Review of SpiceJet Airline

After having flown both SpiceJet and Air Deccan, I feel I am in a position to make a comparative analysis. The following is my review:

1. SpiceJet does not offer any food on its flights – one can’t even get food if one is willing to pay for it. Air Deccan doesn’t provide free meals but at least they give passengers the option of buying the food they carry in-flight. I tried it and it was quite good. They were carrying stuff like veg/non-veg cup noodles, soft drinks, sandwiches, etc. And it was not much more expensive than the regular rate.

2. In general, I have observed that SpiceJet fares tend to be Rs. 200-300 higher as compared to Air Deccan for the same route on the same day.

3. Regarding the overall look and feel, SpiceJet’s ground staff behavior and in-flight experience was definitely better. The ground staff were quite polite, courteous and helpful. Though there was not much scope for in-flight service, the cabin crew was smartly dressed and courteous. The aircraft had a good color scheme on the exterior and was clean on the interior. No in-flight reading material, though.

4. One good thing about SpiceJet in my case is that they have a direct flight from Bangalore to Ahmedabad.

5. Regarding their internet booking facility, it’s pretty good. We can select the route and date on their (quite elegant) home page ( and it displays the fare on the very next page along with the search results. The fare doesn’t include the Rs. 221/- PSF. Additionally, SpiceJet levies a Rs. 100/- Fuel Surcharge, something that perhaps no other airline does. Also, in the event of ticket cancellation, SpiceJet doesn’t refund the amount but keeps it as credit to be adjusted against future bookings! This sucks! And this is where Air Deccan scores big time.

All in all, I’d say Air Deccan fares slightly better overall for the various reasons mentioned here.




    It seems you have observed and marked a complete comparative analysis between Air Deccan and Spicejet Airlines. Both of the airlines does well as per their market strategies and try to cater the maximum from available market to increase their share but if I would say Spicejet gives a choice to the passengers in case of cancellation that if passenger wishes they may get the refund or else make the credit account with the airline for future booking and if the passenger has already made Credit account may claim for the same amount to be credited back in the same mode of payment.

  2. SRavanSRavan09-28-2015

    SpiceJET is horrible they will charge you even for 100 gram extra. They can suck blood eeven from a leech. Avoid

  3. Arvind S. DarwinArvind S. Darwin03-01-2009

    Spicejet sucks!

    They advertise advertise incorrect flight timings. Their flights never leave the airport at the time shown on their website. They so shamelessly cheat people.

    Delhi flight for Kochi which should be starting at 630AM (as per website and booked ticket) always gets preponed to 430AM. 630AM being a convinient time I booked the tickets and then it gets preponed. No reasons given ofcourse.

    Similarly my return flight also got the same treatment. 1130AM to 930AM. To reach the Kochi airport from my village in Kottayam at 1130AM is fine but at 930Am means I need to stay in Kochi the previous day.

    Last year November also I took the same flight and they did the same. If I had enough time and money I would have taken them to court.

    F@#k spicejet.

    • shanshan06-15-2015

      This is to inform you that I have been very badly treated by one of your crew on board.

      Situation: Since from the start of the boarding, he was joking and making of fun of passengers and laughing and giggling, along with his 2 Nepali type looking female flight attendant.

      At the time of serving meals, he came to me and asked, whether I need to have dinner, I said no, then he asked me , if i do not need dinner do I need a “LUNCH”, and again started giggling along with the Nepali type looking female flight attendant.
      Seems like, if I am travelling on free of cost.

      This is the first time, I have ever been insulted in my whole life, like this.

      After the plane landed, when I asked to lodge a complaint, 2-3 guys from the crew made waited me outside the plane for more than 15 minutes (and all other passengers went by bus, expect me). Such an insult and misbehavior from an Airline!! Cant even image, it happened.

      Then they said that they cant do much of it, and also tried to push me back physically. and then when they realized that they are doing wrong, they called a bus, and told that I may go and compalint inside the airport about the crew member who misbehaved with me.

      Main guy who mishaved along with his 2 Nepali type looking flight attendant : Name- Rihan Aftab. ( I donot know the names of 2 Nepali looking girls)

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