Does Ban on Adult TV Programming Make Sense Any Longer?

I was reading some articles on MouthShut on whether banning adult programmes on TV is justified. Well, I thought why not write a blog on it?

In my view, banning adult programmes completely on TV is utterly ridiculous! In fact, banning most things are ridiculous, because bans rarely work.


But more importantly, this discrimination towards adult programming is linked to the larger discomfort with sex in Indian society. We see sex as bad. Ergo, sex education is bad, because it would be like introducing an angel to the devil!

And due to this lack of any sex education (either in school or from parents), there are various problems that result. I will attempt to cover some of them:

– Child sex abuse is the No. 1 consequence. In fact, over 50% of Indian children have been abused, as per a recent Women & Child Development Ministry (Govt. of India) survey. This is because parents feel embarassed to educate children about these things. As a result, children don’t know how to react when they are subjected to abuse.

– Due to discomfort with discussing sex, people don’t enjoy their sex lives as much because they don’t know certain things, and never think of asking or taking counselling. More importantly, men can be insensitive to the opposite sex due to ignorance. Sex can be so much more enjoyable when both parties are comfortable with sex, comfortable with their bodies and are open to trying different ways to get pleasure.

– All the negative mindsets about sex and related issues results in sexual frustration in young minds. Teenagers and adolescents have natural sexual urges while growing up, but they don’t know how to handle those urges. Over a period of time, this builds up to a unnatural and perverse level.

– Another problem in Indian society is the gender segregation that naturally tends to happen. It’s an unspoken rule in Indian society that women hang around with women and men with men, especially in their formative years. Once people move away from the watchful eyes of parents, relatives, etc. then it tends to reduce. But during the teenage and adolescent years, this can cause frustration, especially in boys. Every boy wants company of the opposite sex. It’s only natural. But due to our social norms, most men have no clue at all as to how to even approach and talk to a girl. Again, frustration results.

Most suppress it. Some take to eve teasing to channel out this frustration. A few go further and resort to molestation or even rape. Just travel in Indian buses or local trains or just stand on the roadside as a woman, and you’ll see what I mean. You will never experience this in a developed foreign country. That’s when you realise most Indians are lousy dogs!

– I would even go so far as to say that we are a patriarchal society as a result of gender segregation. During the formative years, it is important for boys and girls to mingle, so each can understand the other’s way of thinking. This can help later on in relationships too. Most importantly, it helps men to be sensitive to women. Otherwise, like in today’s Indian society, men take the decisions without really factoring in the opposite sex’s considerations.

– Everyone knows everything that happens in the west happens here too. It’s just that there it happens in the open. Here, due to our double-standards, people have to show that they are “Ganga jaise pavitra” but in reality are quite something else!

We say sex is bad, despite being the land of the Kama Sutra! But still, we have the largest population in the world! Well done, India! Keep up the double standards!

The worst part is that this status quo (especially the stupid ban on adult content on TV) is largely due to inhibitions of our politicians, many of whom have grown old but are yet to grow up! Perhaps the next generation will be more mature, sensible and sensitive to this issue.


P. S. The “Ganga jaise pavitra” bit was inspired from the Fake IPL Player blog. Man, he’s hilarious!! Will write a blog on him too.


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