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Airtel Digital TV: Channel Change Time Too Long

Airtel Digital TV STB

There’s a very basic problem with Airtel Digital TV. I went for a demo and found that it takes about 2-3 seconds for the channel to change, ompared to Tata Sky where the channel changes in under 1 second, just as it would on a regular TV with good old cable.

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How to Get a Ration Card in Bangalore

Karnataka Food & Civil Supplies Dept. website

A lot of people are keen to know the procedure to obtain a Ration Card in Bangalore. I have listed the procedure here for everyone’s benefit. The procedure is simple but can be a little time consuming depending on the specific office where you apply.

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Debit vs. Credit Cards: Which is Better?

HSBC credit card

There are numerous reasons why debit cards are better than credit cards, but there are also some exceptions. Knowing the benefits and drawbacks of credit and debit cards can help you make an informed choice of what is better for you.

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Seinfeld: A Show About Everything, Actually!

Seinfeld poster

When it originally aired on NBC, Seinfeld was publicised as “a show about nothing.” But in reality, it is a show that has given us so much to think about, laugh about and enjoy. I have been watching this serial right from the time I was in college.

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Use Credit Cards Wisely and Reap the Benefits

Credit card offers

A credit card, like any other financial instrument, can be a very handy tool provided it is used wisely and all the terms and conditions are understood before taking it. A credit card basically allows you to purchase or pay for things on a “short-term interest-free credit”. Normally, you would pay for any item that you buy or any bills …

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