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iOS 7 Review: A Good Visual Refresh but Lacks Attention to Detail

iOS 7

Having upgraded to iOS 7 and used it for a day, I have mixed opinions on the new version. While some parts of the refresh are quite remarkable, yet others leave you unimpressed with the lack of attention to detail, something that was a hallmark of Apple during the Steve Jobs era.

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How to Choose a Life Insurance Policy

HDFC Life Click2protect

Insurance must be unquestionably the most misunderstood financial instrument in India. People buy insurance for all sorts of reasons except for the ones that matter. In this blog post, I will attempt to explain what should and shouldn’t be a consideration while buying an insurance product.

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How to File Your Income Tax Returns Online (AY 2013-14)

Income Tax website XML upload page

Filing your income tax returns has gotten simpler over the years and can now be done easily in a matter of minutes. This tutorial will explain the process of filing tax returns online for AY 2013-14.

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In Bangalore, Drunk Auto Drivers a Law Unto Themselves

Auto with drunk occupants blocking road

This is a letter to Bangalore Traffic Police about an incident I witnessed today involving a drunk autorickshaw driver and his friends who drove on the wrong side of the road and blocked everyone’s path for five minutes when stopped.

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Vintage Social Networking!

Social Networking

I sometimes miss the old days when not everything was done in front of a computer. Information had to be collated through hard physical work and the knowledgeable ones rightfully possessed a sense of pride.

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