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BizzHost Web Hosting Service is Good

BizzHost hosting

I have been hosting my website with for the past three years. It is great for me and gives me everything I need at a very cheap price. This is my review of BizzHost’s web hosting service.

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India is Crying Desperately for Reforms!

Indian democracy is based upon corruption

Everyone knows that drastic reforms are needed in pretty much every sector in India. But any debate on the same tends to get carried away in several directions, primarily because different people have different opinions on what reforms are more urgent and more important. So I thought, let me post a list of the core issues that, if addressed, will in my view have the most significant impact and automatically address the other issues as well, such as corruption, red-tapism, mobocracy, etc. at least partially.

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Simple Tips to Secure Your Wi-Fi Network

Linksys admin console

Recent events, like the arrest of an American national in Mumbai whose Wi-fi network was misused by terrorists, have shown what issues can arise if this is neglected. Not only this, a hacker can easily tap your usernames and passwords whenever you login to any sites over an unsecured wireless network. Here I discuss the ways of securing personal Wi-fi networks to prevent their unauthorised use by outsiders.

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eBay is Expensive For Casual Sellers

eBay logo

I have twice sold items on eBay. Items that I used and no longer needed. On one occasion I sold my desktop PC after I bought a laptop, and on another occasion I sold my Nokia 1100 phone after I upgraded to a Sony Ericsson k750i. On both occasions, eBay charged a hefty sum as charges for selling my items through eBay.

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Eureka Forbes: A Good Product But Poor Customer Service

Eureka Forbes Aquaflo

I figured out the hard way that there is a difference between Aquaflo and Aquaguard water purifiers. Aquaflo is a Forbes model, whereas Aquaguard and other brands are Eureka Forbes models. And this factor can cause a big problem with service and support, even though the design of the two is quite similar!

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