Airtel Broadband Review in Bangalore

In Bangalore, ask anyone which is the best broadband service and they will have only one answer: Airtel Broadband.

The reasons are not too difficult to understand. See a list of benefits and drawbacks below.


  • Fast activation: Activation takes only 2-3 days from the day you fill up the application form and make the payment. Very unlike BSNL!
  • Minimal downtime: Downtime is very minimal and they inform you in advance through SMS when they are going to take the network down for maintenance. Also, the maintenance windows are usually between 12 AM to 3 AM when most of us would be sleeping.
  • Excellent customer care: Customer care is very good and prompt at handling cases. I once raised a ticket on the Airtel website as my home network was constantly flapping after I shifted to a new residence. I got a phone call from the field engineer within an hour! In another half an hour he was at my house and traced the problem down to faulty DNS settings in my laptop.Even for other issues like change in bill plan, shifting the connection, etc. their response is quick and resolution is done within the promised time.
  • Consistently good speeds: With Airtel, you get what you’re promised. I’ve never had problems such as websites opening slowly, slow downloads and so on. The speed is fast (sometimes faster than your plan promises) and is consistent. Download speeds are incredible too.
  • Choice of wired or Wi-Fi modem: They give you a choice of wired modem or Wi-Fi modem (both Beetel ones). Again, you can choose whether you wish to purchase the modem outright or pay a monthly rental. I heard the rental for Wi-Fi modem was Rs. 99/- per month but with some plans it seems to be free. The normal wired modem is certainly free with all plans. For outright purchase, the Wi-Fi modem costs Rs. 1850/- as per their website.Of course, I finally went in for a Linksys WAG200G Wi-Fi modem because it has much more configuration and security options and its signal quality is far superior to that of Beetel’s modems (and also because I got it for cheap since I work for Cisco). Its setup program has built-in settings for Airtel and BSNL, so setting it up for my Airtel DSL connection was a cakewalk!
  • Full-featured website: Many things such as request for bill plan change, bill payments, checking usage, etc. can be done through your account via their website. You also have a Feedback option for support tickets you’ve raised, so you can complain if a ticket was closed without resolving the issue. They also call me up after a ticket is closed to verify that the issue has been satisfactorily resolved.
  • Landline facility: Being a DSL connection, you get an Airtel landline with the modem too. Most broadband tariff plans give you 1-2 hours of free local talktime, which is an added attraction. It has all the features of BSNL landlines such as Caller Line Identification (CLI), outgoing call locking (you can set a security code to lock/unlock outgoing calls by dialling 123-xxxx-xxxx where xxxx is a 4-digit numeric code, and then lock or unlock all outgoing calls by dialling 124-xxxx-4 or 124-xxxx-0 respectively), morning alarm, call waiting, call forwarding, etc.


I really can’t think of any serious downsides, but here are some:

  • No free CLI facility: The CLI facility should be free, as is the case with BSNL.
  • Internet usage: Slightly non-intuitive method of getting usage details for Internet (data transfer in MBs), unlike BSNL DataOne which is very transparent. To check the broadband usage for Airtel, you need to create an account on the Airtel website and get your landline number added there by submitting a form for the same at the nearest Airtel Relationship Center. Once that happens, you will see an entry each for your landline and broadband in your account. Now, go to the ‘Account Information’ section and click on the link for your broadband connection. Once inside, click on ‘View unbilled details’ link. This will show you the total data transfer details in terms of MBs and units (1 unit = 10 KB). You can modify the ‘from’ and ‘to’ dates to see the details over a period of time.
  • Limited coverage: Unlike BSNL, which has been around for ages, Airtel has started its service relatively recently, so there are still areas in Bangalore where they haven’t laid their cables yet. If you happen to be unlucky enough to be in such an area, you can try BSNL DataOne (takes ages to get a DSL connection) or worse, Tata Indicom, Reliance or Hathway.
  • Limited DSL ports: In every area, they have a limited number of ports (one port is needed for every broadband subscriber). If they have no free ports in your area, you can’t get a connection from them and you just have to wait for someone else to give up their connection, or for them to increase their ports there.

So get Airtel Broadband if you can and enjoy surfing!



  1. Ramesh SRamesh S07-30-2016

    Any reviews in July 2016. Now they give over phone the offer which will surprise you.
    Along with broadband connection they provide a landline and all local & std calls to any landline or mobile is free just for an additional Rs. 99 per month.
    They first check the speed in our area and then confirm it. For eg., in Fraser Town, they confirm minimum speed of 8 mbps to 16 mbps. After the broadband cap (FUP) of say 40 GB is crossed, the dedicated speed will be 512 kbps.

    If you already have a landline connection or a broadband connection, they will give additional 10 GB free if latest bill is produced.

    Looks very attractive. Has any one or Mr. Vijay Padyar able to confirm that it is a genuine offer and the performance of 512 kbps after exceeding the FUP limit is consistent?

  2. nirmalanirmala04-02-2016

    Air tel is very cheating Board Band connection they will that the rates are very low monthly rental 1,200 and then they cheat and raise the bill more 1,450 if we ask they will say tax it isa worst worst company and cre will talk to the customer very hopeless and they have not having any good manner and service is cheating

  3. kirankiran02-01-2016

    that was in 2011, now in 2016 Airtel is the best, compared to other providers, I am not paid for writing this. Honest statement.

  4. vijayvijay08-13-2015

    I too agree Airtel is worst
    For me they wasted my calls to customer care, executive, and airtel office more than 10 times a day. No use . no one is responsible.
    Customer care tells i will raise the complaint
    Executive tell today tomorrow today mantra
    Airtel office says today, tomorrow, today finally raise the complaint we dont know any thing?
    Worst of Worst Airtel Broadband in bangalore…………

  5. Rajesh KumarRajesh Kumar07-20-2014

    I don’t agree with this review. My experience with Airtel is not very good.

  6. Justin PJustin P06-26-2014

    I don’t have good experience with Airtel. My feedback is just avoid Airtel broadband.

  7. RamRam06-13-2014


    The narration clearly shows that your review of Airtel is not genuine!!!!!!! (I really cant think of any downsides!). lol!!!!!

    I have had Airtel broadband in the past; one word that decribes it – USELESS!!!!!!!!!!!

    Next time, try to be little subtle in your act.

    • Vijay PadiyarVijay Padiyar06-14-2014

      Wow sir you are so perceptive!

      • BSKBSK01-05-2018

        I was thinking of changing my BSNL BB to Airtel (their promised 40MBPS speed was quite attractive compared to BSNL’s 2MBPS). I scoured the internet for user opinions/reviews/perceptions (on quality of Airtel service, especially in BLR).

        I am quite surprised to see your (perhaps, one & only) positive experience at the hands of Airtel personnel. May be you are fortunate OR the other 99.999% are unfortunate. Everyone complained of 1) extremely poor response, 2) lies, 3) miscommunication (between their personnel), 4) routinely missed deadlines and going back on commitments 5) bribery and even 6) threats (of legal action if bills not paid, for those users that had already surrendered connections).

        Again, you look like a VERY lucky person.

        Anyway, I decided to stick to the Known Devil than trust the Unknown Angel.

  8. deepthideepthi08-23-2013

    For those of you planning to buy Airtel Broadband: DONT !!!
    Let me explain my experience with their customer service from the day I decided to buy Airtel Broadband connection.
    Friday(16 august) :I place a request for broadband connection throught their website.

    Saturday(17 august) : A customer executive visited me, and i purchased a postpaid plan worth 1400 per month after paying installation fees. When I requested to give the connection as fast as possible, the executive assured me he will give it to me on
    Sunday itself. (TBLR 668736 — my connection id)

    Sunday(18) : Nothing happened.

    Monday(19): Customer executive calls me when I am at my office, ” please come madam, Iam at your house, will give you connection now ” I come home. Person is not there. I wait for him for half an hour, then call him again. He doesnt pick up the call.

    Tuesday(20): I call customer care and explains my predicament, the executive assures me the issue will be resolved by EOD, “you will get connection by eod madam”.

    Wednesday(21) : the customer executive repeats the drama that happened on Monday AGAIN. Customer executive calls me when I am at my office, ” please come madam, Iam at your house, will give you connection now ” I come home. Person is not there. I wait for him for half an hour, then call him again. He doesnt pick up the call.
    Wednesday evening, I call customer care again, they tell me there is no record of the compalint I placed on Tuesday but madam we are placing a complaint now and you will get connection by eod tomorrow.

    Thursday(22): Nothing happened in the morning. I call customer care again, now they tell me there are some technical difficulties in the area where I am requesting connection so they cannot provide connection. Now, I stay in central bangalore Shantinagar, the person who was staying in my house previously was using an airtel broadband connection, the person who is staying next door is using an airtel broadband connection, pray tell me what was the technical issue for me alone ?? Besides if you can’t provide service in bangalore city, then better shut up your useless operation.
    Now I again, ask the customer care person to escalate the issue and that I would like to speak to senior manager. After endless waiting , finally my call is routed to an Aquisition manager, she checks up my profile and details, talks to the Area manager, and then tells me, “madam there were some technical difficulties, but they are RESOLVED now, so you will definitely get connection by EOD Today” . Again customer executive calls me and drama that happened on Monday and Wednesday repeats. he asks me to come home, I wait for him, he doesn’t come, when I call him back, he doesn’t respond. For God’s sake if you can’t give connection, can’t you at least pick up the phone and tell that !!!.
    I call the customer care again, they say about the technical difficulties again (which the aquisition manager had told me had been RESOLVED) and when I ask to speak with manager they tell me , they will arrange a call back at 9.20 am sharp next day morning.

    Friday(23): Surprise !! Surprise!! No call back received at 9.20 or even by 10.00 in the morning. But I fight my battles to the END. I call the customer care again, repeat the same thing that I have been telling for the last several days, they agree to arrange a call back within 2 hours. After some time, i get a call from a customer executive (not a manager), , “madam, did u place a cancellation request for the broadband”. BlaHHHHH…. I parrot what I said earlier again, she tells me she will arrange a call back soon from manager . I ask her to give me a reference no regarding this , she puts me on hold and then cuts the call. WOWW!!! After waiting for another 1 hour, I call the customer care again !! Painful repetition of my experiences over the last week, customer executive says she is routing the call to manager…again puts me on hold, then GUESS WHAT, SHE DISCONNECTS !!!! HEIGHT OF LOL.

    To airtel: I am posting the review here because I have no other choice. Your customer care executives and mangers do not care. First of all,I don’t want your broadband connection. This is the first product that I thought about buying from Airtel and the last product now. I will make sure to spread word about my experience to as many ears as I can and will narrate my experience to any prospective buyer of your products. Not that a single customer’s dissatisfaction is going to affect such a mighty brand as yours. But it doesn’t matter whether you offer 8 Mbps or 800 Mbps speed, if this is the callous way in which you treat customers, then soon people would be referring to airtel as “an operator that existed once upon a time”.
    Also a word of advice, DON’T MAKE ASSURANCES THAT YOU CAN’T KEEP..please tell this to your managers and executives. Also in my case ,if the issue was a genuine one (I don’t thnk it was… because there are airtel broadband connections left right and centre in the area where I stay), at least have the courtesy to let the customer know by way of a call, e-mail or even an sms, especially considering that the customer has repeatedly called & placed requests .

    Just to give authenticity to my review: these are the various reference nos that I was given during the last week: TBLR 668736, 37438164, 293161570, 200280888.
    Number of the executive I dealt with : 9008206442

  9. xyzxyz06-12-2012

    Dont know guys, how much you are getting paid for writing a positive review on airtl, but i had very very worst experience with airtl.
    I have taken a 256kbps plan for which i have to pay around 700/-, but they have changed the plan with any prior intimation to 2mbps plan and directly billed 1200/- permonth. nearly 500/- extra.
    When i asked why you guys changed the plan, they are saying I by myself raised a request for changing it to 2mbps. what the Fck. It is completely cheating and just waste of time argueing with the customer care guys.

    The service is very bad. It gets disconnected in every 15 days and for getting the connection back you have to call customer care, which is like reaching hell. And by any luck if you get connected and raise a complaint… it will take minimum 3 days for getting your connection back. No one responds untill the 3rd day. Even if you call customer care , they will say , your request is being processed. Fcking.

    My personal experience is.. since i got excess billed , or billed for the plan which i have not choosen, i closed the connection and dint pay the bill… When i raised a complaint for why the plan is changed, i dint get response from airtl for more than a month .. but the collections team… these are the most fcking people.,… started calling…. that too sending direct messages saying come and attend the court tomorrow…. without any prior intimations,.. even though it was just 2 months back i got disconnected and still the last payment date is still there.

    When i try to explain the situation to them.. like the complaint is raised and i will pay the bill once after receiving the response from them.. they dont listen.. they are all low class people. As a big brand… i have expected that airtl will be dealing in a professional way… but it is like a market language and like auto drivers… They will keep on calling you every day without listening to what you are saying …like def dogs…

    One of my friend paid 1500 for getting a new connection 8 months back and still he has not received either his connection or his money… FK.

    I closed the connection with an intension of getting the connection back after 6 to 8 months, becos of some personal reasons.. but after all these headakes and frustrations caused by airtl.. i will never get any airtl product. NEVER. I will make all my friends who are having airtl connection close them.

    Overall,… airtl is cheating their customers with unstable connections, low quality service, cheap attitude of getting customers money with the policies they made. and so so..

    Guys… local broadband providers like ACT, HATHWAY etc… are much more better than this. They listen to what you say, they respond in time., the connection is comparatively very stable. even if gets disconnected, it will be fixed in 3 to 4 hours.. and to a max of 1 day. More over they dont have policies like the complaint should be responded only after 3 days and bill for those 3 days on which you dint get connection … And it is very cheap when compared to Airtl.

    Note : airtl guys are sending people for cutting the broadband wires of other broadband providers. Heard like airtl is cheating people, becos it is bankrupted , but it is more than cheating.. very cheap attitude after being like a big brand

    Airtl – 2mbps – 1200/- – FUP download limit around 10 gb – WHICH IS NOT GOOD

    compared to airtl below local providers are giving better service.

    ACT – 1mbps – 673/- – download limit 20 gb
    ACT – 10mbps – 1000/- download limit nearly 3 times
    HATHWAY – almost same (a bit less price) as ACT.

    Guys this is my personal experience… decision is yours.

  10. Indhira ShekherIndhira Shekher06-05-2012

    Excellent review on Airtel broadband. The broadband installation was very fast in my case. It took only 8 hours. Customer support is also good. I only wish they don’t charge me for speaking to a customer support officer.

  11. GaurawGauraw05-10-2012

    I am fedup with airtel performance literally crying while using it :(( noone can help the customer in india

  12. KunalKunal04-29-2012

    I used to be a fan of airtel too . But, it seems, in 2011 airtel have decided that customer ‘zaroori nahi hota hai’ , and its services have gone below par. I thought I am the unlucky one without any internet connection for 18 days , until I found a guy who is fighting with airtel for internet for past 60 days :- .

  13. Jonathan RockJonathan Rock08-18-2011

    Airtel broadband is the worst service i have ever had. I wanted to discontinue the services from Delhi when I got a job in Hyd. The retension department had a conversation with me and told me that the transfer option will be the best option. I was a fool to opt for that option. I am following up since may and it’s been 3 months now but I am still without a proper response. What I see is my broadband bill keeps on increasing every month but the issue is not resolved yet. I have even wrote a seperate email to discontinue my services and make the amount 0 but I am without an answer. Hope the feedback here will help me.

    • PrakashPrakash03-29-2012

      1. I paid an amount of Rs. 800 ( 5 months ago) to set up a broad band connection (Details of payment made Receipt # etc ………………….)
      2. I have so far NOT got the connection – and have NO information when this will be done!
      3. I have now received a legal notice that I owe your company Rs. 2542/- and that if I fail to pay up I shall be charged under Section 420 (cheating!)

      My question is – who is cheating?
      Without the rhetoric’s: the fact is I AM CHEATED! & I should be the one pressing for a Section 420 charge against this company!
      I think this is harassment and no one is willing to listen to me from this organization

  14. erickerick08-01-2011

    Airtel Broadband, possibly the worst service i’ve ever come through in my entire life. I opted for a plan of 1mbps an year back for my daughter and then soon after 5 months i learned that
    it was giving me a download speed of 500 kbps ( much less than what i was promised) so i decided to deactivate it . I called up their customer service and i enquired them about the procedure
    to deactivate it . They told me that i need to write a letter stating that i no longer want to continue the services from airtel broadband so please de-activate my account and did the same thing.
    It had been a month and nobody came to my place to take the broadband, so i called up airtel again and they said that the officials would soon come ( I should have prefered nonchalance).
    After 2 months, I receive a bill charging me Rs. 4000/- ! I was furious !! I called up airtel and informed them about the same but they said that I will have to pay for the bill as i have used the
    service ! What the hell !? I did not pay for it . Then after 3 months which was in May, their lawyer calls me up and starts talking in extensively abusive and foul language speaking filthy stuff .
    He said that I will have to come in the court for not paying the bill ! ( I have skipped the abusive language ofcourse ) I am a busy man and I cannot go to the court for such matters so i did not
    not have any other choice but to pay them. It’s almost like forcing someone to pay for something they have never used. So, I decided to warn you all to not to use Airtel ever in your life.
    Hope it helped.

    • BSKBSK01-05-2018

      Feel sorry on reading your sad experience. It shows, Airtel connection is not only a pain to take but also to get rid off! To add, they seem to be behaving like street-end musclemen collecting “voluntary” donations.

  15. earlywifiearlywifi02-08-2011

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