Dowry Debate: Letter to India Today

This was a letter I had written to India Today way back in June, 2003. It was subsequently published (in part) in the ‘Letters to the Editor’ section of the next issue.

I did not have a copy of that mail or the copy of that issue of India Today, but I recently found it in the digital archives of the magazine.

India Today

I had written this in relation to the article on Nisha Sharma, who at that time had set a precedent for women being harassed by dowry demands. She bravely refused to pay (additional) dowry and, instead of caving in to unjust last-minute demands from the groom’s side, called the cops and had the groom and his family arrested.

An excellent act, except that it begs the question: Why didn’t she do what she did when the groom’s side asked for dowry the very first time? In other words, would she have complained to the Police had the groom’s family not put up their last-minute extravagant demands?

Anyway, here’s my letter to the Editor on the subject. Posting the excerpt below:

It was heartening to note the manner in which Nisha Sharma, despite her conservative family background, chose to challenge the rules of the game when things began to get out of hand (“A Profile in Rare Courage”, May 26). The media too has done an excellent job by backing her fully, and this will surely empower more girls like her to take up cudgels against regressive social customs.

Thanks, India Today, for the digital archives!



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