Jaago Re! Voter Enumeration Drive in Cisco

Jaago Re! has teamed up with Cisco and launched a voter registration drive in the Cisco campus in Bangalore. All Cisco employees have received emails requesting them to verify that they are enrolled in the voter lists and that they have a Electoral Photo Identity Card (EPIC), also known as a Voter ID Card.

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To make this really simple, they have put up the forms on their website. All the below cases are taken care of by them:

  1. Change of address of voter from one city to another (Form 6 – inclusion of name in voter list of new location)
  2. Change of address of voter within the same city, but different Assembly Constituency (AC) (Form 6)
  3. Change of address of voter within the same AC (Form 8A – transposition of name in the same voter list)
  4. Applying for Voter ID card simultaneously while applying for inclusion of name in voter list (Form 001A)
  5. Applying for Voter ID card if you don’t have it, but your name is already present in the voter list (Form 001C)

All we have to do is go to their website and sign up, click on ‘Register to vote’ link at the top, fill up the questionnaire and click on ‘Generate form’ at the bottom. The site will generate the appropriate form based on your selection (Form 6, Form 8A, etc.) and mail it to you.

Alternatively, one can also go directly to the ‘Downloads‘ section of the website without signing up, download the appropriate forms from there and fill them up manually.

Either way (online or offline), we have fill up the appropriate forms, attach the relevant documents (copies of identity proof and address proof) and deposit them in the drop boxes in our office. The Jaago Re! volunteers will then ensure that these forms are delivered to the appropriate Electoral Registration Officer (ERO) in Bangalore.

Even for others reading this article and who aren’t employees of Cisco, you can follow the same procedure to download and fill up the appropriate form and then go to the ERO office for your area and submit it. Ideally you must do this when the voter registration drive is going on in your area. You will get the dates for the registration drive from advertisements published by the Election Commission in the newspapers, or you can visit your State Election Commission’s website for details (e.g. http://www.ceokarnataka.kar.nic.in/ for Karnataka).

NOTE: You can also get the above forms directly from the Election Commission’s website (click here).


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