Ran Into Mugdha Godse in Goa!

We had the privilege of running into Mugdha Godse in Goa during our year-end trip there! It was pretty funny, actually. We were in Goa from December 31, 2008 to January 3, 2009, and this happened on the night of January 2.

My wife was inside a medical store near Calangute beach in Goa buying some medicine for me. I was sitting outside on our rented bike and waiting for her. That was when Mugdha Godse passed by. I was looking at her when she was approaching the shop actually, but I didn’t notice her face properly because it was a bit dark, and because she had a smoking hot body! Also, who would’ve expected that a celebrity would just pass by you in a crowded public place!

Then she too went into the same medical store. She was with a female friend and I think two guys. That was when my wife noticed her and her facial expression changed suddenly. She was stunned too. I noticed that and looked at who she was looking at, and only then realised who it was!

My wife told her that I’ve become a huge fan of hers after her debut movie Fashion. By that time, I came inside and shook hands with her and told her the same thing. She said “thanks.” I also told her she looked stunning in Fashion. She again thanked me and said probably she’s not looking the same right now (she was without any make up). I said, “trust me, you don’t need any make up! You look just as great anyway.” She felt very happy with that statement and said “that’s very nice of you!”

She said she loves being in Goa. I agreed and said “yeah, who wouldn’t love this place! It’s great!” Then we asked her if we could take a picture with her. She agreed. Then we took the picture (see below), thanked her and left.

Picture with Mugdha Godse

I found her very good-hearted and down to Earth, just like her character Janet Sequiera in Fashion. We wish her all the best for her personal life as well as career!


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  1. AmbarishAmbarish03-04-2009

    Lucky Guy..I should say

    I am Jealous of u..
    hehe dude..Just joking..


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