyone else: my answers were not good enough. No problem. I will go elsewhere.

  15. Santhosh KrishnaSanthosh Krishna05-07-2014

    Ya Team BHP is really arrogant and their registration policy really S***S
    I am not going to refer to the site any more and also going to ask my friends to not to use this stupid site. Anyway there are many alternatives

  16. JagdishJagdish04-01-2014

    Why do you need a stupid website like team bhp to prove you are a true car enthusiast or a baldie from MTV to say you are a roadie or not. Let the world talk about your adventure and not the other way round you telling the world on some webiste.

    • Santhosh KrishnaSanthosh Krishna05-07-2014

      I second you

  17. Naman GoyalNaman Goyal03-21-2014

    The same thing has happened with me on Team Bhp.
    Its been over a year since i have applied for a membership. I am able to log in but unable to post queries and reply’s.
    I keep getting the below msg

    Team-BHP Message
    You do not have permission to access this page. This could be due to the following reason:

    “Your user account may not have sufficient privileges to access this page.
    Please refer to the Announcements section of this forum where different membership levels are explained in detail.”

    And since my email id is saved i cant even reapply.

    So clearly there have been no amends on Team Bhp. Their claims are incorrect as per me.

    I think you should update the current scenario on your blog.

  18. VeenaayVeenaay02-28-2014

    Yes, same happen with me. I registered 3-4 times and every time I get rejected. I filled up form very seriously each time still it get rejected. At that point I wanted to ask some questions which were urgent for me regarding my New Swift but not able to ask becuase of such ‘SARKARI’ rude behaviour of Team BHP.

    THinking to start own site similar to team bhp which is more open source 😉

  19. AnonyAnony01-22-2014

    Must have tried joining 5,6 times finally just found an essay on why to join a prestigious university simply edited the name to t bhp and i got the membership!. Most of the comments are correct mods seem to overreact to spelling mistakes, paid reviews?
    Maybe its the pseudo elitist essay moderation that gives the site its importance. After all there is no reason why they should let anybody in!

  20. Pritam KapoorPritam Kapoor01-14-2014

    If one has to become a Team BHP-ian, one has to be well acquainted with creative writing in the English language. Posts have to be imaginative and must make for interesting reading. Love of travel and knowledge about vehicles are unimportant. Motorcycles are relegated to a corner as maybe they are half of cars. Once I realized that after doing more than 30000 kms throughout India, I had to sit through an essay competition, I took an about turn and joined BCM Touring, which is really about people who love to travel in vehicles. Period. Never ever do I even read BHP stuff. Snobbery does not become travellers, you see.

  21. babitababita08-19-2013

    Gearheads is better and more informative and unbaised reviews unlike toon bhp with baised and paid revies.

  22. sureshsuresh06-14-2013

    really what ever our gyus is said true…i got rejected 4 times…then i dropped my plan..using my friend ID 🙂 , i dont knw what they have in their mind…if we know everything about automobles…why i should i join in that site…then can put a flag saying: it is only for the owners and experience people who has knowledge about that…

    i hope that TEAM-BHP people can see all of our feelings…

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