Hyundai Getz: The Beauty And The Beast!

I purchased a silver Hyundai Getz GLS 1.3 from Trident Hyundai in Bangalore in October, 2008. Before selecting this model, I test drove the Hyundai i-10 Sportz and checked out the Tata Indica Vista, Fiat Palio Stile 1.1 and Chevrolet Aveo U-va. Maruti Swift was not considered since it’s become too common for my liking.

Hyundai Getz GLS 1.3

Tata Indica was ruled out because it always reminds me of a taxi. I don’t want to feel like I’m driving a cab. Though the new Vista version has made some commendable changes, the rear still looks the same! Fiat Palio is a very good vehicle as such but there are a couple of issues, the most important being the quality of after-sales service in India. I’ve heard numerous horror stories on that front! Also, the front and rear exterior section has been redesigned but only for the diesel (Multijet) model. The petrol still has the old grille, headlights and tail lights. From the side, the car still has that old Fiat Uno-ish look. Also, the 1.1 engine is clearly not enough for this car, considering its size and weight.

As for the Aveo U-va, Chevrolet just has one showroom in Bangalore, and that too is far from my house! So I can imagine how much trouble I will have to undergo for servicing or repairs! Surprising, considering that Bangalore has the largest vehicular population in India.

Hyundai i-10 is an excellent car in every way, but just two things discouraged me from buying it. One is that it’s quite overpriced for its segment since it’s a new car and has dynamic looks. Another is the dashboard. It’s not flat but slanted, which means one can’t keep things on it. And its color is beige, which means that in bright sunlight, the reflection is seen on the windscreen and can be disconcerting.

So this meant that the only good choice was the Hyundai Getz! I first thought of going with the 1.1 litre version. But at the last minute, I decided to go with the 1.3 version since it had body colored ORVMs, door handles and also a rear wiper and defogger, apart from the more powerful engine, for about Rs. 35,000 extra.

Following is my review of the features of the car:

– Great looks! I just love the looks of this car. It’s a very well-designed exterior overall. I just wish they had a better choice of colors.

– Amazingly spacious interior. This is the thing that strikes you most about the Getz. Sitting in it, you don’t feel like you’re in a B segment car. The feel is more like that of a sedan! Even the Maruti Swift doesn’t have so much space inside, though it’s about the same size on the outside.

– Great boot space. This is a major benefit. Also, you can double bend the rear seat to get an amazing amount of luggage space at the back! We transported my wife’s computer together with the table to our house this way! With another car, we would have had to hire a tempo for this.

– 60:40 folding rear seats are also a useful addition.

– Good utilitarian dashboard. This car has a very practically designed dashboard, with a big glove compartment and another storage shelf under the steering wheel. Also, the surface of the dashboard is flat and smooth, which means there’s ample space to put all those keys, mobile phones, books, maps, tissue box, etc. on it while travelling.

– Useful storage compartments on side doors as well as between front seats. We can keep small and big water bottles as well as cola cans in the cup/bottle holders between the front seats.

– Magazine pouches behind front seats. The people sitting in the rear seat can keep magazines, newspapers, etc. here.

– Internally adjustable ORVMs are useful, though the new Hyundai i-20 has electrically operated ORVMs which are better.

– Decently powerful AC. Usually we don’t need to keep the blower setting higher than 2 as that is enough to provide good cooling. Never tried the heater yet!

– Engine is very smooth and silent. Sometimes one doesn’t even realise that it’s on! And the power is very good (83 BHP). I’m happy that I went for the 1.3 engine instead of the 1.1 one. That surely would have been a bit underpowered. This one too sometimes feels slightly underpowered when accelerating when the AC is on.

– Mileage is good, though not great. My Getz gives me a mileage of about 12.5-13 kmpl, which is decent for a 1.3 litre engine. I’m keen to see what mileage the i-20 gives.

– Glove compartment and boot are illuminated, which is extremely useful when driving at night.

– Gearbox is extremely smooth. Many of my friends driving other cars find this amazing! The Hyundai Getz and i-10 gearbox is very refined.

– Two-tone interior looks good, and the beige and grey shades contrast with each other very well. But the wooden finish of the centre console on the dashboard can be off-putting to some.

– Power steering is very balanced and responsive, and makes driving very relaxing.

– Power windows are standard in 1.3 litre models and the driver has a one-touch window down button.

– Great service network. From servicing point of view, Hyundai’s network is second-best only to Maruti. Also, they have a pick-and-drop facility, where they pick your car from your house in the morning and return it there after servicing for Rs. 100. I think that’s very handy.

That apart, Hyundai has a 24-hour anywhere road side assistance helpline (1800-102-4645) which you can call if you find yourself stranded anywhere in India.

Hope this helps!



  1. DarshanaDarshana11-09-2010

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  2. AmitAmit05-29-2010

    Hi read your review, my experience is even better, I have 2004 Getz GLS and it gives me average of 13. It has great manoeverability and is adorable… I would rather never sell it… 🙂

    Great thing u went for 1.3 as 1.1 is underpowered.

    Meet another fan of Getz in me…

    happy riding…

  3. Vijay PadiyarVijay Padiyar09-24-2009

    To: nevesagar
    Hi Sagar

    Wow that’s a lot of questions!

    1. I only told you what I read in Times of India about Getz being discontinued. This is the article:

    2. Of course Hyundai has to (and will) provide spares, service, support, etc. for Getz for at least next 8-10 years. That is not something we need to worry about. The only issue is that when a car is discontinued, its resale value goes down. If you are not worried about that, then go ahead and buy it!

    3. Getz engine is perfectly fine, but an older generation engine, around 4-6 years old. Current generation engines deliver more power with better mileage, and have less pollution (Bharat IV). So naturally they are better. Hyundai has newer engines in i10/i20 (Kappa engine) and Maruti in Ritz and A-star (K-series engine). Tata also has the new Safire (petrol) and Multijet (diesel) engines in Indica Vista.

    4. I don’t know about whether only 1.3 or both 1.3/1.1 will be discontinued. Even when I was buying it last year, the same concern was there. But still I opted for Getz.

    5. Even within 4L, you can check out other cars also, such as new Zen Estilo, new Santro, etc. Tata Indigo CS is also a good car, as it’s a compact sedan under 4L.

    6,7,8. Fair enough..

    9. Yup!

    10. I do feel that Getz 1.1 may be underpowered. Sometimes with AC on, I feel that even 1.3 is slightly underpowered. But without AC on it’s really cool. But after 1 year, I somehow feel that the engine has become more rugged. It doesn’t feel underpowered now even with AC on.

    11. I get around 12-13 kmpl in Bangalore (worst traffic in India). On highway I got around 15-16 kmpl.

    12. Two reasons why I didn’t go for U-va: (a) Only one dealer in Bangalore (therefore monopoly and poorer service), and (b) I didn’t like the interiors much, though exterior looks cool.




    From: nevesagar
    Hi Vijay,

    Thanks a lot for the prompt reply.
    Kindly share your inputs, for following thoughts!

    1. As per me,(when i googled about it) Getz is going to be discontinued from 2011.
    2. Even if they discontinue the Getz, as per norms, the company needs to support for spares and all, for atleast 7 years. Kindly confirm if you have any insite about this.
    3. Getz comes with Santro engine. So, considering that there are huge number of Santros and large number of Getz present on the road, I feel that, there would not be much of the problems with engine, spares and all.
    4. I have been to one showroom for a test-drive, and I poped up the concern of discontinuing the Getz. I have been told that, 1.1 is not going to get discontinued, as they do not have launched the counterpart in i20. 1.3 and on-wards is going to get dis-continued, as they have their counterparts in i20. Can you do me a favour confirming the same from your show-room or dealer.
    5. For me, 4L is the limit, and I cant offered to have a car above that. So, I feel that considering this limit 1.1 is best choice.
    6. Jazz, i20 are costlier cars. Cant really offered it.
    7. Ritz, is good but I did not like the shape.
    8. A-star looks small to me, in height-wise and width-wise.
    9. I am exactly, in-line with your comments of “other factors”. Getz looks really impressive, in terms of boot-space (290), rear-folding-seats and steering adjustments in base-model, inside space, gear-shift-smoothness, good AC etc.
    10. Though, forums talks about 1.1 being under power, I did not feel so.
    11. Whats the mileage you get with your 1.3 ?
    12. Any thoughts on U-VA?


  4. Ashwin Vellore NagarajAshwin Vellore Nagaraj06-05-2009

    Hii Vijay,
    I am planning to buy getz crdi…since the price has been reduced now….what do u suggest…getz crdi or swift vdi.

    • Vijay PadiyarVijay Padiyar06-05-2009

      Hi Ashwin

      Well, I don’t have much idea about the performance of the diesel version. I have the petrol version of Getz. Suggest you to try searching for reviews on forums like,,, etc.

      But from whatever I’ve heard, the Swift VDI seems to be an excellent vehicle absolutely worth the money. And of course, Maruti is leagues ahead of others in terms of after-sales service and resale value.

      Hope that helps!



  5. SajeevSajeev04-01-2009

    Hi Vijay,

    I am looking to pick up the Getz, similar model to yours. I have heard terrible reviews about the mileage especially in City limits. Can you please comment.


    • Vijay PadiyarVijay Padiyar04-01-2009

      Hi Sajeev

      You haven’t provided your email ID, so posting my reply here.

      My Getz 1.3 car gives me a mileage of about 12 kmpl. This is after the first service, and with 50-60% time AC on. Don’t know if it can get much better from here.

      Overall pickup is good but not outstanding. With AC on, there is a visible drop in pickup. But overall driving is smooth, though I’ve heard Swift is better.

      I would suggest don’t go blindly with Getz, go take a look at other cars like Swift (if space is not a concern) or Aveo U-va (if you’re willing to compromise a tad bit on after-sales service). Palio Multijet (diesel) again is a good car but service and spares is a concern.



  6. Vijay AnandVijay Anand03-18-2009

    Good review. I am also planning to buy Getz GLs in April 2nd week..

    One correction…Not Bangalore but Delhi has largest Vehicular poulation in India. More than combine of Cacutta, Mumbai and chennai.

    Drive safe.

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