Time Has Come for Indians to Shed Prudishness

We Indians are known to be a conservative lot — in fact, till recently, it was almost taboo to show even a simple kiss on television or cinema, something that is routine in even children’s serials or films in the western world! When we attach such coyness to perfectly normal expressions of human emotion, it naturally breeds confusion and perversion in young minds.

In most Indian families, there hardly happens any kind of discussion on sex and sexuality issues between parents and children, though it is obvious that every growing youngster will undoubtedly face these issues and needs proper guidance. We don’t need to shield adolescents from exposure to sex by banning all sex on screen; instead, allow them to see and ask all they want and then present them the correct viewpoint and a mature answer to their questions.

They must realise that the thoughts that come into their mind at their age are PERFECTLY NORMAL, and that it’s completely okay for them to discuss it and seek counsel on how far they understand the issues and what more they need to know. Indeed, time has come for us Indians to shed our traditional prudish attitude and adopt a mature and healthy stance towards sexuality.

It’s the parents who need to grow up, not the children!


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