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Bangalore Symbolises All That’s Wrong With India

Chaotic traffic in Bangalore

Bangalore today symbolises everything that’s wrong with India. Be it corruption in Governmental agencies, shoddy public infrastructure and transportation, moral policing, poor civic sense, bad driving habits, and so on, Bangalore is emerging as a showcase of what India could have been but sadly isn’t. More than anything else, it only shows what happens when rapid growth is based on an essentially weak foundation, and when economic and social development touches one section of society while neglecting several other sections.

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Stop Criticizing Slumdog Millionaire and Fix our Problems Instead

Slumdog Millionaire poster

All this talk about Slumdog Millionaire and some other western films making money by selling Indian poverty is just a bunch of nonsense! I can’t understand the criticism about why western movies keep showcasing India’s dark and unpleasant underbelly. I mean, isn’t it common sense? People are always going to be attracted to things that they don’t see or experience in their day to day lives.

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Ran Into Mugdha Godse in Goa!

Picture with Mugdha Godse

We had the privilege of running into Mugdha Godse in Goa! It was pretty funny, actually. We were in Goa from December 31, 2008 to January 3, 2009, and this happened on the night of January 2.

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HSBC Credit Cards Review

HSBC credit card

UPDATE: I have cancelled my HSBC Visa Platinum credit card recently, because over the last two years they have been systematically getting more and more worse. None of the below mentioned advantages really apply to HSBC cards anymore. Read more in my update below dated January 6, 2011. I was recently upgraded to a lifetime free Visa Platinum credit card …

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Bajaj Allianz’s Poor Customer Support

Bajaj Allianz insurance form

Bajaj Allianz General Insurance’s customer service is an absolute joke! Their representatives are not at all aware of the IRDA rules and regulations, nor are they responsive to customers’ complaints. Whatever you do, please DO NOT buy, renew or transfer your motor insurance online through their website!

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