Firefox vs Internet Explorer: Open-source Fans Take on Microsoft

“All’s fair in love and war,” goes an old popular saying. Now, some passionate anti-Microsoft crusaders seem to be upping the ante against Microsoft’s long held domination of the World Wide Web. Through an aggressively innovative approach, these campaigners are putting up a hilariously in-your-face act of defiance against the software giant.

Taking advantage of a Google affiliate program that pays websites US $1 for every referral to Mozilla Firefox, a new campaign named Explorer Destroyer seeks to aggressively wean away users from the ‘hopelessly flawed’ Microsoft Internet Explorer to the far superior, secure and stable Firefox web browser.

Firefox eating IE

All users need to do to join the Explorer Destroyer program is download a script from the site and put it up on their website. There are three different settings corresponding to three levels of “hostility” that site owners can display to users browsing their site on Internet Explorer. And, of course, the monetary returns are commensurate with the “commitment” to the cause!

Site owners can choose between displaying a simple ticker-like message “encouraging” users to download Firefox or something more aggressive like displaying a splash page covering the screen. For those who don’t mind going the full distance, the script gives an option to completely block Internet Explorer users from accessing any content on the website unless they switch to Firefox! (I’m not sure whether that would pass scrutiny by a Competition Commission)

Alternately, a more scrupulous Webmaster could directly join the Google Firefox Referral program instead and display a neat and well-behaved advertisement asking users to switch to Firefox. Site owners who put up a Firefox referral ad on their site get US $1 for every user that clicks on the Firefox ad and proceeds to download Firefox with Google Toolbar. However, one has to join the Google AdSense program before one can put up the Firefox referrals.

According to the official Mozilla Firefox website, some of the advantages of using Firefox are:

– Inbuilt (and superior) security against viruses, spyware and pop-up ads
– Easy-to-use, uncluttered “IE like” user interface
– Supports several languages
– Faster browsing (web pages open faster)
– Quick availability of feature and security updates due to large developer base
– Integrated search bar for quick and easy searching
– “Live” RSS bookmarks that update automatically with the latest content from the web
– It’s free!

So watcha say? Would you like to try out Firefox? Click on the Firefox link on the right and get started.


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