Cisco: A Great Place to Work!

I have been working for Cisco Systems in India as a software programmer from the past three years. This company has so many good things about it that one could easily stay in it for ten years or so. Once you join Cisco, almost everything is taken care of so you can concentrate fully on your work.

Cisco Bangalore gym

Cisco Bangalore cafeteria

Cisco Bangalore campus

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I will try to list some of the benefits of working for Cisco.

Financial benefits:

– Great salary and a good bonus that varies from 5-10% of the basic pay depending on your and the company’s performance.

– Good incentives and recognition for contribution, especially in solving customer issues. The Cisco Achievement Program (CAP) award is a monetary award given for good performance in your domain of work.

– If you refer someone for a position and he/she gets selected, you get a princely sum of USD 1500 for referring them.

– Home broadband charges are reimbursed by the company, thus enabling employees to work from home whenever necessary and achieve a better work-life balance.

– Sodexo food coupons are provided to reduce the tax burden. We pay for food in the office and also for groceries, etc. outside using these coupons.

– Cisco’s healthcare program covers you, your spouse and two parents for a major amount, which covers the cost of several expensive surgeries or treatments a year.

– PF is managed by Cisco’s own trust, which makes it easier to get a settlement when you leave.

– Cisco gives an American Express corporate card that you are supposed to use for all business expenses, in India or abroad. So there’s no need for you to pay from your pocket.

– Good offers and preferential schemes from various banks and institutions come naturally when you work for a USD 40 billion company!

Work benefits:

– Cisco is practically into every domain related to networking (routers/modems, wired/wireless, IP phones, TelePresence, security and firewall gateways, and so on). So if you feel like changing your line of work, you can move to another Business Unit within Cisco that works on different products, instead of having to change the company.

– Every employee gets a laptop and is not tied to the office for work. They can work from anywhere, office or home. Even within the office, they can sit anywhere and work, even from the cafeteria!

– Work from home concept as a means of achieving a good work-life balance. Everything that you can do sitting in office, you can do from home as well. So that provides a great deal of flexibility to employees.

– Number of technologies to choose from. Cisco is the market leader in various networking domains, so there’s no better place to learn and work on various technologies than Cisco.

– No one keeps a tab on when you come and go, how many hours you spend at office, etc. You choose your time and style of work, and as long as you deliver the goods, no questions are asked! This is so much better than some Indian software service companies that ask employees to wear uniforms and treat them as kids by keeping tabs on work hours!

– Some of the best and most intelligent persons and legends of the industry work for Cisco, so there are endless opportunities as an individual to learn.

Personal benefits:

– Timesol concierge in Cisco takes care of all you personal chores, be it depositing cheques or paying bills, applying for a PAN card or passport or driving license, booking movie tickets or train tickets, buying firecrackers, sending a letter via courier, etc. Everything can be done via Timesol, so you don’t need to run around outside for these personal chores.

– World-class gym and health club within the campus, and free for employees

– Basketball, volleyball and tennis courts and cricket ground are present in the campus. Health club has an indoor sports section where carrom, chess, billiards, foosball, table tennis, etc. can be played.

– Great cafeteria with a splendid choice of cuisine. North Indian and South Indian food, chats, fast food, cakes and pastries, English and Indian breakfast, etc. are available. There is also a Cafe Coffee Day present in the campus.

– ATM is available in the campus. Also, representatives from HDFC Bank and HSBC Bank (Cisco has salary accounts with these) visit the campus every week, so employees can get their work done there.

– Dedicated Apollo Health Clinic and ambulance within the campus. Various medical programs and events are conducted from time to time.

– Various dignitaries visit the campus from time to time, which is good for the employees. For example, former President Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam, Karnataka CM B S Yediyurappa, Cisco CEO John Chambers, Wipro CEO Azim Premji, CNBC-TV18 correspondent Shereen Bhan, and a few others.

– Cisco Toolapalooza is an annual technology event where lots of IT and technology companies participate.

And last but not the least, there’s always the pride that comes from working for a world renowned and globally known MNC like Cisco.



  1. AshokAshok01-19-2017

    Vijay, it seems that you are working in Juniper Networks. Which do you feel is better Cisco or Juniper for a software developer?

    • Vijay PadiyarVijay Padiyar01-19-2017

      That’s a very subjective question and I would not like to answer it! Different people will have their own opinions.

  2. GouthamGoutham07-01-2014

    Referral bonus now is 35k and not 90[1500 dollars as u mentioned].
    cisco is like most other places and with so much of middle management who literally do nothing and has now become a slow moving giant not catching up with the pace of industry
    while many start ups do cool things and companies like amazon, google, Microsoft so much into cloud. Cisco is no where close to that. They respond to competition by laying off people and cisco share is 25 dollars for approximately 9 years now with absolutely no increase

  3. GouthamGoutham07-01-2014

    Cisco don’t pay so well. Cap awards are very rare.
    very frequent reorganizations and people live continuously in the threat of firing

  4. ParthiParthi11-30-2013

    People perception will change time to time.. Mr Vijay Padiyar is no more in cisco 🙂 any reason to leave the great place to work.

  5. ManjunathManjunath05-31-2013

    Hi Vijay,

    It would be great if you could share the employee band/grade structure at Cisco.

    Thanks & Regards

  6. ManishaManisha05-15-2013

    Hello Vijay,

    thank you for the information! is there a way I can find out what grade one is eligible for based on work experience and relevant qualification for a role in finance?

    • Vijay PadiyarVijay Padiyar05-15-2013

      No, you would have to discuss with the Hiring Manager or someone who is already working in your team of choice.

  7. NayanaNayana11-08-2012

    Went through your experience with Cisco.
    Can you please tell what is the technology they use for development.
    There is an off campus drive in Chennai for Freshers, what is the package they offer to freshers? Is there any bond with the company?
    Please help me know these concerns.
    Thanks in anticipation.

  8. SudheendharSudheendhar11-22-2009

    Hello Vijay,

    I haven’t seen anyone doing this – and this indeed speaks for itself about how good CISCO is!

    I have also heard from many that CISCO is a wonderful place to work in. But, I find it hard switching domains in India, atleast for the nature of business units operating in India. I mean, though you have a thorough understanding of the fundamentals, the companies are rather interested in knowing how well can a person get a job done rather than getting to know if the person is capable enough to handle the job. More precisely put, companies looking for embedded engineers most of the time(as I have experienced it) only interview in C rather than embedded concepts/technicalities behind handling a project.

    That way, how does CISCO go about recruiting people? What are the chances that a core embedded software developer for cars has, to get into CISCO?

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