Jet Airways International Flights: Amazing Experience

Recently, I travelled to London on a business trip. My company booked the ticket on Jet Airways as it was considerably cheaper than the other option, Lufthansa.

At that time, I was slightly disappointed as I didn’t want to travel by an Indian carrier even on an international flight! But when I finally travelled by it, the experience was nothing short of fantastic!!

The main difference is that Jet Airways has Jet Airways has purchased brand new Boeing 777 aircraft for its international routes. These planes are incredibly spacious and very comfortable, and look really swanky and state-of-the-art! The first-class and business-class sections especially have been redesigned and the new cabins/seats are just amazing! It’s a whole new world of comforts.

Jet Airways Boeing 777

Some points:

– As mentioned, seats are incredibly spacious and comfortable, even in the economy section. The seats are very good and there is a foot-rest below the front seat so that you can tuck your feet there. You can pretty much straighten your feet while sleeping, which was not possible in earlier planes. This really reduces the strain of a long-distance trip.

– In addition to blankets, they also provide sleeping eye masks and toothbrush and toothpaste, which is quite useful.

– In-flight entertainment system too is brand new and easy to use (touch screen). Choice of programmes and movies was excellent. As usual, they provide headphones.

– Food was good, though it could be improved. Also, they ran out of non-veg meals on the return trip, which disappointed some passengers. Choice of wines and beverages is quite good.

– Crew was helpful and well-mannered. Same goes for ground staff.

– Finally, the best part is that for flying on the international route, they credited my JetPrivilege frequent flyer account with over 10,000 JP miles, which are enough for me to fly 2-3 domestic flights free (not including Govt. taxes). This is amazing, considering that Jet Airways’ prices are anyways far cheaper than other international airlines’ fares.

I would not recommend any other airline for the present now. I had travelled by Emirates on my previous visit to London. That was good too, but this is simply amazing.

So if you’re travelling abroad, I suggest you check whether Jet Airways flies to that destination.


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    jetaiways always provide pleasant journey

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