Indians Are Shocking Hypocrites!

Watching a newspaper photograph of the Delhi Public School (DPS) kid who produced the MMS video clip made me sick to the core. Being led to the Juvenile Court with his face covered with a towel, he seemed more like a delinquent who might have murdered his family in the calm of the night or an unemployed 30-year old pimping girls.

Firstly, it is questionable whether there was any real need to publish the photo, considering the accused is not an adult yet. Our leading newspapers and TV channels should have known this! That apart, our establishment has been quick to act in typical dim-witted fashion. Is wielding the baton the answer to juvenile sexual indulgence? What message are we sending across to millions of adolescents across the country who might be passing through the same phase in life? That it’s illegal under the “system” to feel the thoughts that every human naturally feels? That even a normal act of immaturity that we all might be guilty of in our more carefree days will be dealt with an iron fist?

Agreed, it was wrong for the kid to have recorded the act without the girl’s consent. He might have passed it on to his friends to “show off.” We all have done these things in the past! Who are we kidding when we join “society” in decrying these incidents? If our old-timers still feel that it’s unnecessary and in bad taste to provide sex education to children in schools, then God help the society that is being governed by such narrow-minded escapists.

When will we learn to deal with sex and sexuality in a practical manner? When will we start acting maturely and not in a Pramod Navalkar-esque manner and stop partitioning park benches to prevent couples from assembling in the few enclaves of solitude that are accessible to them! Oh wait, did I hear someone say they can go to pubs and make out, for all I care? Are those places safe either? Are you forgetting what happened to Shahid and Kareena?



  1. AnonymousAnonymous01-20-2006

    i do agree with ur opnion, the boy who made the mms is not good and has done very bad thing which he ought have not done it. bu the medie presented the case is more radiculus. bcz of the media coverage every one came to know about the girl and her family. the mental trauma of the family members of the girl are un imaginable. i think it is not proper for the media to highlight such things in media

  2. VivekanandVivekanand01-06-2006

    hey did not know that you blogged..nice post..but hypocrisy is not just an indian trait..though feigning to be prudish on all things sexual..indians tend to show a relatively childish attitude to a very important not agree with this kind of an attitude, but then, hypocrisy is also shown by the west in their personal interactions with respect to colour, race and creed. so..well..just a way of saying we are all the same.

  3. Ashutosh KulkarniAshutosh Kulkarni10-19-2005

    very true, indian’s are widely acknowledged hypocrites here in united states,take a instance of jaipur city administration fining a foreign couple for Public Display of Affection for god’s sake they were just kissing not making out, whats wrong with such a display…when the same ministers sleep with delhi call girls. such a autocratic ego-centric behaviour under the pretext of “CULTURE” shows clearly how we indians live in a complete make beleive society.

    -ashutosh kulkarni

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